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					             Adventure in the Himalaya of Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan
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                              Nepal Tour, Trekking Operator with base camp trekking

           Dear Visitors,
           Angel Tour, Trekking and Expedition Operator Nepal, India, Tibet is a travel - trekking specialty group
           that charts some of the most diverse tour package itineraries throughout South Asia mainly in Nepal and
           Tibet, with unrivaled VIP service. We have built an outstanding reputation for providing the best chauffeur
           driven tours, trekking and transfers for the traveling elite with splendid tour packages. All of our tour -
           trekking itineraries are custom designed to meet the needs of the discerning traveler. Our mission is to
           build a lifetime experience by providing all of our most valued clients with that sense of personal touch.
           We take advance or last minute booking or reservation of Hotel, or Tour Packages or Trekking. We book
           non star hotel to 5 star hotel in Nepal. We have complete travel tour information and information about
           Tibet Tour, Tibet Visa process and Tibet Travel Permit.

           Angel Tour Trekking is attached with Ministry of Tourism Nepal, Nepal Tourism
           Department, Nepal Tourism Board, Nepal Travel and Tour Association, Society of
           Travel and Tour Operator's Nepal, Japan Travel Agent Association, International
           Fellowship of Travel Agents (Rotary), Village Tourism Nepal, Kathmandu
           Environment Education Program etc.

                Enjoy the Adventure in the Himalaya of Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan with
           Angel Tour Trekking Operator Nepal.

           Annapurna Base camp Trekking                           Annapurna Circuit Trek

                             Annapurna Base camp                                            Annapurna
                             trekking is one of the                                         circuit trek was
                             most famous trekking                                           once considered
                             area in Nepal. It is a                                         one of the best
                             Angel's Trek. Round                                            treks in the
                             Annapurna starts from                                          world though
           Besisahar and Annapurna Base camp                                                road
           starts from Pokhara. There are rarely a                construction is threatening its reputation
           few places in the world with such a                    and its future as a classic trek. Yet no
           splendid variety of natural beauty as                  one disputes that the scenery is
           that of Annapurna region.                              outstanding: 17 to 21 days long, this
                                                                  trek takes you through distinct regional
            Read more                                             scenery of rivers, flora, fauna and above
                                                                  all - mountains. Read more
           Everest Base camp Trek                                 Langtang Trekking

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                                The Everest Base Camp                               The Langtang region is closer
                                trekking course is most                             to Kathmandu and a little
                                representative of the                               less populated than other
                                                                                    trekking destinations in
                                Nepal Himalaya; it follows
                                                                                    Nepal. We take you to the
                                the main route through                              Langtang Valley that lies just
                                the Khumbu region from                              south of the Tibetan Border.
           the Sherpa town of Namche Bazar, allowing         Your trek starts from the village of Dunche, walking
           the trekker to view close at hand some of the     on the open and fertile valley. Nepal's national
           world’s highest and most famous peaks from        flower, the Rhododendron looks amazing with the
           Everest on down. The course is varied-you         backdrop of snow-capped mountains and photo
           encounter Lamas and see Gompas                    opportunities on this trek are endless. Read
           (monasteries), Chorten (Stupas), and Mani         more
           stone (Pryer walls).
           Read more
           Poon Hill Trekking                                Royal Trek Pokhara
                               Poon Hill Trek is one of                         It gained its name
                               the best trekking trail                          because Prince Charles
                               in Nepal in Annapurna                            trekked here. This is an
                               Himalayan Region.                                easy and a short trek
                               Poon Hill Trekking is                            that offers good
           also as mini Annapurna Trek or Short                                 mountain views, ridge
           trek in Annapurna Region. Poon Hill is            walking, forests, rice fields and different
           located just 400m. above Ghorepani and            cast villages.
           offer a brilliant 360 degree view of the          If you are doing this trek in the summer
           Himalayan massifs including Dhulagiri             the river may be difficult to cross due to
           range and Annapurna range. Read                   flood. After crossing the river the trail
           more                                              ascends to Kalikastan, a walk on the
                                                             ridges of the mountain . Read more
           Shivapori Trek - Kathmandu                        Mustang Trek
                           This is a fantastic hike                             Few places in the world
                           from Kathmandu. Few                                  have such a splendid
                           people trek around                                   variety of natural
                           Kathmandu valley. Yet it                             beauty as the
                           offers a rich insight into                           Annapurna region. It is
                           the lives, history, culture                          a rare combination of
                           and religion of its               long arrays of snow-capped peaks,
                           inhabitants. You will walk        crystal clear lakes, turbulent rivers with
           mostly shivapuri watershed forests and            deep gorges, Tibetan monasteries, hot-
           villages during your trekking time.               springs, and picturesque villages
           Shivapuri hill (2729m) is the highest             inhabited by simple and friendly ethnic
           point of this trekking. From the top of           people. So contact Angel Adventure
           Shivapuri, can see western mountain               trekking for upper and lower mustng
           Manaslu, Boudha himal, Ganesh himal               trek.
           range, Langtang range, Dorjee lakpa,
           shisapangma and Gaurishankar. Read                . Read more
                                                             Bungee Jumping
           Dolpo Trek

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                                 Dolpo trekking is                                              If you thought bungee
                                 opened for trekking in                                         jumping was restricted
                                 1989, the Dolpo region                                         to some places in
                                 is hard to match for its                                       Europe, New Zealand
                                 unspoilt beauty and                                            and America, it's time
                                 uneven delight, where                                          you got and update.
                                 one can still have                                             The sport has finally
                                 opportunity to visit the          found a natural home in the highest mountain range
           nomadic people and their unforgettable
                                                                   in the world. The ultimate thrill of a bungee jump
           culture. The Dolpo Himalayas offer an endless
                                                                   can now be experienced in Nepal at perhaps the
           variety of landscapes, cultures and great
           people. This unbounded diversity makes it a
                                                                   best site in the world. Read more
           destination you can visit over and over
           again.. Read more
           Paragliding & Ultra Light Flight                        Peak Climbing in Nepal

                                       Paragliding in Nepal can                               Mera Peak is the highest
                                       be a truly wonderful and                               of the permitted
                                                                                              "Trekking Peaks" in
                                       fulfilling experience for
                                                                                              Nepal. The trek begins
                                       the adventure seeker. A                                by flying into the heart
                                       trip will take you over                                of the Himalaya to the
           some of the best scenery on earth, as you share                                    village of Lukla. From
           airspace with Himalayan griffin vultures, eagles,                                  here you will cross a
           kites and float over villages, monasteries, temples,                               high pass into a remote
                                                                   valley and steadily acclimate, as you have to move
           lakes and jungle, with a fantastic view of the          toward base camp & establish a high camp on the
           majestic Himalaya. Read more
                                                                   glacier from where you will attempt the summit.   .
                                                                   Read more
           Expedition in Nepal
                                                                   Bhutan Tour From Nepal
                                       Expedition in                                         Bhutan, the
                                       Nepal is a very                                       land of the
                                       much exciting                                         peaceful
                                       and adventurous
                                                                                             thunder dragon
                                       activities. The
                                                                                             is known to the
                                       extending for                                         world by
           eight hundred kilometer from east to west of            several names such as the ‘the Last
           country. It has more than 13 hundred peaks              Shangri-La’ or ‘the Last Place on the
           with an altitude of more than six thousand              Roof of the World.’ Though the original
           meters and eight rise above eight thousand              name from the time of Marco Polo was
           meters-eight of the fourteen highest peaks in           ‘Bootan,’ the natives prefer to call their
           the world. In142 peaks are officially allowed           country ‘Druk Yul,’ or the Land of the
           to be climbed.
                                                                   Peaceful Thunder Dragon. Nestled in the
                                                                   lap of the Himalayas, Bhutan offers
                                                                   spectacular mountain views, immense
           Read more                                               scenic beauty and a unique culture and
                                                                   lifestyle. Read more
           Tibet Tour from Nepal                                   India Tour from Nepal

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                                          Tibet is often called                               India as all of us know is
                                          "roof of the                                        a very large country
                                          world". As the title                                with diverse cultures
                                          implies, it is located                              and fascinating change
                                          at the highest                                      of race, color, creed and
                                          elevation with its                                  places as Angel Tour
                                          impressive natural       broadly travel across it. Most people however
           beauty. This remarkably fine tourist destination        fancy India as a hot country with only places of
           that is surrounded by grand mountains, century          historical importance and fantastical legends. What
           old caravan trails cross the mysterious landscape       however is mostly undermined is the fact that
           through hidden valleys to exotic cities all inhabited   India also boasts of various trails that offers and
           by the Tibetan Buddhists. Read more                     wonderful peek towards the Himalayan ranges and
                                                                   much more.Read more

           Nepal Tour Package                                      Trekking in Nepal
                              Nepal, a country of                                        Trekking in Nepal is a
                              sublime beauty, tucked                                   mind blowing
                              away in the shades of                                    adventurous activates.
                              the highest mountain                                     Anybody (not just
                              range in the world, can                                  athletes or
                              truly be labeled the                                     mountaineers) with a
           'last paradise' on earth. Even in such a                pair of strong legs, good physical
           small area of 147181 sq. kilometers,                    conditions, and the adventurous spirit to
           Nepal presents a myriad of attractions to               explore the exotic, can enjoy the
           tourists and locals alike – ranging from                enriching, thrilling and delightful
           its scenic beauty and well preserved                    experiences of trekking in Nepal. Some of
           exotic culture to the adventure                         the famous trekking routes are Annapurna
           opportunities in every nook and cranny                  regin, Langtang region and Everest region
           in the country. Read more                               Read more
                                                                   Jungle Safari in Nepal
           Hotel Reservation
                              Nepal Tour provides                                               Royal Chitwan National
                                                                                                Park is the world
                              best and reasonable
                                                                                                famous park for its
                              price in all the hotels in                                        exiting and wonderful
                              Nepal and Tibet. So                                               wildlife adventures.
                              book your hotel with                                              Sitting on elephant
                                                                                                back, one can see the
                              Angel Tours for best
                                                                   burning eyes of illusive tiger, one horn rhino,
           price than the direct price of the hotel.               panther, black bear, four kinds of deer, and many
           With Angel Tours you can book various                   other wild animals as well as aquatic games like
           standard of Hotel from single door.                     canoeing / swimming / fishing, gigantic crocodiles
                                                                   and beautiful over 500 kinds of birds life jungle
           Angel Book rooms from Non Star Hotel
                                                                   boundary. Read more
           to 3 star hotel or 4 star hotel or 5 star
           hotel. Read more

           Nepal Tour Company always welcome to any tour operator, tour agencies, hotels and travel
           related persons to work jointly in this field.

           Why Tour or Trek with us?
           Your experience with Angel Nepal Trek Tours will be of the highest standard, from your initial contact with
           our staff through the planning and preparation stages, right through to the experience of your adventure
           in the highest place on earth.

           We provide every type of services needed for traveler at any time in very much affordable rates

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            Trekking Destinations in Nepal

           Trekking In Nepal, Nepal Trekking, Annapurna Base camp Trek, Everest Trek, langtang Trek

           Trekking in Nepal For many of our treks you can choose either Teahouse Style (lodge trekking) or
           Camping Trek (Fully organized trekking). If you are uncertain to choose which trek matches you the most
           with your physical capabilities please log on this page - trekking grades. The Trekking Chart and Nepal
           Trekking Information page that provides a broad overview of trekking possibilities in Nepal with
           comprehensive information everything related to Nepal trekking..

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