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					                   Tarleton State University
           Employee/Contract Workforce Questionnaire
The General Appropriations Act (76th Legislature) Section 9-11.18 contains provisions that no
appropriated funds may be expended for payment of a contract workforce in which the contract
is executed, amended, or renewed after September 1, 1999, until the institution develops
comprehensive policies and procedures for the contract workforce. Contract workers are defined
as independent contractors, temporary workers supplied by staffing companies, contract
company workers, and consultants.

Employee / Independent Contractor
Could the contractor or contractor’s employees be considered as University employees according
to U.S. Department of Labor or Internal Revenue Service Guidelines (Refer to Attachment A)?
Should any of the criteria apply, contact Human Resources for further evaluation.

Contract Workforce
I.     Does the contract amount exceed or could it possibly exceed $10,000?
       Yes____       If answered Yes, then proceed to Question II
       No_____       If answered No, contract is not subject to Contract Workforce requirement
                     (If $15,000 or more refer to TAMUS Regulation 25.99.03, Section 4.5)

II.    Is the contract to be paid from State Appropriations? (Account # 120000-189999)
       Yes____        If answered Yes, then proceed to Question III
       No_____        If answered No, contract is not subject to Contract Workforce requirement
                      (Local Funds, Account # 200000-899999, are exempt from this reporting)

III.   Is the contract for services included in the list below?

       Foreign Office Activities                          Consultant Services
       Educational/Training Services                      Financial/Accounting Services
       Legal Services                                     Medical Services
       Veterinary Services                                Lecturers
       Other Professional Services                        Investment Counseling
       Architectural/Engineering                          Maintenance/Repair-Software
       Maintenance/Repair-Computer Equipment              Temporary Employment Agencies
       Computer Programming Services                      Cleaning Services
       Client Worker Services                             Data Processing Services
       Purchased Contracted Services
If the contract is to an independent contractor within the U.S. Department of Labor and
Internal Revenue Service guidelines, the contract amount exceeds $10,000, the contract
amount is to be paid from state appropriations, and the service is a workforce contract
service, then the contract is subject to the Contract Workforce reporting requirements.
                    Contract Workforce Reporting Requirements

1.      Determine whether the contractor has been an employee of the University or any other
        Texas A&M University System component within the last 24 months. If so, then refer to
        TAMUS Regulation 25.99.03, Section 1.5 for requirements.

2.      Conduct a cost-benefit analysis for any new, modified or renewed contracts. Contracts
        required by statute and inter-agency contracts are excluded from this provision. Contact
        Associate Vice President for Business Affairs at 9877 for assistance in making this

         Compute and compare the contractor’s charge with the salaries and benefits paid to
          employees who can do the same type of work. Contact Executive Director of
          Budgets/Payroll/Personnel at 9877 for assistance in determining salary and benefit
          costs. If additional costs to the university will be incurred, include an itemized
          estimate of these costs.

         Compare productivity between the contract workers and employees.

         Determine if there are training costs for the contractor that will not be regained.

         List any non-related reasons for contracting such as need for skills not available.

         Determine if benefits outweigh the costs.

3.      Document how the use of the contractor fits into the University’s staffing strategies,
        including mission, goals, and objectives.

4.      Document how the use of a contractor relates to existing and future employee skills
        needed by the University.

5.      Document consideration of the nature of the service given existing staff and workload.

     This information must be received in Business Services prior to payment.

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