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This letter of understanding represents and confirms the collaboration between _______ (herein
after as Partner) and International Management Technologies, Inc. (IMT) described below:

Last Day of Early Bird: _______

         HALF-DAY COURSE                      8 Dimensions of Excellence: Aligning Strategy and
                                              Measures with Customer Priorities (8D)
         Instructor                           Robin Lawton
         Course Dates                         DATE
         Course Times                         1 PM – 5:30 PM, with registration at 12:30 PM
         Location                             TBD
         Participant Fees                     As shown in separate Revenue Analysis
         Minimum Registration                 20 (Cancellation decision will be made at least 21 days
                                              prior to course if minimum is not met.)
         Maximum Registration                 60

         ONE-DAY COURSE                       The 12 Voices of the Customer (12V)
         Instructor                           Robin Lawton
         Course Dates                         DATE
         Course Times                         8 AM – 5 PM
         Location                             TBD
         Participant Fee                      As shown in separate Revenue Analysis
         Minimum Registration                 15 (Cancellation decision will be made at least 21 days
                                              prior to course if minimum is not met.)
         Maximum Registration                 60

         No course title or description may be changed without approval of IMT.


Partner(s) and IMT define “success” as meeting the following criteria:
         Participants will experience thought-leading principles, practices and tools relevant in
         their professional capacity, expressing satisfaction of at least 90%.
         Program will attract new members for Partner and/or create interest in Partner’s other
         Program content is perceived by participants as competitively priced, compared with
         events of related topics by comparable national experts/authors.
         Program will be self-funding (returning all out-of-pocket costs to Partner and IMT) and
         meet any profit goals, as required by Partner.
         Multiple attendees from sending organizations will participate, increasing their
         likelihood of applying key ideas they’ve learned.
         All milestone dates will be met by the party responsible.

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Net proceeds (profit) will be shared by a 50/50 division between IMT and Partner(s) after
subtracting event costs and reimbursement, according to the authorization schedule below.

PROFIT SHARING:                                                                         Percentage
International Management Technologies, Inc.                                                 50%
Partner                                                                                     50%


All event profit is calculated by subtracting from registration income the following authorized
expenses, as shown in Revenue Analysis.
        Instructor fee (Significantly discounted from standard pricing)
        3-hole punched course materials produced by Partner
        1 inch D-ring view binder costs incurred by Partner
        Text by Mr. Lawton for early bird teams attending both programs on both dates
        Credit/debit card processing fees imposed by financial institutions
        Facility, equipment and refreshment costs incurred as out-of-pocket expenses by Partner
        Actual travel and shipping costs incurred by IMT

Explicitly excluded from compensation or reimbursement include labor costs to:
        Develop or customize course content
        Handle registration, logistics, marketing, post-event communication with participants or


 Partner will:                                                                                 Due By
 Provide or obtain the training facility, equipment, pendant name tags, markers and
 supplies as specified by IMT ( ).
                                                                                            120 days prior
 Email venue address, telephone and contact person(s) to IMT, with Partner logo
 for use in promotion.
 Send out first marketing email. Begin delivering promotional and marketing
 materials to prospects regarding the above courses via the following:
     • direct email invitations
     • direct client contact                                                                 75 days prior
     • web site posting
     • other distribution vehicles that may be appropriate, with the goal of
          achieving the attendance of 40+ participants in each course.
 Send second marketing email                                                                 50 days prior
 Link its web site descriptions of IMT courses and related references to IMT’s
                                                                                             75 days prior
 web site,
 Send out third marketing email                                                              35 days prior
 Depending on attendance, consider fourth marketing email announcing end of
                                                                                             25 days prior
 early bird
 Early Bird                                                                                  21 days prior
 Obtain 1- inch D-ring, 3 hole view binders (including cover/end tab); print
                                                                                             7 days prior
 participant name tags
 Provide an on-site registrar/administrator/logistics manager to assist instructor as
                                                                                              Same day

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 Provide IMT with receipts of any out-of-pocket monies incurred or paid to
                                                                                                7 days after event
 conduct this event

International Management Technologies, Inc. will:                                                       Due By
Provide logistics and site specifications to Partner (see above - done)                           130 days prior
Develop all course descriptions and marketing copy for use by Partner and IMT in
                                                                                                  120 days prior
web site promotion and email invitations
Promote course(s) on IMT’s web site, providing a link to Partner’s web site                       75 days prior
Market course(s) by email to IMT’s existing regional contacts                                     75 days prior
Design and print participant masters                                                              15 days prior
                                                                                                Within 1 week of
Create and distribute confirmation emails and pre-work instructions to participants
                                                                                                Weekly, starting 30
Send registrant information to Partner to enable production of name tags
                                                                                                    days prior
Handle all registration of participants and any unpaid fee collection                                At event
Provide Partner with copies of participant evaluation sheets and a financial report
                                                                                                30 days after event
including all receipts and out-of-pocket expenses incurred by IMT
Send post-event thank you notes to event participants                                                 21 days after
Provide payment to Partner of any monies owed due to (1) Partner’s share of net
                                                                                                30 days after event
proceeds or (2) out-of-pocket expenses incurred or paid to conduct event.

Partners will not disclose or distribute any documents provided or methods performed by IMT under this
agreement to non-participants in the above event(s), except with IMT’s prior written consent.
International Management Technologies, Inc. trademarks and service marks include:
         • Customer-Centered Culture
         • Customer-Centered Culture (C3) Model
         • C3
         • C3 logo
         • “Creating a Customer-Centered Culture”
         • “8 Dimensions of Excellence”
         • “The 12 Voices of the Customer”

Course materials are exclusive property of International Management Technologies, Inc. This material
may not be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in whole or part, in any form or by any
means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise for use with others, without the
written permission of International Management Technologies, Inc.,


Agreed to by: _________________________                        Agreed to by: Peggy Perkins, Partner
Signature:       ______________________                        Signature: ______________________
For:                                                           For: International Management Technologies
Date:            ______________________                        Date:      ______________________

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