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					                        SAMPLE LETTER OF EXPLANATION
                         TO THE NEW MORTGAGE LENDER

To: Borrower
Please copy the layout of this letter, deleting this heading.

Date: Today’s Date

                                               Re: Property Address, if refinancing
                                                   Mortgage Loan Numbers
                                                   Foreclosure or Bankruptcy Case Nos.

List in this paragraph the circumstances of the bankruptcy filing or the reasons for
foreclosure. Be as brief as is possible and write very legibly. We want the lender to read
and understand.

Then, list what has changed in your circumstance that allows you to repay the new loan.

Some good tips:
Be brief.
Write succinctly.
Don’t over embellish.
State a good case.
Show appreciation for lender consideration.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Your Address
Contact Numbers