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					                                         Affidavit of Support
The affidavit of support is designed to provide financial information from international students who are applying to Taylor so that we may better assist them
in their financial needs. no application for admission will be considered until the affidavit of support is received, fully completed and signed
by the student and parent. Taylor does not provide full scholarships or grants. You must also have financial support from other sources.
Complete this form in detail and return it to the Office of Admissions as soon as possible so that we may proceed with the processing of your application.
student information

  First (given) name                                           Middle name                                          Family name (surname)

  Permanent home address

  Mailing address (if different from above)

  Date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy)                                              Place of birth (country)                                         Country(ies) of citizenship

List below the names of the colleges and universities to which you are applying.

Marital status         Not married           Married           If married, how many people are financially dependent on you?
Please list their names as it appears on their passport:

          First (given) name                           Middle name                          Family name (surname)                  Relationship to Applicant

parent information

          Father’s name


          Employer                                             Occupation/ Title                       Number of years with employer

          Mother’s name


          Employer                                             Occupation/ Title                        Number of years with employer

How many people, including yourself, depend on the income of your parents for daily living expenses?
family member Listing - Provide information for all family members you included above. Do not give information about yourself.
                                                            Educational information previous academic year                   Educational information current year
          Full name of family member Age Relationship Name of school Year in school Tuition Room     Scholarships Amount of Name of Total costs    Amount of
                                            to you      or college     or college and fees and board and gift aid   parents’    school               parents’
                                                                                                                  contribution or college          contribution

                 Office of Admissions, 236 West Reade Avenue, Upland, IN 46989-1001, 765.998.5564  765 998.551  FAX 765 998.4925
finanCiaL information
What is the present exchange rate of your country’s currency to the U.S. dollar? (for example, 3100 pesos = $1.00)                           = $1.00
Does your government currently impose restrictions on the exchange and release of funds for study in the United States?  Yes               No
If yes, describe the restrictions

Do you have a source of emergency funds once you arrive in the United States?              Yes      No
If yes, name the source
Amount available in U.S. dollars $
How will you pay for your transportation to the United States?

During the past year how much of your household income (before taxes or expenses) came from the following sources?
a. Father’s work $                    d. Your spouse’s work          $                     g. Pension/annuity/retirement                     $
b. Mother’s work $                    e. Family business             $                     h. Other members of the household                 $
c. Your work      $                   f. Family real estate holdings $                     i. Interest or dividends                          $
                                                                                            j. Other (explain)                               $

Will there be a significant increase or decrease in your family’s income next year?        Yes       No
If yes, please explain

expeCted support for eduCationaL expenses
Please list all sources of your financial support in U.S. dollars. If further information is needed, feel free to attach an additional sheet of paper for explanations
if necessary. attach a certified bank or income statement documenting the funds listed. List the maximum amount that can be provided from
each source below during your four academic years at Taylor.

     sources                                1st year                       2nd year                        3rd year                              4th year
 Student’s assets                  U.S. $                       U.S. $                           U.S. $                          U.S. $
 Family’s income                   U.S. $                       U.S. $                           U.S. $                          U.S. $
 Relatives and friends             U.S. $                       U.S. $                           U.S. $                          U.S. $
 Your government                   U.S. $                       U.S. $                           U.S. $                          U.S. $
 Agencies and foundations          U.S. $                       U.S. $                           U.S. $                          U.S. $
 Private sponsor (explain)         U.S. $                       U.S. $                           U.S. $                          U.S. $
 Other (explain below)             U.S. $                       U.S. $                           U.S. $                          U.S. $

I have included the following documentary evidence of financial support (check all that apply):

             Letter from my employer on business stationary indicating my annual salary
             Letter from a bank or other financial institution stating the date my account was opened, total amount deposited within the last year,
             and the current balance.
             Income tax receipts and form for the previous year

 Use this space to explain any unusual expenses, other debts or special circumstances that the institution should consider when it is deciding how much
 financial aid, if any, you will receive. Attach an additional sheet if necessary.

We declare that the information on this form is true, correct and complete. Taylor University has our permission to verify the information reported by
obtaining documentation as needed.

Student’s Signature                                             Date                  Spouse’s Signature                                   Date

Father’s Signature                                              Date                  Mother’s Signature                                   Date