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   ■ From Page 6
                                  THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES                                                                                                                         Margaret
       Teenagers will go
   with the vets, try
                                                                                                                      Holmes                                        By Kevin Trask
                                                                                                                                                               of 3AW and 96.5 Inner FM
   their hand at some
   common vet skills                                                                                                  Sweet
   (blowdarts, etc), as
   well as learn about
   animal behaviour.
       They will help with                                                                                           By Jane Holmes of 3AW
   checks on all the
   classroom animals,                                                                         and provided with love by Bud and Dame Marga-
   as if they were the                                                                        ret.
   vets! They will also                                                                          I was lucky enough to meet Bud on a few occa-
   go behind-the-                                                                             sions: on one of them about twelve years ago, he gra-
   scenes with some of                                                                        ciously agreed to be a guest on the breakfast show I
   the larger animals on                                                                      co-hosted when we broadcast from Pentridge (after
   the Lower Savannah.                                                                        it had closed as a jail but was still open for public
       Zoo Keeping: A                                                                         viewing).
   classic and very                                                                              At 7am on the bleakest winter day, Bud arrived,
   popular program.                                                                           full of cheer, happy to reminisce about his days as                    ● Margaret Christensen
   Teenagers will help                                                                        Inspector Lawson on Homicide in keeping with the           ■ The golden days of Australian radio were at
   out the keepers with                                                                       morning's crime-show theme.                                their peak in the 1940s and the early 1950s prior
   their daily tasks:                                                                            About an hour after the broadcast finished, I walked    to the introduction of television.
   cleaning, feeding                                                                          out through the gate-house only to find Bud comfort-           During the war years Australia could not get
   and enrichment.                                                                            ably propped with his feet up, chatting happily with       the overseas radio programs and it gave our actors
       The participants                                                                       the guard. His taxi hadn't arrived but he wasn't fussed.   the chance to work in many serials, plays and va-
   will learn all about                        ● Charles ‘Bud’ Tingwell                          This was not long after he'd lost his beloved wife,     riety shows.
   what it means to be            ■ Much has been written about our beloved Bud               Audrey, and going home didn't hold the joy it used             If an actor was not working six days a week
   a Zoo Keeper and will          Tingwell since we lost him recently. Bud's dear                                                                        they were considered to be "out of work." We were
                                                                                              to. He did remark that he'd been trying to keep busy       lucky to have very talented people in the industry
   go behind-the-                 RAAF buddies and his peers in the acting industry           and had just done a "lovely little movie", though.
   scenes to help out             have paid resounding tribute to him, but there have                                                                    such as Ray Barrett, Bud Tingwell, Leonard
                                                                                                 That movie turned out to be The Castle - the film       Teale, Lyndall Barbour and Margaret
   some of our larger             been so many more lovely stories emerging over the          that instantly won Bud a whole new generation of
   African animals as                                                                                                                                    Christensen.
                                  past couple of weeks that I think they're worth shar-       fans for his beautiful portrayal of retired QC,                Margaret (Peg) Christensen was born in
   they get fed and               ing here.                                                   Lawrence Hammill.
   their homes cleaned.                                                                                                                                  Adelaide. The family moved to Sydney when
                                     They paint an even clearer portrait of a true gentle-       It seems that role wasn't really acting for Bud - he    Margaret was three.
       Another reason to          man who was unfazed by his success and was genu-            was a genuinely kind and compassionate man who                 At the age of 16 Margaret gained her teaching
   visit Werribee Open            inely interested in every person around him, no mat-        instinctively knew how to brighten the lives of other      degree specialising in voice production. In 1939,
   Range Zoo these                ter what their walk of life.                                people.                                                    she won a scholarship for further training at Trin-
   school holidays is                For instance, Bud's website (he came to embrace             To paraphrase the words of the note that Dennis         ity College in London but could not take it up
   the release of the             the cyber world with relish in his 80s!) is filled with     Denuto passes to Lawrence Hammill after his case-          because of the outbreak of the Second World War.
   two new young gi-              hundreds of loving reminiscences: many people thank         winning final speech, thank you, Bud - you were                Margaret went to Brisbane and co-hosted a
   raffe, Amani and               Bud for staying behind for a couple of hours or more        "bloody brilliant".                                        breakfast programme on 4BH with her brother
   Thembi, into the               to chat after his one-man show, which toured city and                                                                  Chris Christensen.
   Lower Savannah.                regional areas a few years ago.                                                                                            During this period Margaret met and married
       The half brothers
   have been in quaran-
                                     Amber thanks Bud for his cheery regular visits to
                                  the bakery in which she worked during a difficult time
                                                                                                     From The Outer                                      Dan Scully who was a leading violinist. In 1943
                                                                                                                                                         Margaret and her family returned to Sydney
   tine for the past              in her life. "Little conversations and compliments                                                                     where she managed to get radio work.
   month but will soon            would brighten my day", she says.                                                                                          Over the years Margaret appeared in many ra-
   be able to join their             In the 1970s, Graeme was an 11-year-old aspiring                                                                    dio serials and plays. It was a busy time working
   new friends - rhino,           actor who delivered the newspapers to Bud at                                                                           in shows such as The Lawsons, Heart of the Ter-
   zebra and antelope             Crawford Productions in Abbotsford. He says Bud                                                                        ritory (opposite Bud Tingwell) and many others.
   which they've never                                                                                                                                       Margaret replaced Nell Stirling as Mabel in
                                  gave him a test script and spent hours helping him                                                     Melbourne
   seen before.
       Learn more about
                                  make the words come to life.
                                     On Neil Mitchell's show, George emailed us with
                                                                                                                                     Observer            Dad and Dave when Nell died.
                                                                                                                                                             In 1953 Margaret won the Macquarie Award
   their journey, visit                                                                                                                    kojak@        for her role in the radio play The Petrified Forest.
                                  some fascinating background to the wonderful Miss                                                    From 1949 to 1954, Margaret played Lois
   w w w. z o o . o r g . a u /   Marple movies Bud made with Dame Margaret Ru-                                                                          Lane in the popular serial Superman opposite
   Werribee/News/                 therford back in the early 1960s.                                   With John Pasquarelli                              Leonard Teale. They would record four 15-
   Giraffe_Road_Trip                 George revealed that those movies had actually                                                                      minute episodes each morning at 2GB. Marga-
                                                                                                      ■ An Aussie helps a bashing victim and
                                  been created as a studio tax write-off, but their instant           chases away Thai thugs who then follow him         ret loved working with Leonard Teale.
   Sweet                          success virtually saved the ailing MGM UK from fi-
                                  nancial oblivion.
                                                                                                      to a convenience store where they tumble out
                                                                                                      of a black Mercedes and stab him to death.
                                                                                                                                                             She is also well remembered for her role in the
                                                                                                                                                         comedy series Life With Dexter as Willie Fennell's
   ■ Ten different                   At the end of each movie, a party would be thrown                   The Merc is dumped in Lygon Street,             wife, Jessie.
   groups present con-            for all crew members and their families, with plenty                                                                       In 1956 Margaret landed a role in the film
                                                                                                      Carlton and the murderers flee to Thailand.        Smiley where she played Smiley's mother. She
   temporary, jazz, cir-          of food, drink and a gift for each child - all paid for                This could be a scene from a Bond movie
   cus and more this                                                                                                                                     repeated the role in the sequel Smiley Gets A Gun.
                                                                                                      but it’s in suburban Australia where accord-           Her stage work in Australia led to a seven year
   qweek with the                     Event raises $230,000                                           ing to the Liberal immigration spokeswoman         period in London where Margaret appeared in
   Short Sweet +                                                                                      Sharman Stone, ‘we have one of the most            many productions including Noel Coward's mu-
   Dance attraction at              ■ Whitelion, a leading charity which supports ‘at-                successful multicultural countries on earth.’      sical Sail Away in 1960.
   Chapel Off Chapel,               risk’ young people, held its annual Bail Out                         The blinkered Stone must live in another            Her television credits include Homicide, A
   12 Little Chapel St,             fundraising event on Friday (May 29) at the Old                   Australia somewhere.                               Country Practice, Blue Heelers, Stingers and All
   Prahran, until Sat-              Melbourne Jail. The event raised $230,000.                           Many of our CBDs and suburbs are al-            Saints.
   urday (June 6).                     Some 130 Bail Out “inmates” (fundraisers)                      ready ‘no go zones’ due to crime and ter-              Her son, Sean Scully, has been a very success-
       Visit www.short              were locked in cells with only a mobile phone to                  rible violence, much of it with ethnic under-      ful actor working onstage in London and on for fur-            raise $1000 to make bail or “Bail Out”.                           tones.                                             Broadway. Sean starred in three Walt Disney
   ther details.                       The experience is meant to simulate that of a                     The Thais would surely be involved in           films and has also worked extensively in televi-
       The Idea Of                  young person who has been disconnected from the                   drugs and prostitution but the big question is     sion.
   North 15th anniver-              community.                                                        how did they get here and on what visas?               Margaret's daughter Wendy is an accom-
   sary show will be pre-              Inmates included Mark Watt (Whitelion                             For years now our embassies employ lo-          plished pianist. Margaret was awarded the Or-
   sented on Sunday                 CEO), Cameron McGlinchey (Rogue Traders),                         cals from the host country at the front counter    der of Australia Medal in 2008.
   (June 7).                        Glenn Manton (Whitelion co-founder and former                     – in reality our first line of defence against         Margaret Christensen will be our special in-
       The jazz vocal               Carlton footballer), Travis Dempsey (The Cur-                     those who wish us harm.                            terview guest on That's Entertainment on 96.5FM
   group joins 'this                rency and Whitelion ROAR program) and Tania                          The opportunity for bribery and corrup-         on Sunday (June 7) at Noon.
   quartet of groovers'             Doko (Bachelor Girl).                                                                                                                                    - Kevin Trask
                                                                                                      tion as a result of this foolishness is immense            The Time Tunnel - with Bruce & Phil -
   who rescued instru-                 All money raised will go directly to Whitelion                 and no wonder that illegals of all hues arrive                        Sundays at 8.30pm on 3AW
   ment-free singing                services, which are crucial to helping ‘at risk’ young            by air bearing all sorts of questionable visas         That's Entertainment - Sundays at Noon
   from the 80s.                    people lead normal lives. For the past decade,                    and travel documents.                                                                     on 96.5FM
       They will be per-            Whitelion has supported thousands of young                           Not a word from the Libs.                            For our country readers, 96.5FM is now
   forming a chronology             people who have been disconnected from the com-                                       You can send an e-mail             streaming on the internet. To listen, just
   of the music. Phone              munity due to abuse, neglect, drug addiction and                                           to John Pasquarelli:         put in and follow the
   8290 7000.                       poverty.                                                                                                                            prompts

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