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					Teenage Girls Conference                                         Problem Solving Strategies for Concerned Adults
       For Teachers, School Counsellors, Nurses and Youth Workers etc.

Melbourne, Friday, 1st May &
           Saturday, 2nd May 2009
           The Hotel Ibis,
           15-21 Therry Street,
           Melbourne. VIC.
           (Close to Queen Victoria Market in CBD).

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               Attendance at this conference earns 10.5
               Continuing Nursing Education (CNE) points
               as part of the Royal College of Nursing,
               Australia, Lifelong Learning Program.

 Attendance at this conference earns 10.5 CPE Points
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                                                  TEENAGE GIRLS CONFERENCE
                                                       DAY ONE: FRIDAY
                                                         May 1, 2009 Melbourne
8.30am          REGISTRATION AND REFRESHMENTS                                   12.30pm LUNCH BREAK TIME TO BROWSE BOOK DISPLAY.

                         KEYNOTE ADDRESS
9.00am        HARRIET POTTER LEARNING AND                                       1.30pm                         LET’S PARTY
            PLAYING IN AN ELECTRONIC EMPIRE                                                                   TILL WE DROP
 Teenage girls inhabit a lively multi-modal world.                               Adolescents tend to take foolhardy risks when they are actively
 • How do the reading, viewing and online leisure habits of young                involved in the pervasive party culture.
   women influence their identities and relationships, their                     • Comments on the dangers of under-age drinking, spiked drinks and
   understandings and expectations?                                                sexual vulnerability.
 • What are the literacy implications of this shift from the page to the         • Can party gatecrashers be charged with criminal offences?
   screen?                                                                       • What is the role of the Victoria Police PartySafe program and how
                Speaker: Professor Catherine Beavis                                to access it?
    Chair of Education, Griffith University, Queensland. Prior to this recent    • Safety and security tips for concerned adults when teenage parties
     appointment, Catherine was on the faculty of the School of Education,        are conducted in the family home.
      Deakin University, Melbourne. Her academic interests include digital       • Overview of the role of the Victoria Police Youth Affairs Office.
       culture, literacy and technology and she is the co-author of recent                   Speaker: Senior Constable Janie Lambert
   research entitled “Pretty Good for a Girl – Gender, Identity and Computer       Crime Prevention Officer, Melbourne West Police Station. In this role, for
     Games”. Her professional memberships include the Australian Literacy          state-wide projects, she works with members of the Victoria Police Crime
                              Educators Association.                                    Prevention and Neighbourhood Watch State Co-Ordination Unit.

                       THE BATForce MODEL
                                                                                2.00pm          AWESOME HORMONES VERSUS
 BATForce is the peak youth affairs body of the Barwon Region. Through                             SAFE SEX MESSAGES
 school focussed youth services it strives to improve opportunities
 and choices for young people aged 10 – 25 years.                                The incidence of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) is on the rise,
 This session discusses their collaborative approach in creating                 the number of HIV cases in Victoria having increased by 40% in the past
 opportunities for teenage schoolgirls.                                          three years. Summary of the major types of STIs and how they are
                        Speaker: Leigh Bartlett
    BATForce is an acronym for the Barwon Adolescent Task Force Inc. and         • What can be done to persuade young women not to have unprotected
     Leigh is the Regional Youth Affairs Consultant for this organisation.         sexual encounters?
                                                                                 • What is ‘safe sex fatigue’?
                                                                                 • Details of services offered by The Action Centre for Young People.
                                                                                                        Speaker: Mark Camilleri
10.30am                    MORNING TEA                                             Sexual Health Community Educator and qualified psychologist, employed
                           AND COFFEE                                                by The Action Centre, which is part of Family Planning Victoria. This
                                                                                     adolescent sexual health service caters for those aged 12 – 25 years.
                                                                                                Mark works in the Blood Borne Virus’ Program.
11.00am              THE DIET OF DEATH AND
                     DISTORTED BODY IMAGE
 An addiction to extreme thinness during adolescence brings with it
 troubling consequences.                                                        3.00pm                  AFTERNOON TEA
 • When does a diet become an eating disorder?                                                            AND COFFEE
 • What is anorexia nervosa?
 • What are the causes of this sometimes-fatal disorder?
 • How influential are pro-ana websites and glamour magazines, which
   celebrate starvation as a lifestyle choice?                                  3.30pm                         DRUGS AND
 • Has research revealed workable strategies for preventing this
   risky trend?                                                                                               THEIR DEMONS
                     Speaker: Dr Jacinta Coleman                                 • What are the key factors in the development of drug abuse in adolescents?
    Paediatrician and Head of Adolescent Medicine at Monash Medical              • Which types of legal or illegal drugs are most commonly used?
     Centre, She has a special interest and experience in the field of           • Is their evidence that easy access to pharmaceuticals online has
      adolescent eating disorders and is a Consultant to the Eating                contributed to this problem?
                    Disorders Foundation of Victoria.                            • What is the so-called “ice epidemic”?
                                                                                 • In future, will a policy of supervised chroming become acceptable and why?
                                                                                 • Concerned adults - how to respond in a helpful and timely manner.
11.45am                MUM AND DAD AREN’T                                        • Where to go for professional help?
                       TOGETHER ANY MORE                                                               Speaker: David Hartmann
 Each year in Australia, there are over 51,000 divorces.                             Family Therapist, Odyssey House Victoria and former Manager of the
 • What are the losses and emotions endured by adolescents when                    Young Adult Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Service, Self Help Addiction
   parents separate/divorce?                                                                             Resource Centre ( SHARC ).
 • Comments on further issues that emerge in blended families, such
   as re-parenting issues.
                            Speaker: Tony Gee
   Consultant Psychologist with expertise in the areas of family life and the   4.15pm          CLOSE OF DAY ONE OF CONFERENCE
     grieving processes in separation and divorce. He regularly undertakes
          work for Relationships Australia and The Family Law Court.
                                                 TEENAGE GIRLS CONFERENCE
                                                DAY TWO: SATURDAY
                                                         May 2, 2009 Melbourne

9.00am            PADDED BRAS, G STRINGS AND                                   11.45am                  TEENAGE GIRLS AND
                    POLE DANCING LESSONS                                                                 RISKY BEHAVIOURS
In today's world, popular culture, advertising, and marketing all              Reflections on the positive and negative aspects of some risky
encourage teenage girls to base their identity on narrowly stereotyped         behaviours of adolescent girls.
female sexuality. This poses real risks for girls, including the
development of body dissatisfaction, eating disorders, and                                 Speaker: Eliza Egan and Jessica O’Connell
self-objectification. It also increases the likelihood of unwanted sex.            Personal opinions and perspectives of two young women who completed
Find out what researchers and experts say about these risks. Discover               the Victorian Certificate of Education requirements in 2007 and 2008.
useful resources to foster happy and healthy development for girls
throughout their teenage years.

                       Speaker: Dr Emma Rush                                   12.15pm                 TIME FOR QUESTIONS
      Lead author of the report "Corporate Paedophilia" and an ongoing                                    AND COMMENTS
  advocate for a culture that supports children and adolescents during their
  growing up years. A former research fellow with the Australia Institute in
       Canberra, she now works as a freelance researcher and writer.           12.30pm              LUNCH BREAK & NETWORKING

            YOUR FACILITATOR FOR THE                                           1.30pm                       BULLYING AND
              NEXT THREE TOPICS IS                                                                       BITCHY BEHAVIOURS
                      Meredith Bucknell                                        Bullying behaviour is hazardous both for bullies and their victims.
    Mental health nurse consultant and educator with                            • Gain a greater understanding of“bitch-slapping” and bullying.
                                                                                • What are the causes? How to design a collaborative approach to
  considerable clinical, research and teaching experience
                                                                                  reducing bullying.
       in the fields of mental health promotion and                             • What can be done to assist girls who are denigrated by cyber bullies?
                    psychiatric disorders.                                      • Are there effective protections for whistleblowers?
                                                                                • This presentation will include a model of social resilience.

                                                                                                        Speaker: Evelyn Field
9.50am                      THE DAY MY MIND
                                                                                     Practising psychologist whose work focuses on social survival skills.
                             WENT PSYCHO!                                           The updated version of Evelyn‘s book “Bully Busting” was published in
• When mental Illness is the problem - an overview of the difference               Feb.2007 under the title of “Bully Blocking”. Further, she specialises in
  between eccentric,controversial and mentally unbalanced behaviours,             workplace bullying and is a member of the Board of the National Coalition
  thought processes and emotions.                                                                              Against Bullying.
• Summary of the types of mental illnesses.
• What to do if you suspect that a teenager has a psychiatric condition.
                                                                               3.00pm                   AFTERNOON TEA
                                                                                                          AND COFFEE
10.30am                    MORNING TEA
                           AND COFFEE
                                                                               3.30pm                         DADS AND
                                                                                                           THEIR DAUGHTERS
                                                                               Improved relationships between fathers and their female children is a
11.00am            PUBERTY BLUES AND                                           crucial interpersonal, inter-family and social goal.
              WRESTLING WITH THE BLACK DOG                                      • Tips for good fathering - even when swamped by busyness, tiredness
• Which teenagers are most at risk of developing clinical depression?             and unavoidable travel commitments.
• What can be done to prevent this happening? Summary of types of               • How fathers and father figures can diminish adult moral panic by
  depression and their causes. How effective are treatment programs?              actively encouraging protective behaviours for young girls.
• Does an episode of serious depression protect against future bouts of
                                                                                                    Speaker: Richard Godbehere
  this psychiatric disorder?
                                                                                    Reflections on what teenage girls really need from their fathers. This
• How to access help such as the beyondblue initiative.
                                                                                    presentation is partly based on Richard’s past experience of being the
                                                                                                         father of three teenage girls.

11.25am            WHEN TEENAGERS THINK
                 ABOUT “OFFING” THEMSELVES                                     4.15pm        CLOSE OF CONFERENCE & EVALUATIONS
Suicide risk and young people. The last 30 years have seen an                                   Find a vast amount of
unprecedented rise in the suicides of those aged 16 – 24 years of
age in Australia.                                                                         Health Care Education Resources
                                                                                                      online at:
• What are the sources of this phenomenon?
• Comments on the importance of overcoming the taboo against talking
  about suicide.
• Practical approaches for the identification and management of
  suicidal ideas or behaviours.