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Eager Steps Spring 2008


									Eager steps
SPRING 2008 Stepping Back
It is very hard knowing what all to share with you in this letter as it seems so much has taken place. If you would like to catch up on what we are unable to include in this letter, you can visit on the internet to fill in the gaps as well as see more pictures. Our youth were greatly challenged to be transformed into images of Christ through the Transformers themed youth retreat. We praise God for how he worked in the lives of our youth and the visitors who attended with us.

We had a wonderful turn out for the Olympics and were especially pleased when the family who As mentioned in our previous letter, we initiated has been visiting our cell group attended with their two children. We even discovered in the a new cell group ministry within the church in April. The particular format and purpose of these course of the afternoon that they were distantly groups is evangelistic with the goal of multiply- related to someone in our church! Please pray for ing the groups as people are saved and discipled. this family, that they will continue to be drawn Our church has been struggling for a while and to the Lord. had become very ingrown. This new ministry has The special speaker for our Mother’s Day evebeen wonderful to see unfold so far. People are ning did an excellent job of entertaining but also reaching out to neighbors, co-workers and providing very solid biblical principles for raisfriends, inviting them to the groups. Our first ing your children as well as wise counsel for the week, we had 33 nonbelievers come to the four daughters present. She touched on some very groups (many more than would show up on a difficult yet important topics and provided exSunday at church). Please, continue to pray for tremely insightful advice. So many have come these groups to grow and multiply and for the from abusive backgrounds and do not have people to remain excited about sharing the Good much parenting preparation. It was encouraging News with others. to see so many excited to learn and apply what she taught. In our particular group, the Lord has provided some heartbreaking opportunities. He has Stepping Forward brought two women dealing with abuse and un- It has been thrilling to see the new cell group speakable sins against them into the lives of our ministry take off. While it has had ups and group members. We are all learning more about downs, we feel it is going to be a valuable tool in reaching out to them and sharing the love of Je- reaching the lost here. Please pray with us as we sus with them. Our prayer is that we demonlook to the future and even the possibility that strate the HOPE there is in Him in spite of how out of this ministry, the seeds of new church hopeless, alone and scared they may be feeling. plants may grow. Please pray for these two women, “M” and “I”. With the initiation of the new cell groups, it had Some of our youth have been dealing with major become increasingly more difficult for the issues. There are several who have recently been women who were leading the Bible Study to congoing through extreme rebellion and depression. tinue on in that role so Pattie has helped fill in There is so much attacking them. We covet your the gap. They are going to a new format which continued prayers for them and for their parents. she hopes will really get the women into the Word, studying and applying it. Please pray for Other ministry highlights from the past few Pattie as she helps lead, especially that her Spanmonths include the Bible club program in the ish would flow for her. nearby community (the “Vado”) where we distributed blankets, a special youth retreat over The dream the Lord has given us of a coffee Easter week, our annual Children’s Day Minihouse/community center outreach continues. Olympics, and a Mother’s Day event. Now that we have our new visas, we are more There was a good response to the Bible club and free to minister publically and free to pursue this avenue of outreach. Please pray with us as we we continue to have contact with several of the hope to begin the process soon. adults and children who live there.

• PRAISE for a good start to our new cell group ministry. PRAY for continued growth. • PRAY for “M” and “I” to find healing from abuse. • PRAY for youth who are struggling and their parents. • PRAISE for the different ministry opportunities we have had to children, youth and women. • PRAY for new church plants to grow. • PRAY for Pattie as she helps lead the women’s Bible study. • PRAY for the dream of a coffee house/ community center ministry. • PRAISE for our visas! • PRAISE for the safe arrival of Luke and for the smooth adjustments. • PRAY for balance in family and ministry. •PRAISE for the new room being built on our house. PRAY for safe and quick completion.

“I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with JOY because of your PARTNERSHIP in the gospel from the first day until now.” Phil. 1:3-5

Apdo. Postal 106 San Jose del Cabo, BCS 23400 MEXICO Please contact us before sending packages. 623-444-5145 (Arizona # that reaches us in Mexico)

Stepping Together
The biggest and most exciting news since our last letter is that Luke Darryl Eager was born on January 15th, about 6 weeks early. We praise the Lord for his safe arrival in spite of all the complications and that he is a healthy four month old. Thank you for your prayers, especially for Luke and Pattie during some difficult days in the hospital and recovering. We are very grateful that Pattie’s parents were able to rearrange their schedules and make it down shortly after the birth. They were a huge help with Luke and his big brothers and big sister, especially keeping them going on school. Overall, everyone’s adjustment to a new family member seems to have gone fairly smooth for which we feel blessed. Mommy has great little helpers….sometimes too much “help” even! We are still struggling to find a good balance at times between family and ministry. Your prayers for wisdom with regards to a God honoring balance as well as parenting our children with love, discipline and grace are greatly appreciated. Pattie is learning that for this season in our lives, she may need to step back some and focus more on family and supporting Phil in his ministry outside the home.


Bible Club outreach in the “Vado”. Such precious children! The family pictured in the middle allowed us to use their “yard” for the meetings.

More wonderful news is that construction has begun. After almost two years of prayer and discussion with our landlords, they have begun building the extra room onto the house! ☺ While it has made our life a little more “interesting”, we definitely don’t complain as we have needed this for so long. This summer, we will have the privilege to go and report at one of our supporting churches in Alaska we have not been to since 2004. An extra blessing is that Phil’s brother and family (on home assignment from Poland) will be there at the same time and Phil’s family will all be together for the first time since our last trip to Alaska four years ago.

Pattie with Mari & Norma, the birthday ladies for the month, at the women’s Bible study-April ‘08.

Phil leading the Bible lesson at youth group.

We can never thank you enough for how much your continued prayers, support and encouragement mean to us and the ministry God has called us to. There are so many hurting and lost. Pray with as that one by one distractions life brings. The Eager Family Phil, Pattie, & Luke

they may find Him in the midst of all the pain and Mini Olympics
Above: competitors cheer on their teammates during a relay. Left top: Phil plays the theme on his trumpet for the “closing ceremony.” Left bottom: The blue team receiving their “gold” medals. We were thrilled when visitors from our cell group brought their children.

Your servants by His grace,

Josh, Abby, Micah
Serving with The Evangelical Alliance Mission PO Box 969 Wheaton, IL 60189 (800)343-3144

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