; By Quitclaim Deed
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By Quitclaim Deed


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									 Electronic Form Instructions:
*Mouse Click or Tab to the line and type in your infomation.
*Print the completed form before you close the file. Acrobat Reader will not save your input data.
 *Sign and Mail the completed form and supporting documents to the regional office closest to you.

                    MINING QUITCLAIM DEED
THIS INDENTURE, made and given this date of _______________, 20___, by and between:

The Grantor (name and address)                        and     The Grantee (name, address and phone)

WITNESSETH:                                                Phone:_____________________________________
That the Grantor, in consideration of $                 , and other valuable considerations, hereby convey and
quitclaim unto the Grantee the following:
                                                                              Claim(s) is/are situated in
      Name of Claim(s)                      ADL No.                     Meridian,Township,Range,Section:

Located within the                                                 Recording District.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the Grantors have hereunto set their hands.

                 Signature                                                    Signature
UNITED STATES OF AMERICA                 )                  UNITED STATES OF AMERICA                  )
STATE OF ALASKA                          ) SS               STATE OF ALASKA                           ) SS
       Judicial District                 )                           Judicial District                )

The foregoing Quitclaim Deed was acknowledged               The foregoing Quitclaim Deed was acknowledged
before me by                               on               before me by                              on
this           day of                  ,20                  this           day of               , 20

Signature of Notary:                                        Signature of Notary:
My commission expires on:                                   My commission expires on:

          Return Originals to:                  Name:
                                       Mailing Address:
                                       Mailing Address:

Revised 10/04

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