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2/7/2011               1
Why Now?

• Hampton greatest Asset is the Water

• Hampton Waterways Are Gradually Filling in With Silt
   From Natural and Man-Made Blocking the Channels and
   destroying Habitat Which Also Causes Them to Becoming
   Increasingly Unnavigatible.

• The Corps Maintains The Hampton River Channel (Up to
   the Booker T. Washington Memorial Bridge) and The
   Southwest Side of Ft. Monroe

• The Main and Stem Channels of the Other Waterways
   Within Our Boundaries Are Becoming More Like “Mud
 2/7/2011                                                  2
Why Now? Continued,

• Corrective Action Citywide Dredging Has a
  Significant Price Tag.
• Once We Start The Process It Will Take
  Several Years Before The Problem Is
• There Are Still Other Risk and Concerns
  That Will Have to Be Addressed Before We
  Decide on a Course of Action.
• One such Issue May Be The Dumping Site
  For Dredged Materials.
2/7/2011                                      3
What are Our Options?

• Dredging Select Waterways Using
  Contracted Dredging

• Developing an In-House Dredging Program

2/7/2011                                    4
In-House Dredging Concept:

• Develop an In-house Dredging Capability
  Using a Long Reach Excavator Mounted on
  a Barge
• The Excavator Would Dump The Dredged
  Material Into Bottom Dump Barges.
• We would Acquire at Least Two Barges
  (custom built to be useful under our

2/7/2011                                    5
In-House Dredging Concept: (continued)

• We Would Also Need To Acquire A Work
  Boat to Maneuver the Barges and the Dredge
  Barge and a Hydrographic Survey Boat.
• Our Plan Would Be to Haul The Dredged
  Material Would to Craney Island Using
  Contracted Tug Services (owning a tug to
  haul the barges would be cost prohibitive).
• It Is Estimated That We Would Only Be
  Dredging 600 Hours Each Year.
 2/7/2011                                  6
In-House Dredging Concept: (continued)

• The Proposed Personnel Requirements
    Environmental Engineer
    Boat Captain
    Dredge Operator
    4-Crew Members (Deck Hands)
    Hydrographic Surveyor

 2/7/2011                                7
In-House Dredging Concept: (continued)

•       Public Dollars Would Be Used to Dredge Main and
        Stem Channels.

•       Individual Property Owners Would Have to Hire
        and/or Pay to Have a Private Channel Dug to Their

•       The Mechanics and Coordination of How This Would
        Work Would Need to be Worked Out Regardless of
        Whether a Private Contractor Does the Private
        Channel or If The City Dredge Is to Perform That
        Work in Conjunction With the Public Dredging.

    2/7/2011                                                8
    In-House Dredging Concept, (Continued)

Dredging Need       Quantity             y       Cycles   Total

Hampton River          138,505   CY   10 Years     1      138,505 CY
Elizabeth Lake          81,000   CY   10 Years     1      81,000 CY
Salt Ponds              15,000   CY    2 Years     5      75,000 CY
Various locations       50,000   CY   10 Years     1      50,000 CY

                                                          344,505 CY
    2/7/2011                                                      9
In-House Dredging Concept, (continued)

Annual Costs
Equipment Cost              $    303,500
Contract Tug                     270,000
Personnel                        445,000
Hours of operation/YR               600/Hrs.Yr.
Operating Costs                     250 /Hr.
Annual Operating Costs           150,000
Annual Storage/Pier Costs        120,000
Annual Disposal Costs            105,000
Total Annual Costs          $   1,393,500
2/7/2011                                          10
In-House Dredging Concept, (continued)

Estimated Total Cost        $16,002,257

Estimated Time to
  Complete                     11.5 Years

2/7/2011                                  11
Possible Financing Sources

• Use G. O. Bonds or Equipment Lease
  Financing to Acquire the Equipment
• Annual Debt Service and Operating Cost
  Would Be Absorbed within the General
• Develop a Dedicated Revenue Source
  Within The General Fund to Cover all or a
  portion of The Annual Debt service and
  Annual Operating Cost

2/7/2011                                      12
Possible Financing Sources, (continued)

Dedicated Revenue Source
• The City Manager was Asked to Look at The
  Impact of Raising the City’s Boat Tax As an
• The Following Chart of Projected Revenues From
  the Boat Tax Was Calculated by the
  Commissioner of The Revenues and Is Based
  Simply on the Assessed Values of Boats
  Currently on the City’s Tax Rolls.

2/7/2011                                      13
Possible Financing Sources, (continued)

Projected Revenue-Boat Tax
Tax Rate (Per $100 of Value)   $0.50      $0.75      $1.00
           > 18 Feet            $16,017    $24,025    $32,034
           < 18 Feet           $384,403   $576,605   $768,807
    Total Projected Revenue    $400,420   $600,630   $800,840

  Less: 2006 Revenue to Date    $21,922    $21,922    $21,922

  Projected Revenue Increase   $378,498   $578,708   $778,918
2/7/2011                                                     14
Possible Financing Sources, (continued)

• All Things Being Equal It would Take a
    Minimum of $1.75/$100 Assessed Value to
    Fund the In-House Dredging Program As
    Outlined above.

2/7/2011                                   15
City Wide Dredging Program


2/7/2011                     16

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