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									     Newsletter           Edith Irby Jones
    June 9, 2009
     Volume 1,            Wellness Retreat Center
      Issue 1:                      Myra Jones Romain/Director
                                The wellness retreat center uses
                           traditional medicine; holistic techniques,
                           spa treatments and behavior modification to
                                 create a comprehensive blend of
                              preventative, medical, cognitive and
                             holistic care to diminished illness and
                               achieve sustained optimal wellness.

                           Events to make you GLOW with optimal
                          The Walking Club             Girlz Night
                                The FREE walking             Want to start
                          club begins Tues, June 16,   socializing with the girls of
                          2009. The Walking Club       the wellness center and de-
                          will be a 8 week session     stress at the end of a hard
                          meeting on Tuesdays and      day? Come to this free
    HAVE TOTAL            Thursdays from 6:00-         Girlz Night beginning
     GLOWING              7:00am and Saturdays         August 17th 2009. It will be
     WELLNESS!            7:00-8:00am. This free       every 3rd Monday from
                          walking club will meet at    6:30-8:00pm. Meet new
                          the Edith Irby Jones         friends, talk about
                          Wellness Center rain or      nutritional, health and
                          shine! Start your day off    fitness tips. There will be
                          right!                       fun, refreshments and
                                                       sharing about what matter                                 most to you!!!
Wellness Retreat Center
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                                                             Wellness Retreat Center

                     Grand Opening!
                     The Grand Opening of       Prizes and fun! Come and
                     Edith Irby Jones Wellness see what all the
                     Retreat Center is Sunday, excitement is about!
                     August 2nd, 2009. You
                     will be able to sample spa
                     treatments, nutritional
                     products and the relaxing
                     atmosphere. Meet the
 “Stress can rob     professional staff. There
    you of your
                     will be lots of music,
  health, wealth
   and beauty.”
                     Need to de-stress now? Tips and
Safir Romain
                     Tricks is probably the while doing these stretches
                     most common tip that is          and don’t strain yourself.
   Assistant         known to de-stress. Walking!     These stretches can do
                     You know it, I know it, and      wonders to relax your
    PHONE:           your heart knows it! But did     muscles and open energy
  713-240-7199       you know, just 20 minutes of     channels.
                     cardio exercise a day helps            Stinky? Tired? Perfect!
     E-MAIL:         you rest better at night? But
  SafirRomain@                                        Try a warm bath with added
                     vigorous exercise 30 minutes     scents. Lavender is a natural
EdithJonesWellness   before bedtime can actually
       .com                                           stress reliever and you will
                     do the opposite of relaxing      smell good too!
                     you before bedtime.
   ADDRESS:                                                 Nothing helps you put
  2601 Prospect            You’ve barely made it      your problems in perspective
     77004           to your bedroom after work,      better than volunteering. Get
                     so why can’t you fall asleep?    some fresh air, interact with
      FAX:           Don’t feel like leaving your     the community and get some
  713-529-1675       bedroom? Try gentle              exercise! Sometimes working
                     stretches while taking slow      on other problems can help
    Glowing@         deep breaths. Take your time     you solve your own.

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