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									                     IER/BDC Independent Marketing Awards 2005

            Independent Marketing                                                                                                                         05

                 Awards 2005
The thirteenth annual Independent Marketing Awards, organised by the Independent Electrical Retailer magazine
and sponsored by distributors BDC Independents, were held at the Forest of Arden Hotel in Warwickshire on 26
May 2005. With record attendance from senior management personnel in the industry, representatives of the best
performing companies, as voted by the readers of IER, collected their awards in 21 categories.

The Awards were compèred by Shân Millie, Publishing Director of IER, and Jeff Moody, BDC Divisional Director. Presenting the
Awards were Tim Whitehouse, Managing Director Newsquest Specialist Media, Anna Ryland, IER Editor, and Rysiek Tomczyk,
Board Director of Bridsco.

 Geoff Woodman, Indesit Company – “Lifetime Achievement Award”

              Jeff Moody – BDC, Joint Compère         Tim Whitehouse presents the “Ultimate Top Supplier Award” to the hard-working team from Whirlpool

July 2005                                                                                                      The Independent Electrical Retailer 43
                    IER/BDC Independent Marketing Awards 2005

                                              has the best-known British brands in
The 2005 Winners                              their portfolio, where creative and          Impactful Product
                                              brand building consumer advertising is       Consumer Electronics Award
The awards in 21 categories, honouring        not a pragmatic reaction to change but
the excellence in the fields of consumer      a constant activity                         Consumer electronics is the most
advertising, product development,                                                         dynamic but also the most competitive
trade communications and training               Winner: Indesit Company                   sector of the electrical industry, where
achieved by companies in the                                                              enormous budgets are devoted to
consumer electronics, major appliances                                                    product development and research,
and small appliances sectors were              Consumer Advertising                       creating products which stretch the
granted to the winning companies as            Small Appliances Award                     boundaries of technology and
voted for by independent electrical                                                       imagination. The list of true innovators
retailers – the readers of IER. Here is the   Small appliances always need good           this year included: JVC – Everio,
full list of the 2005 winners:                advertising support; the everyday           Panasonic – HD LCD TV, Philips–
                                              appliances, such as kettles and toasters,   Ambilight Flat TV, Pure Digital – EVOKE
                                              because there are so many products on       DAB, Samsung – HD ALIS TV, Sony –
Consumer Advertising                          the market, and the latest innovations      IDTV Range, Toshiba – DLP Projection,
 Consumer Electronics Award                   because it is necessary to persuade         Vodaphone – 3G Launch. The winning
                                              people to let new and different small       product this year – Pure Digital –
The impetus of good advertising and           appliances into their lives.                ‘EVOKE’ – was the first sub £100 DAB
national campaigns are crucial in               The nominees included: Bosch,             digital radio, which kick started the UK
generating the interest that sends            Breville, De’Longhi, Kenwood, Morphy        DAB market and the design of which
consumers into stores. Our nominees           Richards Philips DAP, Salton, Tefal. The    became the most recognisable DAB icon.
have all implemented campaigns that           winning company in this category
reach out to the consumer to                  updated their award-winning 2003              Winner: Pure Digital –
communicate how potentially baffling          campaign to support an extended range                 EVOKE
products can make a real, human,              of Smoothie makers. The campaign
difference to their lives.                    revisited the popular ‘dancing fruit’ of
  The nominees were: Aiwa, LG, JVC,           2003 and focussed on the Christmas           Impactful Product
Philips CE, Roberts Radio, Samsung,           period, successfully boosting sales          Major Appliances Award
Sharp, Sony, Toshiba. The winning             through the one million barrier.
company in this category is in the                                                        Extensive customer and product
forefront of DAB radio developments.            Winner: Kenwood                           research in the white goods sectors
Their advertising has been a key and                                                      every year results in outstanding
integral part of this. It revolves around                                                 products coming to the market. All the
the possibility of rewinding your radio                                                   nominees for this Award exemplify
PausePlus – and is a good example of                                                      innovative designs, features and above
the effective approach and extensive                                                      all benefits which have raised the bar
commitment this company makes to                                                          for other products in the category.
brand communication.                                                                         The products nominated for this
                                                                                          category were: Belling – 90cm DB
  Winner: Roberts Radio                        EST Award                                  Range, Dyson – DC11 Telescope, Leisure
                                              New for 2005 was an Award sponsored         – Zenith Range, LG – Intellowashed
                                              by the Energy Savings Trust. Energy         Direct Drive, Samsung – 4D Spray
 Consumer Advertising                         saving is a global issue and all            System Laundry, Smeg – FAB28 Range,
 Major Appliances Award                       independents have a duty to make their      Whirlpool – 6th Sense Laundry
                                              customers aware of the financial savings       The winning company has produced
The major appliances sector regularly         available when choosing an appliance        a product that is as close to intelligent
witnesses some of the best consumer           that is “EST recommended”. This year’s      as domestic appliances get.
advertising campaigns in the electrical       independent winner was Scott
industry – with strong messages and           Eltringham of AVA Electrical. However,        Winner: Whirlpool’s
innovative creative executions.               since the winner was unable to attend                 6th Sense
  The nominees in this category were:         the ceremony, Frances Galvenoni, EST
Bosch, GDC (Belling, Stoves, New              Trade Marketing Manager, presented
World), Indesit (Hotpoint, Canon,             the Award to Bob Broadley of IER who         Impactful Product
Creda), Leisure, LG, Miele, Neff,             read Scott’s note of acceptance.             Small Appliances Award
Samsung, Siemens and Whirlpool. The
top accolade for consumer advertising           Winner: Scott Eltringham                  The small appliances market, which is
went to a group of companies which                      of AVA Electrical                 led by innovative, sophisticated and

44 The Independent Electrical Retailer                                                                                    July 2005
                    IER/BDC Independent Marketing Awards 2005

design-lead products which reflect our       from the crowd with its trade                Training Award
lifestyles, every year brings to market an   communications strategy, which               Consumer Electronics Award
array of truly impactful products. The       included a quarterly Marketing Focus
products nominated in this category          and a monthly Launch Product Focus.         Retail sales training is an area where
were: De’Longhi – Maginifico, Kenwood                                                    the investment of time and money
– Brewmaster, Morphy – ‘Go’ Range,             Winner: JVC                               brings great rewards for
Philips DAP – Senseo, Remington – Wet                                                    manufacturers. All the nominated
to Straight and Tefal – Steam Generator                                                  companies have taken training very
System. The winning product has been          Trade Communications                       seriously and invested a lot of effort
developed as a result of six years of         Major Appliances Award                     and time in devising the programmes
intensive research and has taken coffee                                                  and formats of training which work
into a new area, significantly boosting      In a market where promotional activity      best for independent dealers. They
the coffee maker sector.                     is paramount, a number of companies         were: JVC, Pace (Micro Technology),
                                             made their mark. Among them were            Panasonic, Philips CE, Samsung,
  Winner: Philips DAP –                      the nominees for this award: Brandt         Sanyo, Sharp, Sony and Toshiba. The
          Senseo Coffee                      UK, Glen Dimplex (Belling, Stoves,          winner was a company which has
          Machine                            New World), Indesit Co. (Hotpoint,          become synonymous with new
                                             Canon, Creda), LG, Samsung,                 technology – and training their dealers
                      Award                  Siemens, Smeg and Whirlpool. This           in the benefits of technologies they
                                             year’s winner has had a lot of news to      use.
                                             communicate, with new brands, new
The winner of this award was chosen          ranges and re-launches of its various         Winner: Sony
by a panel of retailers who visited          products.
every stand at AMDEA 2005 Show and
assessed exhibitors on a number of             Winner: Glen Dimplex,                      Training Award
selection criteria, such as welcome,                   Home Cooking                       Major Appliances Award
product knowledge, helpfulness to
visitors, product representation and                                                     Training on major appliances is crucial;
others.                                       Trade Communications                       manufacturers have the opportunity to
  The winner of this Award was                Small Appliances Award                     help the retailer guide customers
Vesfrost. Simon Freear receiving it on                                                   confronted by a sea of white goods in
behalf of Vestfrost commented: “We           The nominated companies in this             his store. The nominees in this
were delighted with the response to          category were: Braun, De’Longhi,            category were Bosch, Brandt UK,
our product ranges at the AMDEA              Groupe SEB, Kenwood, Phillips DAP,          Electrolux, Indesit Company, Miele,
Show. It was important for us to             Remington and Salton Europe.                Smeg and Whirlpool. The winning
demonstrate our support for the                There was a very close contest            company is no stranger to this Award
independents as we believe they give         between two of the nominees in this         and was applauded for its regular
the best customer focus and are able to      category: Kenwood came a creditable         ‘Update’ mailouts and a strong in-field
demonstrate the high build quality and       second-place in the voting, but was         training team.
features of our products. We were            pipped at the post by a company who
supported by some of our distributors        were recognised in last year’s Awards         Winner: Whirlpool
who helped man the stand and were            for their outstanding performance in
impressed with the quality of the            informing and supporting trade
visitors to the show.”                       partners.                                    Training Award
                                                                                          Small Appliances Award
  Winner: Vesfrost                             Winner: Phillips DAP
                                                                                         Small appliance brands have put in a lot
                                                                Award                    of effort to differentiate themselves
 Trade Communications                                                                    from their competitors and to explain
 Consumer Electronics Award                                                              to the consumers the increasingly
                                             This Special Award which RETRA              sophisticated technologies and
Trade communications activity in the         presents each year to Best                  innovative designs of their products.
consumer electronic sector is                Representative of the electrical industry   They were: De’Longhi, Group SEB,
particularly competitive – with              was given to Lee Bowman of Indesit          Kenwood, Philips DAP and Salton. This
numerous promotions, awards and              Company by the outgoing Chief               year’s winner has joined an elite club
competitions. The nominees in this           Executive of RETRA Fred Round.              have won the same category in
category were: Aiwa, JVC, LG, Pace,                                                      successive years:
Phillips CE, Samsung, Sharp, Sony,             Winner: Lee Bowman of
Toshiba. This year’s winner stood out                  Indesit Company                     Winner: DeLonghi

46 The Independent Electrical Retailer                                                                                   July 2005
                    IER/BDC Independent Marketing Awards 2005

                                              same in the US – with its iconic             EEIBA funds supporting “those, who
                                              products which are popular with              having spent their lives establishing
                                              consumers and distributors alike.            the electrical industry, are unable to
                                                                                           support themselves”. As always,
                                                Winner: Dyson                              manufacturers responded
BDC Special Awards                                                                         magnificently by donating many
BDC stocks over 7,500 products, from                                                       valuable prizes which generated
over 70 leading brands each year. The          Ultimate Top                                £1,740 in raffle income, the highest
relationships the company builds with          Supplier Award                              amount ever achieved at the IMA
those brands and their independent                                                         evening.
retailers relies on continued and improving   This is the ultimate accolade of the
standards of service. As in previous years,   Independent Marketing Awards,
BDC presented special Supplier of the Year    reflecting the opinions of the               And the golf…
Awards recognising outstanding                independent retailers on who provides        In line with the long tradition of these
performance in each of the categories.        them the best service and supports           Awards, the attending representatives
                                              them most effectively.                       of the nominated companies completed
                                                There were a number of strong              a golf tournament during the early part
 BDC Supplier of the Year                     runners for this Award as the readers        of the day on the vast grounds of the
 Consumer Electronics Award                   of IER cast their votes for the              Forest of Arden Hotel & Country Club.
                                              following companies: Bosch,                    This always proves a popular
The winner of this award is one of the        Electrolux, Hoover, Hotpoint, JVC,           attraction of the day and prominently
fastest growing and most innovative           Miele, JVC, Philips CE, Pure Digital,        features in the discussions during the
mega brands in the world which is             Roberts Radio, Sharp, Sony, Toshiba          Awards dinner. ■
working well with BDC to reach their          and Whirlpool.
target market of the independent retailer.      And yet, the leader in this category
                                              has received almost 50 votes more that
  Winner: Samsung                             the next best contender, which shows
                                              that the company is giving an
                                              exceptional service to independent
 BDC Supplier of the Year                     electrical retailers. For the seventh
 Major Appliances Award                       consecutive year this award went to:

This winner is a brand with an                  Winner: Whirlpool
impressive portfolio with whom BDC
has grown jointly in the last 13 years – a
brand who now has added many more              Lifetime Achievement
names and ranges to their already              Award
impressive portfolio.                         This very special award is a reflection of
                                              the electrical industry’s appreciation of
  Winner: Beko                                someone’ s lifetime contribution to the
                                              industry and his/her support for the
                                              independent. This honour this year
 BDC Supplier of the Year                     went to:
 Small Appliances Award
                                                Winner: Geoff Woodman of
This brand has consistently shown                       Indesit Co.
growth in value and units over a difficult
period – by bringing innovative and well
designed products to the BDC’s range.         Charity starts at home
                                              The Independent Marketing Awards
  Winner: Kenwood                             have a long association with the
                                              Electrical & Electronics Industries
                                              Benevolent Association (EEIBA) which
 BDC Supplier of the Year                     has celebrated its centenary this year.
 Floorcare Award                              Keeping with the tradition of the               The IER reader who won the prize
                                              previous years, EEIBA ran a raffle at the     for taking part in the voting – a 42”
This winner is a brand which has              end of the evening (conducted by              Samsung flat screen TV – was Keith
dominated the UK market for a                 Brian Lovewell, National Appeals              Pittaway of Wye Electrical.
decade and now looks set to do the            Manager of EEIBA). Contributeted to

48 The Independent Electrical Retailer                                                                                     July 2005
                      IER/BDC Independent Marketing Awards 2005
Judges, winners and guests enjoy the night

      Simon Freear, Vestfrost – Amdea Award                                                                    Ray Isted, Whirlpool – Most Impactful Product,
                                                                                                             Major Appliances Award – Whirlpool “6th Sense”

                                                         Ian Goddard, BEKO – BDC Supplier of the Year,
                                                                             Major Appliances Award

                                                    Jonathan Casley, Glen Dimplex – Trade Communications,
                                                    Major Appliances Award
                                                    Glenn Houston, Philips DAP – Impactful Product,
                                                                         Small Appliances, “Senseo”

   Dave Badger, Dyson – BDC Supplier of the Year,                                                           Paula Cox, Robets Radio – Consumer Advertising,
                               Floorcare Award                                                                        Consumer Electronics Award

        Marco Risi, JVC – Trade Communications,                                                             Gary McCornick, Samsung – BDC Supplier of the
                     Consumer Electronics Award                                                                                Year, Consumer Electronics

50 The Independent Electrical Retailer                                                                                                            July 2005
                       IER/BDC Independent Marketing Awards 2005

      Alan Blackman, De’Longhi – Training Award,           Lee Bowman, Indesit Company                 Nigel Wainwright, Kenwood –
                               Small Appliances           Retra Award – Best Representative            Consumer Advertising, Small Appliances

                                                                                                                         Glenn Houston, Phillips DAP –
                                                                                                                Trade Communications, Small Appliances

  Geoff Johnson, Pure Digital – Impactful Product,
           Consumer Electronics Award – “Evoke”

            Kevin McNally, Sony – Training Award,    Anne-Marie Barbour, Whirlpool – Training Award,
                            Consumer Electronics                                   Major Appliances

                                                                                                                    Geoff Woodman, Indesit Company –
                                                                                                          Consumer Advertising, Major Appliances Award

                                                                 Having a good time!

Frances Galvanoni – Energy Saving Trust

July 2005                                                                                                    The Independent Electrical Retailer 51

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