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					                              Corporate Services Accounting - Structure and Responsibilities

                                                                       Helen Taylor
                                                                    Senior Accountant
                                                                    Corporate Services
                                                                        Ext: 46662

      Dawn Bloxham                            Sally Campbell                               Penny Beerjeraz                  Anthony McKinley
       Accountant                              Accountant                                    Accountant                    Assistant Accountant
        Ext: 46661                              Ext: 47082                                    Ext: 42223                         Ext: 42552
                                                                                                                        HAS Core(cleaning, security,
     Capital Programme                 Academic Services (Academic                    Alta Estate Services Ltd,        telecommunications, post etc)
                                         Office - inc Roberts Skills                 Alta Library Services Ltd,                    Sport
          Estates                                  Training)                        Alta Cyclotron Services Ltd,              Alta Bioscience
                                                                                   The University of Birmingham                    BMSU
                                           Corporate Relations-                     Selly Oak Educational Trust,                  Nursery
                                       Marketing and Communications                    The Selly Oak Colleges
                                               (inc Aimhigher)                           Endowment Trust,
                                                                                        Barber budget centre,
                                                                                     Development and Alumni
                                                                                          Relations Office,
    Semsa Zlomuzica                                                               English for International Students            Xin Zhou
  Accountancy Assistant                                                                          Unit,                 Accountancy Assistant (50%)
       Ext: 43112                            Andrew Ludlow                          Fundraising (FSX accounts)                 Ext: 48485
                                      Senior Accountancy Assistant
     Capital Programme                         Ext: 47499                                                                       Nursery
                                                                                                                           HAS Core- Cleaning
                                       Academic Services (Information
                                                 Services)                                  Rosemary Bath
                                                                                         Accountancy Assistant
                                      Human Resources (including SDU                          Ext: 42205
                                             and Wellbeing)
                                                                                          Bank Reconciliations
                                      Rationalisation Fund (Severances
                                           and Early Retirements)
         Xin Zhou
Accountancy Assistant (50%)
        Ext: 48485
                                              Eva Mitchell
          Estates                         Accountancy Assistant
                                               Ext: 47410

                                               Finance Office
                                       (inc Research and Commercial

                                                Legal Office

                                           Vice Chancellors Suite

                                              Lesley Plant
                                          Accountancy Assistant
                                               Ext: 43519


                                              TDA Bursaries

                                         Access to Learning Grants

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