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									                                            Michael B. Schwartz
                                            6201 15th Ave NW #272
                                            Seattle, Washington 98107
                                            (206) 295-7392


      To Produce, Supervise or Manage multimedia projects (games, video, film, audio, digital media.)

 Career Highlights
      2004 – Present: Digital Media Editor – Worktank, Seattle.
      1992 – 1999:   Audio Manager, Computer Games – Activision Studios.
      2004 – 2004:   Video Producer for Microsoft, Office Online – Personal Solutions.
      2000 – 2002:   Video Instructor, Art Institute of Seattle, School of Video.
      1994 – 1998:   Audio Instructor, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena.
      1989 – 1992:   Audio Producer and Editor, The Voyager Company, Criterion Laserdiscs, Los Angeles.

 For the past three and a half years, I have helped build the webcast department at Worktank. I have moderated
 webcasts, edited the slides and audio for video webcasts and audio podcasts, and created and maintained the
 RSS files. I have created corporate software training videos using camtasia and converted to many different
 formats. My strengths are excellent customer relationships skills, accurate detailed oriented work and
 innovating new, cost effective methods to produce these results.

 Manager, Audio for Computer Games, Activision Studios, Santa Monica, CA
 As the Audio Manager for one of the world‟s most successful computer game companies, I maintained an award
 winning, trend setting, cost-effective and efficient audio department. With a full time staff of 3 sound designers,
 we worked in a D2D state-of-the-art audio production studio which I designed for our new facility.

 Under my direct supervision, a standard of audio excellence was developed, maintained and applied to every
 game. I hired composers, used external audio developers when needed, maintained quality control over all
 internal and external audio production teams and helped design the audio needs for the game from concept to
 final product.

 A small sample of awards include Best Audio for Return to Zork in 1992, Best Game of 1993 for Mechwarrior
 II, Best of Show at E3 Conference in 1997 for Dark Reign, Best 3D Game and Game of the Year in 1997 for
 Quake II, Computer Gaming World‟s 150 best Games of All Time in 1998 for Shanghai: Great Moments.

M.F.A. - Film and Video, Live Action, California Institute of the Arts, Valencia (1991)
        - In 1990 as a student, I founded the famous CalArts Annual Film and Video Festival (1990 - current)
B.A. - Theater, Acting and Lighting, Oberlin College, Ohio (1984)
4 hour credits for classes in Basic C++ and Java 1.2.2., Cleveland State University (1999)
Certificate - Advanced Faculty Development, Art Institute of Seattle (2001)
Certificate - Socrates Distance Learning, Online Instructor, Seattle (2000)

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Post Webcast Coordinator, Video Editor, Worktank, Seattle, WA Nov 2004 – Current
Editor of video and audio for dozens of training and educational Webcasts. Post the links and make available to the public.
Worktank is contracted by Microsoft BMO to manage the production of their Webcasts. In addition, these videos must
conform to a better end-user experience than is often possible during a live recording session and they often need to be edited
to remove technical glitches or to increase the quality of the visuals and audio.

Video Producer, Contractor to Microsoft Office Online, through ArtSource, Jan – June 2004
Create online training and “inspirational” demos for Office 2003 products, such as Outlook, Word and Excel. I used a
combination of screen capture, live-action video and voice-over. Many of these videos are now available on the Microsoft
Office Online website.

In addition, I helped prototype alternate website designs that would utilize better quality video and more interactive training,
with such tools as Flash, Macromedia Director, Night Train and others.

Audio Producer and Editor, Criterion Laserdiscs and CD-ROM’s, The Voyager Co., CA
In addition to earning my MFA, I simultaneously worked full time as a Producer, Digital Audio Editor, Videographer and
Production Assistant on state-of-the-art interactive laserdiscs and CD-ROMs. The Voyager Company pioneered the
technique of adding commentary tracks to classic feature films on laserdisc (the precursor to DVD‟s). A small sample
include commentary by Kirk Douglas on “Spartacus,” Terry Gilliam on “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” and “The Fisher
King,” John Singleton on “Boyz „N The Hood,” John Schlessinger on “Midnight Cowboy,” and Ridley Scott, John Landis,
Burt Reynolds, Rank Marshall, Robert Wise and many others for the 50th anniversary re-release of “Citizen Kane.”

Instructor, Video/Multimedia, Art Institute of Seattle, WA
I developed and implemented new curriculum, recommended and purchased hardware and software upgrades as well as
improved required classes in basic to advanced video, audio and multimedia. As a result, the student body for the department
increased significantly.

In Digital Filmmaking class, the student video “Claustromania” was chosen as the winner of Atlanta's 2001 Amateur Film &
Video Festival Anime Weekend and 1st place in the 2001 Student Festival at the Art Institute of Seattle (independently
judged by outside industry professionals). Other class offerings included Video Editing with AVID, Audio with Digidesign
ProTools, Camera and Lighting workshops, Studio Production, Multimedia Desktop Video using Pinnacle, Premiere and
Final Cut Pro, and Portfolio Web Design HTML.

Instructor, Digital Audio for Film and Video, Pasadena Art Center College of Design
In addition to working full time at Activision, I taught Graduate classes in Audio Design for Film at Pasadena Art Center
College of Design. Many students went on to be very successful in film and video. I also upgraded the school facilities to
include a 16 track Digidesign ProTools system, full foley studio and a SMPTE Locked video system.

Video and Audio Production, Independent Contractor, Los Angeles, CA
Producer, Director, Editor. Annette Funicello‟s Autobiography Book-on-Tape for Time/Warner, 1992.
Post Production Supervisor, “Scandals” with Lyndsey Wagner, Pilot for ABC TV. Aired Oct. 21, 1988.
Director, Editor. “Vacation” short film winner of CIA Film Festival. Screened at NuArt, Los Angeles 5/18/89.
Audio Design. “Letters to the Machine” by Cathy Galeota Short Film Winner, Mill Valley Film Festival, 1988.
Assistant to the Producer. “Never On Tuesday” with Peter Berg and Claudio Christian. Palisades Ent., 1988.
Production Assistant. “Cool Blue” with Woody Harrelson. Smoking Gun Productions, 1988.

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