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									                               Student Bulletin                                                        Feb./Mar. 2004
                                                                                                       College Edition
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                                         Scholarship Guide
Scholarships From Scratch                                    Keeping Your Scholarship
Remember: Scholarships are available for all kinds of        While not all scholarships can be renewed each year, the
reasons - activities, academic performance, grades,          ones that can sometimes have ongoing eligibility
athletics and more.                                          requirements. Some of these requirements include:

Where should I look?                                         Renewal application. You may have to submit a new
- Search online at                          application each academic year.
- Check the financial aid pages on your colleges’ site.      GPA. You may need to maintain a minimum GPA in
- Search your community for organizations offering           order to remain eligible (often the same GPA that won
awards.                                                      you the scholarship).
- Contact your school’s financial aid office about private
and corporate sponsorship opportunities, as well as          Satisfactory academic progress. You may also be
your academic department or your parents’ employer.          required to fulfill certain academic requirements, such as
                                                             completing a certain number of credits, units or specific
What can I do to prepare?
                                                             Designated field of study. Will you lose the award if
- List the scholarships by deadline. Focus on the
                                                             you change majors?
ones with earlier deadlines.
- Financial information. Prepare family income and tax       Full-time status. Scholarships frequently require a
forms ahead of time to document finances for need-           minimum level of enrollment. If you fall below the
based scholarships or other types of financial aid. You      minimum or fail to enroll, you may lose the award.
should already be assembling this information for the
FAFSA.                                                       If there is any doubt whether your scholarship has
                                                             provisions or must be renewed, talk to your school or
How should I prepare the essay?                              scholarship sponsor.
- Make an outline. Pick one main theme based on the
essay question and outline a few ideas that support your     5 Scholarship Letter Tips
theme.                                                       Below are some essential tips for letters associated with
- Show, don’t tell. Use specifics, not generalizations.      scholarships, including the application request letter,
Help your reader visualize what you’re trying to say.        cover letter, recommendation letter and thank-you letter.
- Check spelling and grammar. Have a teacher, parent
or counselor read over your essay to provide feedback        1. Be brief – you’ll have the chance to sell yourself in
and catch errors.                                            your application.

                                                             2. Request the materials early to leave enough time to
                                                             prepare a strong application packet.
  Pick up a FastWeb flyer from your counselor’s office
  for “Top 10 Scholarship Tips.”                             3. Clearly state when you need the recommendation
                                                             sent or given back to you. Give no less than three
                                                             weeks notice, leaving ample time to write the letter.
          Search $1 billion                                  4. Provide your address and other contact information
          in scholarships -                                  where you know you can be reached. Include a self-
                                                             addressed stamped envelope, if applicable.
              for FREE!
                                                             5. If you win a scholarship, be sure to thank the                                        provider and your recommender for selecting you as a

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