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 The Login Screen verifies the credentials of the users who are authorized to use the system.

 Using Bank/Agent Master, company can maintain the information of various financial
  institutions which are complaint with WPS. It includes the bank/agent’s id, name, routing code,

 Company master maintains all information respective to the organization, which includes the
  establishment id, employer name, employer’s bank, employer bank account number, etc.

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                                                           WPS Corporate Product Features

 Salary master maintains different components of salary

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                                                                 WPS Corporate Product Features

 Employer master maintains information each employee in the organization. This includes
  employee id, employee’s person id with ministry of labour, various salary components for the
  employee, bank/agent details through which salary will be disbursed, etc

 Employee payroll will list all employees in the organization and the status the salary paid. Using
  this transaction, salary for each employee can the processed and salary slip can be generated.

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                                                                  WPS Corporate Product Features

 Generate SIF file option will generate the SIF file required for the banks to process the salary
  through WPS.

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                                                              WPS Corporate Product Features

 System can generate reports for the salary processed for a month. These reports can be
  exported to excel/pdf format.

 User management module contain creation of new user option and change password option

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                                                                WPS Corporate Product Features

 “Import File” option is used to import data from excel or other format and convert into SIF

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                                                              WPS Corporate Product Features

 ‘Document Master’ is used to categorize the documents required for alerts.

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                                    WPS Corporate Product Features

 ‘Document Master’ Alert Pop-up.

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