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Corporate Responsibility Form by cin21419


Corporate Responsibility Form document sample

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									Corporate Responsibility
  and Green Practices

    Alekhya Gampa, Luke Sharkey,
   Andrew Chung, Stephanie Brown
        What is a corporation?

• A legal entity separate from the people
  who own or manage it.
• In America, the tem corporate denotes a
  body formed to conduct business.
        Defining features of a
• A corporation is legally independent from
  the people who create it.
• Corporations only with creditors,
  shareholders, employees, and clients.
• Corporations are recognized by the law to
  have rights and responsibilities like actual
         Modern Corporations
• Corporations range in size from local retail
  stores to Ford Motor Company or General
  Electric, the nation's largest corporation.
• Larger corporations sell stocks to
  shareholders, and the shareholders legally
  own the company.
• Multinationals corporations conduct
  business in many different countries and
  produce more goods and wealth than
  many smaller countries.
     Examples of Corporations

Apple Inc   Google   General Electric
Corporate Green Practices

•What is it?

•Why is it important?

•How much is it being practiced today
compared to recent years?
Definition of Corporate Green Practices

•  Using practices of cutting down energy costs
   and reducing “carbon footprints” from
   Corporate facilities
• Examples include:
1. Employee engagement in sustaining
   importance of green practices
2. Waste reduction in facilities
3. Renewable energy usage
    Importance of Corporate Green

• Cuts down on personal costs of
  Corporations in the long run
• Helps prevent planet decay
• Helps public image of large and small
  Corporations across the globe
    Evolving Corporate Green
• Over past 3 years, green practices in
  corporate America has increased by 76%
• Large Corporations are setting standard for
  smaller business to follow in footsteps
• Example of major Corporations seriously
3.General Motors
 What is Corporate Responsibility?
• Form of corporate self-regulation
  integrated into a business model.
• Mechanism whereby business would
  monitor and ensure its adherence to law,
  ethical standards, and international norms.
• Inclusion of public interest into corporate
  decision making.
• Honors the triple bottom line: People,
  planet, profit.
       Debate and Criticisms
• Proponents: Corporations and society
  benefit in long run.
• Critics: Distracts fundamental role of
  businesses. Superficial.
    Several Types of Corporate
• Philanthropy: Charity, sponsorships and
  employee voluntarism.
• Integration: Conducting existing business
  operations more responsibly. (Green
• Innovation: Development of new business
  models for solving social and
  environmental problems. (Green practices)
    Benefits of Different Types of
     Corporate Responsibilities
• Philanthropy: Improves corporate
  reputation and market opportunities.
• Integration: Improvements of
  environmental and social aspects of core
• Innovation: Alleviation of social or
  environmental problem
• Philanthropy: Corporate donation to
• Integration: Improvement of hiring policies,
  ensuring high-quality products, applying
  environmentally benign policies.
• Innovation: Introduction of new ideas that
  improves society or improves environment.
Motives and Practices
  Implementation: Methods

• Green energy / solar and wind power
• Rainwater harvesting system
• Paperless services for records, billing,
• Reusable packaging designs
• Tap water for meetings
    Implementation: Programs
• Certain programs promote green practices
  by asking corporations to collect specific
  products and then turn them in for rewards
  or cash.
  – Ink cartridges
  – Phones
  – Old CDs
Implementation: Green Building
       - Less Maintenance &                 - Financial
Higher Durability:
       Green    Savings:
       Green buildings are
building uses premium materials    more energy efficient and
that are more durable and          can result in lower utility
building practices that often      bills.

   - The Environment:
exceed building code               Green
                     building promotes sustainable
       - Healthier                 communities, a diverse economy
      Green building       and reduces our impact on the
encourages use of products and     environment.
       that reduce or
eliminate sources of indoor              - Reputation: Modern

                   customers prefer to support
                                   environmentally friendly
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