Colorado Apartment Lease by doriann


									                                                The Colorado College
                                              Apartment Lease Agreement

 h pr et es A r ets e e T e o r C lg (e i t r e e t a “ es ” n T nn” s
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T iA a m n L ae gem n ibten h C l ao o ee hr nf re r d o s L s r ad“ eat a
                                      w od l e ae f r         o)       ,
defined in the attached Lease Letter.

WITNESSETH, that Lessor in consideration of the covenants herein made by the Tenant does lease a residence, the
premises known as Street, Apartment No., County of El Paso, City of Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80903, as placed in the
 es L tr e i t r e e t a “r s , pnh o o i x
         t    e ae f r                  m e”           e l g
L ae ee hr nf re r d o s pe i s uo t fl wn epressed terms and conditions to wit:

1) TERM. This lease shall commence at 12:00 pm (noon) on the first day stated in the Lease Letter and end on the last
day stated in the Lease Letter at 12:00 pm (noon). The Tenant must be employed by Colorado College, a Colorado
College student or in association with Colorado College.

2) RENT. All lease charges should be paid to the Residential Life Office by the end of the first week of the block during
the terms of this lease. Should this tenancy commence or expire on a date other then the first day of the month, the
amount due shall be prorated and paid to the Lessor on the termination date. A reservation deposit is required for the
premises. For yearly tenants the deposit is $200.00 or $300.00 with pets. For the blockly Tenants, the deposit is $200.00
or $250.00 with pets. The extra pet deposit is non-refundable. All deposits will be returned within 30 days of the last day
of the lease, minus any charges for damages. If the Tenant cancels the lease ten days or less from the time of the
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shdl ocpny t apor t dpr et i b ca e fr n w e’r t fa pe i sfh T nn hd
                                             t        l        g                     n       d m e           e
not paid the reservation deposit. Please be aware that IRS rules governing subsidized housing require an employee to pay
tax on the difference between 5% of the market rate and the percentage of subsidy provided by Lessor. Lessor will
automatically make the appropriate adjustments for tenants of college owned facilities.

3) LIQUIDATED DAMAGES. If Tenant abandons the premises prior to the expiration of this lease, the Tenant agrees to
 a h es ,n dio o l t r hr s rv e e i i i t a ae eulo h r e f n m n ’
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pyt L s ri ad i t a o e ca e poi dhr n l u a ddm gs qa t t get o oe ot s
                               lh         g        d      e ,q d e                       e ar                   h
                                                         o oe t es ’ ot f r r i ad e
                                                               e   os s             p ao
rent or 30% of the remaining amounts due under the lease t cvrh L s r cs o pea t n n r              -leasing of the

4) LATE FEES. Should the Lessor not receive payment required to be paid by Tenant hereunder by 5:00 p.m. on the fifth
day of the month of when due, the Tenant shall pay to the Lessor a $25.00 late fee plus an additional $5.00 per day as
liquidated damages until all amounts are paid in full.

5) DEFAULT. If the Tenant fails to comply with any of the provisions of this lease, the Tenant shall be deemed to be in
                      o a e u ,h es m y e i eh l e ro l t m n eh eat r h t ps s n
                              at e        o        r a i a                 e r a e
default. In the event f df l t L s r a t m ntt ses o sly e i tt T nn si to oss o.                   ’ g            ei
Upon either such termination, the Tenant shall immediately quit and surrender the premises to the Lessor. Such surrender
or termination shall not release the Tenant in whole or in part from the obligation to pay the rent hereunder for the full
stated term of the lease. If any installment of rent or other monetary obligations is in default, then all obligations
remaining unpaid shall immediately come due and payable at the option of the Lessor.

6) NOTICE OF INTENT TO VACATE. Either party may terminate this lease at the end of the initial term or at the end
of any successive term by giving thirty (30) days written notice on or before the first of the month in advance of such
expiration date to the other party. Failure to give such written notice shall bind the Tenant to pay the full amount of rent
of said next ensuing rental due date whether or not the Tenant remains in the possession of the premises for the full month.
Any renewal or extension of this lease must be in writing and signed by all parties. Should the Tenant continue in
possession of the premises after the expiration of the lease without a written extension or renewal hereof, such possession
shall be on a month-to-month basis at a monthly rate of no more than one and one-half times the rate referred to in
paragraph two and specified in the Lease Letter.

7) TRANSFERS, ASSIGNMENT, AND SUBLETS. The occupancy of the premises indicated in this lease is to be only
by the person or persons named in this lease as specified in the Lease Letter and none others. The Tenant agrees that the
Tenant will not transfer nor assign this lease, nor sublet the whole or any part of the premises without the prior written
 osn o t es . uh osn m y e i hl th es ’ o i r i . n lh eata m vd n n i
            e      o                             h d        e    o s e s eo
cnet fh L s r S c cnet a b wt e at L s r sld c t n U t t T nnhs oe iad s                 i e
 n os s n fh r s , e es r r sh i to hneh r s ’ o t n
       ei         e m e h             o sv e g
ips s o o t pe i st L s ree e t r ht cag t pe i s l ao.                e m es ci
8) REPAIRS. The Tenant agrees not to dispose of any grease, oil, earth or any similar substance down or in any of the
drains or pipes of the premises. The expense of sewer line cleaning and/or damages caused by the negligent use of
equipment or materials within the premises shall be the sole expense of the Tenant.

9) UTILITIES. The Tenant understands that the rent as referred to in paragraph two above and as specified in the Lease
Letter includes the cost of general utilities. The Tenant may not act independently in contracting any utility service. The
Lessor shall provide the basic Cablevision channels; however, if the Tenant wishes to have additional channels, Tenant
shall obtain such service in his/her own name and pay for the extra channels under a separate contract with Cablevision.
Tenant shall also be responsible for terminating the additional service at the termination of this lease.

10) CONDITION OF PREMISES. The Tenant hereby accepts the premises in the present condition at the date of the
execution of this lease and that unless referenced in this lease, the Tenant has not identified any problems with the
premises. The Tenant agrees not to permit or allow the premises its appurtenances, fixtures, equipment, and other
                                            er a d n a e y n at f m s o f eat eat f l get r
                                                 ct           u                     sn
property of the Lessor to be damaged or dpeie i vl b ay co o i i o T nn T nn sa i ,us o           ,       ’ my           s
invitees. In addition the Tenant is to use proper care and diligence in taking care of the premises. The Tenant specifically
agrees that no tacks, nails or screws will be driven into the woodwork or walls, except that small nails may be placed in
the walls provided Tenant repairs all holes in the walls or ceiling in a manner and of a quality that the repaired area is
restored into its original condition and that said repair shall be solely at the expense of the Tenant. Tenant further agrees
to pay for any damage done by rain, wind, or hail caused by leaving windows open and for overflow of water or stoppage
in waste pipes, the breakage of glass, or damage to screens that can be shown to be the result from action or inaction of
said Tenant. The Tenant shall immediately pay to the Lessor as additional rent all expenses incurred by the Lessor for
                                                                                         at f l get rn t s h
                                                                                            ’ my
repairs to the premises rendered necessary by misuse or neglect of the Tenant, Tenn s a i , us o i ie.T e s      ve
Tenant shall surrender the premises to the Lessor upon the earlier termination or expiration of this lease in good order,
repair, and in a safe, clean and tentantable condition, normal wear and tear excepted. If the premises are not surrendered
in a timely manner by Tenant, then the Tenant shall be responsible to the Lessor for all cleaning and damages that the
  es sa uf b r o t e , c d g unti t t t es ’ ot n ay n a t rneys fees.
     o      l e           a
L s rhlsf r y esnhr fi l i bto l id o h L s r cs ad n ad lao
                                 eo nun                    me          e      os s                   lt

11) DELIVERY OF POSSESSION. If Lessor is unable to deliver possession of the premises to Tenant upon the
 o m ne et fh e ee ,o ay e o,h at es ’ p o t es m y i e ()e t h e o a
                     e a r                  a      e
cm ecm n o t l s t m fr n r snt n th L s r ot n h L s r a ehr1 r a t r t n
                                                           e    os i e               o        t          be e n
prorated basis until possession can be delivered under which the abated rent shall be accepted by the Tenant as full
settlement of all damages occasioned by said delay or (2) terminate this lease by giving the Tenant written notice of such
termination, and in either event the Tenant agrees in advance that will not incur nor pursue the Lessor for any damages
occasioned by such delay or termination, or (3) on behalf of the Tenant seek a comparable apartment in the community
that the Lessor may pursue independently.

12) DELAY IN REPAIRS. The rent shall not be abated nor shall other compensation be claimed or allowed for
inconvenience or discomfort arising from the non-operation of any equipment or utilities, or from repairs or improvements
made to any building equipment or appurtenances nor for any space taken to comply with any law ordinance or order of
government authority. In respect to services herein expressly or implied to be furnished by the Lessor to the Tenant, there
shall be no abatement of rent or any other compensation for the interruption or curtailment of such services when such an
interruption or curtailment shall be due to accidents, acts of God, strikes, alterations or repairs, or the inability or difficulty
in securing supplies or labor for the maintenance of such services or to any other cause.

13) USE OF PREMISES. The Tenant represents that the premises shall not be used or permitted to be used by any person
or persons in any manner whatsoever for any purpose in violation of any and all laws, ordinances, rules and orders of any
and all governmental or quasi-governmental authorities affecting the cleanliness, use, occupancy, and preservation of the
premises. Tenant shall not make or permit to be made any noise or activity in the building or on the premises, or do or
permit anything which interferes with the rights, comforts, and conveniences of any other tenant on campus or The
Colorado College.

Tenant shall not sublet any part of the premises nor assign this lease or any interest herein, shall not allow any roomers,
boarders, or animals to occupy the premises, shall not permit any guests to occupy the premises for more than two weeks,
without prior written consent of the Lessor.

The Tenant shall make no claim against the Lessor for any loss or damage suffered because of any act of any other tenant
on the Colorado College campus, the failure of any electrical, gas or water systems or equipment, the interruption of any

utility service or fire, flood, or any other casualty beyond the control of the Lessor and shall promptly notify the Lessor of
the same.

  lpe s a un hd fh eathoe t u le eat o n un ue eath m sm k a agm n
       m e e           s         e
Al r i s r fri e. It T nn cosso ti T nn s w fri r T nn t n ut ae r ne et
                                                       iz           ’          t ,             e                r        s
 o sr o g f r s ’ un ue r i om n h r s frt t a . es wl o r v h r s ’
                    m e       t
fr t aeo pe i s fri r o f dro i t pe i s o i s r e L s r i nte oet pe i s
                                       n              e m e             s og             o l           m       e m e
 un ue o t eat fh r s ’un ues t e T nn m sr un h un ueo h r s at n o
     t          e       .     e m e
fri r frh T nn It pe i sfri r is r , eat ute r t fri r t t pe i s th ed f
                                             t        od                    t      e     t         e m e           e
the term of this lease. The Tenant may request extra beds for their stay; however, there will be an extra charge of $50.00
 e bd ui t e f eat ocpny
             n e r
pr e dr gh t mo T nn s cuac.     ’

14) RIGHT OF ENTRY. The Lessor shall have the right to show the premises to prospective tenants at reasonable times
                                                l e th es o a es ’ gn t n r a r s a a
                                                 l m e          o           os
and under reasonable conditions. The Tenant sha pr it L s r r L s r aetoet si pe i s t l    e d m e               l
reasonable times with a pass key or otherwise to examine or exhibit the same or to make any needed repairs to the

15) MAINTENANCE REPAIRS AND ALTERATIONS. No interior or exterior repairs or alterations shall be made by
the Tenant without having first received prior written permission of the Lessor. Tenant acknowledges that all furniture and
appliances, including the stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher are and shall remain the property of the Lessor. All repairs
and maintenance of the heating, plumbing, and wiring systems on the premises shall be paid for by the Lessor, provided
that the necessity of such repair and maintenance is not due to the negligence or carelessness of the Tenant in which case
such expenses shall be borne by Tenant.

16) INJURIES/DAMAGES. Tenant agrees to be responsible to the Lessor for any damages resulting from any failure of
 a eat eat f l get rn t so o p i n o t
   d         ,
si T nn T nn sa i ,us o i ie t cm lwt ay fh terms or provisions of this lease and said Lessor
                     ’ my           s      ve             y h              e
shall not be responsible for any damages or injury Tenant sustains from any cause whatsoever, unless such damages or
 n r s i c r l fh es ’ el ec. n h vn o ay n r so he
  j           r
i uyiad eteu o t L s r ng gne I t eet f n i ui t t Tenant or their family or to any
                     st        e     os i                   e                 je
 rpr o ay eatn T nn sa l h uh n ng gne fh es ,t gn r m l esT nn ar
       t                            ’ my r                     i
poe y f n T nn ad eat f i t og ay el ec o t L s ri aeto e p ye, eatges      e     o s         s          o                e
to give the Lessor a written notice of the occurrence of said injury within 48 hours of its occurrence. Said notice must be
in writing and delivered to the Lessor at the Residential Life Office. Failure of the Tenant to comply with this provision
contained in this paragraph constitutes a complete waiver and release of any and all claims and causes of action against the
Lessor, its agents and/or its employees for all expenses and/or losses sustained or incurred as a result of such injury.

17) INDEMNIFICATION. The Tenant will indemnify Lessor and save it harmless from any and all claims, liability and
expense in connection with loss of life, personal injury, and/or damage to property arising from or out of any occurrence
in, upon or at the premises arising out of the occupancy thereof or occasioned wholly or in part by any act or omission of
             gn , m l es cn at s r n t s h a ga hl l pl o eat ocpny fh
                  s      o            r o
Tenant, its aet e p ye, ot c r o i ie. T i pr r hsa a oap t T nn s cuac o t
                                                   ve         s a p           l s         y           ’                  e
premises during the installation of their furnishing and household goods even though such occupancy may be prior to the
commencement of the lease term.

18) DESTRUCTION OF PREMISES. If during the term of this lease the building or premises are destroyed or partially
destroyed so as to render the premises wholly unfit for occupancy and if the building or premises shall be so badly
damaged that it cannot be replaced in the opinion of the Lessor within sixty (60) days from the occurrence of such
damage, then this lease shall cease and become null and void from the date of such damage or destruction and Tenant shall
immediately surrender said premises and all interest therein to the Lessor, and the Tenant shall pay rent within this term
only to the time of such surrender.

19) PEACE AND QUIET ENJOYMENT. The Lessor covenants that upon payment of the monthly rent and all other
amounts due Lessor, and performing all the covenants and upon observance of all rules and regulations, shall and may
peacefully and quietly have, hold, and enjoy said premises for the lease term.

20) RULES AND REGULATIONS. The Lessor may from time to time establish such reasonable rules and regulations as
it may deem necessary and proper for the management and control of the premises and may also from time to time change
such rules and regulations. This lease shall be in all respects subject to such rules and regulations which rules and
 e li s hl e pr e o. h T nn eat f l get ad n t s hl by h u s n e li s
   g ao        l         t e                   ,
r u t n sa b a a hr f T e eatT nn sa i , us ,n i ie sa oe t rl adr u t n.
                                                        ’ my             s        ve        l        e e     g ao
Breach of any established rules and regulations shall constitute a default and be grounds for eviction.

21) PETS. The apartments at 1131 North Cascade Avenue are used for those Tenants with allergies; therefore, no pets are
allowed. Tenant agrees not to keep any pets or other animals on the premises at 1144 North Cascade, without first
 b i n es ’ rt osn
    ai          o s tn               .
otn gL s r w ie cnet A Tenant shall not have more than two pets. If Tenant agrees to housesit a pet,
Tenant must pay a pet deposit of $200.00. Upon any violation of this paragraph, the Lessor shall have the authority to
                                                                ’ xes,n t es m y os e t eato en
                                                                 s              e     o
have the animal/pet removed from the premises at the Tenant epnead h L s r a cni rh T nn t b i      d e
default of this lease. In the event the Lessor is required to clean or maintenance any portion of the premises resulting in
 a ae asd y n pt n es ’ o i r i , e eathl
                           ,       o s e s eo h
dm g cue b ay e iL s r sld c t nt T nnsa pay all costs incurred.       l

22) KEYS. Tenant will be charged a $35.00 fee for the loss of keys to the premises. The Tenant has received and upon
termination of this lease shall return to the Lessor any front door keys, any dead bolt keys, and any additional keys. The
Tenant agrees to place no additional locks on any interior or exterior door of the building.

23) SEVERABILITY. The invalidity or unenforcability of any one or more provisions of this lease as determined by a
court of competent jurisdiction shall in no way effect the validity of any other provision hereof.

24) ABANDONMENT. It is specifically understood and agreed by the Tenant that if Tenant shall vacate the premises
and leave any personal property either in the dwelling or anywhere about the building, then such property shall be deemed
abandoned by the Tenant. In such an event the Tenant herein specifically authorizes the Lessor to dispose of such
abandoned property without liability any kind.

25) THEFT OF AND DAMAGE TO PROPERTY. The Lessor shall not be liable for any loss, damage or theft to the
 e oapoe y f eat eat f l get o i t so t o t r s nrhl h es b lb o
    s            t           ,       ’ my
pr nl rpr o T nn T nn sa i , us , rnie l a d n h pe i s o sa t L s r ei lfr
                                                     s      ve c e             e m e                le       o       ae
any injury or damage to persons or property resulting from fire explosions, falling plaster, steam, gas, electricity, water,
rain or snow leaks from or into any part of the premises or from the pipes, appliances or plumbing works, or from the roof,
street, or subsurface or from any other place or by the dampness or by any other cause of nature unless injury or damage is
    i c r l f h es ’ el ec. h es sa o b i l o ay uh a ae asd y n t r
    r       st        e
ad et eu o t L s r ng gne T eL s r hlnt elb fr n sc dm g cue b ayo e
                            os       i                   o     l          ae                                             h
 e d cs r e os n h r s . h L s r m ed r e sn r e e uc sd
  se              s         e m e                 o c               nr s n
r i ne o pr n o t pe i s T e esreo m nset ’i uac b pr ae by the Tenant in order to           h
protect the Tenant against any such losses. The Lessor shall not be responsible for any theft or loss incurred by the Tenant
during the period in which the Lessor is showing the premises to any prospective Tenants.

26) ASBESTOS. The Tenant acknowledges that the buildings and premises may contain asbestos. The Tenant agrees not
to disturb the ceilings, walls, pipes or insulation in the premises or anywhere else throughout the building, and the Tenant
acknowledges that to do so may cause Tenant or others injury and may subject the Tenant to civil or criminal prosecution.
The Tenant hereby releases and agrees to hold harmless the Lessor from any injuries or damages which may be incurred
resulting from asbestos.

27) LEAD-BASED PAINT DISCLOSURE. The Tenant acknowledges receipt of the disclosure of information on lead-
based paint and lead-base hazards.

28) GOVERNING LAW. This Agreement shall be governed, construed, and interpreted by, through, and under the laws
of the State of Colorado.

29) NOTICE. Any notice required or permitted under this lease or under state law shall be deemed sufficiently given or
served if sent by United States certified mail, return receipt requested, or in the alternative, hand delivered to Lessor at the
Residential Life Office.


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