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Project Name: Podcasting
Project Manager: Kathryn Epps
Project Sponsor: Michael Perry, EdS.
Project Team Members: Kathryn Epps, Lauren Gross, Lauren Menetre, Andrew Salak, Leigh Sumruld
Date: March 23, 2009
Prepared by: Lauren Menetre
Mission Statement: Our goal as a group is to get an A on this project. By working
together, showing up for meetings, meeting internal and external deadlines, and having
respect for one another this goal can be accomplished. We will also accomplish this by
turning in quality work.

Objective: By accepting and agreeing to internal and external deadlines we will be able
to stay organized and focused as a group. By using effective means of communication we
will be able to keep each other up to date with the progress of our project. By editing
each other’s work we will be able to ensure the quality of our work. We will hold each
other accountable for showing up to meetings on time, and responding to emails in a
timely fashion. We will also hold each other accountable for turning his/her work in on
time. All decisions will be decided based on consensus.

Teams Members:
-Project Manager: Kathryn Epps
-Research Coordinator: Leigh Sumruld
-Formal Report Coordinator: Lauren Gross
-Website Coordinator: Lauren Menetre
-Presentation Coordinator: Andrew Salak

Group Meetings                Internal Deadlines             Assignment Due Dates
3/22/09- 6:00 p.m. (write     O/A: 3/22/09                   O/A: 3/23/09
operation agreement)
4/5/09- 5:00 p.m. (go over    Website Info: 3/27/09          Website: 4/12/09 by 1:00
website)                                                     p.m.
4/12/09- 3:00 p.m. (work on   Begin Filming: 4/12/09
film)                         (subject to change)            Team Paper: 4/22/09 by
4/19/09- 3:00 p.m. (go over                                  6:00 p.m.
film/editing paper)           Individual Sections: 4/12/09
4/26/09- 5:00 p.m. (work on                                  Film Presentation: 4/29/09
film, subject to change)      Final Draft: 4/19/09           by 6:15 p.m.

*Leigh will be taking         Filming: 4/26/09
notes and emailing a copy
to each member

Meetings: Depending on the date, the meetings may be a minimum of an hour, maximum
of 5 hours. We will meet at Leigh’s apartment, location for filming to be determined.

Plan for Communication: We will communicate through VISTA, group meetings, and
any time given in class. We have given each other our phone numbers in case of an

emergency. Remember to check VISTA daily so the communication line will remain
open between each group member.

Plan of Action:
-If a team member is not meeting expectations he/or she will be confronted by the group
and asked to explain his/herself.
-If a team member is still noncompliant we will contact Professor Perry as a group
regarding this individual.
-If you are running late for a meeting please call one of the members to let him/her know
so this information can be relayed to the group.
-Failure to comply with this operation agreement will negatively impact your individual

Quality of Work:
Keeping in mind that we each have a responsibility to one another, nothing but the best is
expected. The work will be done with academic honesty, and finished within a timely

Work Assignments:
Each team member has been given a section(s) of the paper to write. The distribution is
as follows:

Introduction: Andrew Salak
History of Podcasting: Lauren Gross
Podcasting Technology: Kathryn Epps
Environmental Issues: Lauren Gross
Podcasting In Business:
Podcasting in Education: Leigh Sumruld
Recommendation: Lauren Menetre

For the web page each team member will give a paragraph summary of his/her section to
the Web Page Coordinator. Each team member will also give the Web Page Coordinator
a two-paragraph biography and a two-paragraph description of his/her role on the team.

For the film presentation each team member will be responsible for the information of
his/her section of the paper. More detail will be discussed at a later date.

As a group we all agree to adhere to the Operation Agreement as written above this date
of March 22, 2009.

-Project Manager: Kathryn Epps

-Research Coordinator: Leigh Sumruld

-Formal Report Coordinator: Lauren Gross

-Website Coordinator: Lauren Menetre

-Presentation Coordinator: Andrew Salak


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