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									Thursday 25th June, 2009

08.30    Registration & Morning Tea                                 PART II CORPORATE STRATEGIES
                                                                            CASE STUDY
08.50    Opening Address from the Chairman                          14.00   How to Buy a Company as a Corporate Growth
PART I   OVERVIEW AND ENVIRONMENT                                                Practical approach and consideration
09.00    Review of M&A in China in 2008 and 2009: Major                          Creating alignment of corporate objectives
                                                                                 Creating engagement of managers and
         Challenges and Opportunities
              Key M&A drivers in Mainland China
                                                                                 Understanding the different strengths and
              Distinct characteristics of China M&A transactions
                                                                                  weakness in the operation structure within each of
              Process of identifying M&A targets                                 the M&A parties
              Sources of potential acquisitions in China                   Jason Roswig, Managing Director
         Ministry of Commerce                                               Business Development, Greater China
09.45    Understanding Chinese Regulation and Legal
         Framework to Minimize M&A Risk                                     CASE STUDY
          Implications of recent M&A policies and
                                                                    14.45   How to Find Attractive Acquisition Opportunities
          Anti-Monoply Law                                                      Finding the right target based on common
                                                                                  business interests
         Martyn Huckerby
                                                                                 Process of identifying M&A targets
         Mallesons Stephen Jaques                                                Sources of potential acquisitions in China
                                                                                 Mapping the target partners along two
                                                                                  dimensions: competitive strength and compatibility
                                                                                  with the business’ financial target
                                                                                 Ensuring the most appropriate partner
10.30    Morning Refreshment & Network Break                                     Common issues and recommendations in
                                                                                  evaluating targets in China
11.00    Successfully Financing the “Deal” – The Options                    Alex Tham, VP of Business Development
                                                                                Rio Tinto Alcan
          Raising funds in China or overseas
          Determing most effetive financing approach
          Current market trends                                    15.30   Afternoon Refreshment & Networking Break
          How to achieve clarity in deal financing in
             challenging times
          Creative ways to finance your deal                               CASE STUDY
          The hottest industries being financed
                                                                    16.00   Formulating Better Financial Strategies in M&A
         Paula Beroza, Managing Director
         Sierra Asia                                                        Jon Jin, Head of Corporate Finance China
                                                                            Anglo American
11.45    M&A in Current Economic Climate: Go or No Go?
                                                                            PANEL DISCUSSION
                                                                    16.45   Putting Deal together in Distress and Future Trends of
12.30    Luncheon

                                                                    17.30   Closing Remarks from the Chairman and Close of Day

             Conference ∙ Roundtable ∙ Summit
Friday 26th June, 2009

08.30   Re-registration & Morning Tea                              PART IV POST M&A INTEGRATION
                                                                           CASE STUDY

08.50   Opening Remarks from the Chairman                          14.00   Managing Post M&A Integration Issues – Making
                                                                           the Deal Work!
PART III DUE DILLIGENCE AND VALUATION                                         Why most M&A deals fail to enhance shareholder
09.00   Mitigating Risks in M&A through Due Diligence
                                                                              How to integrate successfully technology,
        and Valuation
                                                                               employees, and cultures
           Ensuring realistic and applicable due diligence
                                                                              Case studies
           Considering the cost and possible pitfalls
                                                                           Patrick Dougan, Market Development Director, Asia
           Matching the due diligence into the pre and post
            merger integration planning                                    SabMiller

           Ensuring the continuity of pre and post transaction
            strategies                                                     CASE STUDY
        Kim Woodard, Chairman                                      14.45   Anticipate and Avoid Pitfalls in Post-M&A
        Javelin Investment                                                 Integration
                                                                              Examining the possible shortfalls of M&A
09.45   M&A Negotiation and Legal Risk Management                              integration
        Gerald Willis, Legal Counsel, Asia Pacific                            Designing & implementing long-term growth
        Honeywell                                                              strategies
                                                                              Supporting the functional & business integration
10.30   Morning Refreshment & Network Break                                Pan Ziwei, Business Development Director
                                                                           Rockwell Automation
11.00   Human Capital Due Diligence and Managing
        Cultural Differences in M&A
         The human aspects of M&A – why do so many                15.30   Afternoon Refreshment & Networking Break
            M&A’s fail
         The behavior and mindset of the due diligence
            team – cultural sensitivity towards potential                  CASE STUDY
            acquisition targets
                                                                   16.00   Effective Operational Integration Post M&A -
         The first 30 days after the merger / acquisition
                                                                           Streamlining Operational Practices in China to
        Bruce Zhang, Director
                                                                           Significantly Increase Your M&A Value Creation
        Hewitt Associates
                                                                              Practical approach and consideration in
11.45   Getting the Best-Fit Tax Planning Model
                                                                               streamlining business operation post M&A
           A comparison between the tax issues arising from
                                                                              Creating alignment of corporate abjectives
            an asset acquisiton and a share acquisition
           Tax issues arising from a transfer of capital assets              How to create engagement of managers and
            – capital gains tax, capital allowances, balancing                 employees
            charges and allowances                                            Understanding the different strengths and
           Tax issues arising from a transfer of inventory                    weakness in the operation structure within each of
            stock in trade and goodwill                                        the M&A parties
           Tax issues arising from a transfer of real property
           Goods and services tax issues in a M&A
                                                                           PANEL DISCUSSION
                                                                   16.45   How to Ensure Successful Transactions in China
        Russell Brown, Partner
        Lehman Brown
                                                                   17.30   Closing Remarks from the Chairman and End of
12.30   Luncheon

              Conference ∙ Roundtable ∙ Summit

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