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									                                                        Wildlife Film Academy
                                                        Longkloof Studios
                                                        Block A, Darters Rd
                                                        Gardens 8001
                                                        Cape Town
                                                        South Africa

                                                        Tel: +27 21 422 0154
                                                        Fax: +27 21 422 0012

                                                        VAT REG NR: 4890233531

                                                        1 August 2010

                                      PRO FORMA INVOICE

Tuition Fees: Wildlife Film Academy                                             R27 500.00

Total Billing due                                                               R27 500.00

Account Name:          Natural History Unit of Africa
Bank:                  Standard Bank
Account No:            022294759       (for all currencies except dollars)
Account No:            090527020       (for dollar payments)
Account Type:          Business Cheque Account
Branch:                Hyde Park
Branch Code:           006605
Swift Number:          SBZA ZAJJ

   A 10% deposit fee is required to secure your place on the course (should you cancel within
    two months of the start of the course you will forfeit your deposit). The balance of the
    course fees must be paid in full before the start of the course.
   This account must be settled in South African Rand or Dollars. Please use the exchange
    rate on the day of the deposit provided by your bank. Any bank charges are for your
    account and should not be deducted from the total amount shown above.
   Please use your SURNAME as reference, and fax proof of payment to +27 21 422 0012 OR
    email Your place on the course will only be guaranteed
    once proof of payment has been received.

We look forward to welcoming you on this inspirational, informative and exhilarating course.
                              INSPIRE YOURSELF!

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