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									                                  Residential Tenancy Agreement

       This lease is simpler and more carefully worded than the majority of leases, which is why
J. W. Litwyn would publish it at

      The Alberta Residential Tenancies Act prevails over any conditions in this lease. It is not always
      polite to insist on hearing the opposite phone clank into the hook. A man who buys a black belt
      should not remove the price tag. Physical keys are more easily broken than musical keys.

This lease is between
       Mainstreet Equities, as Incorporated in Alberta, being landlady.
       Jay Litwyn and
       Dusty the cat
       being tenants.

A Landlady may be construed as its agent in some parts of this document.

 1.      DATED CORRESPONDENCE             should be delivered under the door of the boiler room of the
             building, and the landlady cannot be expected to acknowledge receipt of it on weekends
             or holidays. Elaborate consideration of tenancy concerns may be done in person at the
             office of the landlady (12235-129a Street, Edmonton, T5L 1K5) on business days and
             during nine to five if the manajer is unavailable at the time of delivery.
 2.      The tenant may ask for REIMBURSEMENT on regular repairs or repairs due to wear and tear
                if such repairs are within their ability, but inspection for conformance with building code
                may be required in some cases and the landlady reserves the right to appoint a qualified
 3.      The SITE of this lease is at 15 10610 NW 115 Street in Edmonton of Alberta, Canada, this
               address being within the building to which terms of this lease refer, and this building
               being in the following postal code: T5H 3K8, also known as Vista Green.
 4.      The amount of RENT is $595 per month, and the landlady is entitled to $50 more for handling
               dishonoured payments or payments made in excess of five working days beyond the time
               when due, this fee being negotiable only in the amount and not less than the actual cost
               of processing. As Mainstreet Equities is the object of an automated payment, they are to
               give the tenants fifteen days prior notice of any chanje in ownership. This will prevent
               previous confusion and delays.
 5.      PERIOD       This lease revises a month to month tenancy agreement on 2005-06-05 with a
              fixed term tenancy to end on 2007-06-30. After this it will be month to month tenancy.

 6.   DEPOSIT     The remainder of $400 in a bond against damages (security deposit) shall remain
           payable to Jay Litwyn after a severance of lease with interest that may be payable
           according to the law, this bond being held over from a previous tenancy in the same
           building addressed with 24 10610 NW 115 Street.
 7.   ALLOWABLE DEDUCTIONS              The landlady may deduct the following expenses from the
          deposit in a process of transfer or a severance of lease:
             Damages as recorded on the difference betweeen two inspections, including minor burns
                  that do not necessitate replacement, the judgement for what needs replacement
                  being solely of the landlady or its agent.
             Steam cleaning of carpets is subject to the inspection of the landlady for effectiveness and
                    cost and shall be considered usual practice at this Establishment for Personal
                    Accomodations (Residence) within periods of leasing severance or transfer.
             Deposits may be charged against arrears in the case of a tenant who fails to maintain
                    contact or leave a forwarding address with the landlady.
             A $100 charge may be made against the deposit for severing this lease within the term.
 8.   MAINTENANCE OF DEPOSIT             In a transfer within Mainstreet Equities, the tenants agree to
           reconstitute the deposit within thirty days. This means that allowable deductions made
           from the deposit will be arrears if the deposit amount is constant.
 9.   FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES The landlady leases a refrigerator and an electric stove as
           appliances with the apartment. The landlady expects them to be returned in much the
           same condition as they were provided.
10.   PARKING     These tenants have little need for parking, but should be notified if someone leases
           the space that would normally be allocated to this unit, because power for a block heater
           would be billed to them.
11.   GUESTS      Occupants at this address are limited in number to what fire regulations allow and
           information about changes in occupancy beyond the period of seven days should not be
           kept from the landlady, especially those due to natural increase. These may require
           adjustments to official tenancy listings and conformance with municipal bylaws.
12.   ABANDONMENT [See the the Residential Tenancies Act.]
13.   LISTINGS The tenants request a listing of 472-7827 at the door, as this will likely remain a
            common method of referring to these tenants and it is a number that will work distantly
            from this building and notify some personal callers when I am home. Please note that the
            machine at the door is not choice accomodations for people with a single phone line in
            continual use or for people with insufficient credit for a phone.
14.   PREVIOUS TENANTS            Extenuating circumstances may prevent the landlady from providing
           the premises in tolerable condition on the commencement date of this lease. In this case,
           the tenants may recover all fees and deposits made to the landlady after six days beyond
           the commencement date.

15.   WAIVER      The landlady is not liable for damaje, neglect or loss that people other than the
           landlady caused. She is also not liable for inconvenience that maintenance or a lack of it
           may cause, even if this forces the tenant to vacate. A court of law may ignore this section
           with the establishment of criminal findings.
16.   The landlady is LIABLE to pay for water, sewage, and heat, but not electricity or
17.   CONDONING OF BREACH               The landlady may cease to waive a breach in conformance
          with this lease at any time. Tolerance for breaching this lease on the part of the landlady
          shall not be mistaken for a grant.
18.   COLLECTION         The landlady may collect unpaid rent from any combination of tenants
           named in this lease or an addendum to it.
19.   MAJOR CONTRACT BREACH The landlady may give as little as fourteen days notice to
          vacate (with negotiated extensions) for the following conditions:
             (a)     Failure to pay rent when due
             (b)     Violation of health or fire regulations
             (c)     Serious damage
             (d)     Persistent breach of House Rules (addendum) meant for and limited to promoting
                     safety, comfort, and peaceful enjoyment of the premises
20.   COURT COSTS        Costs of legal arbitration are to be avoided with mediation, that medium
          preferably being air betweeen two people, and it is not the place of either party to this
          agreement to award costs of court before a battle in court has been sought.
21.   CANCELLATION Any participant in this lease may arbitrarily cancel it within four days of
          signing it. It wil hav no effect until a signed copy is in the hands of all human
          participants. No money shall change hands in case of a cancelled lease.
22.   SEVERANCE            A signature in the blank for a broker in both the tenant's copy and the
           landlady's copy means that this lease is being severed. This broker may be any person
           known to both landlady and tenants. In the likelihood of an amicable and convenient
           severance, these signatures will be reciprocal, that meaning a signature from at least one
           tenant in the manajer's copy of this lease, and the manajer's signature in the broker's blank
           of at least one tenant's version of terms in this lease. This paragraph demands mediation
           before arbitration.
23.   DISCLOSURE          Tenants in this lease expressly agree that the landlord may disclose
           information relevant to collecting debts or these tenants suitability as a tenant, especially
           to those whom I permit to collect such information.

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                     YYYY-MM-DD                                   Landlady       Date
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      Tenants        Date                                         Broker         YYYY-MM-DD


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