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									                           LEASE AGREEMENT
1.1 Lessor:
    with ist offices at :
    Represented by:
    referred hereinafter the Lessor)
1.2 Lessee:
    permanent address:
    Represented by:
    (referred hereinafter the Lessee)

                                        Subject of Lease

2.1 Subject of Lease is the apartment no. ……… with total area (incl. cellar) ……. sq. m,
consisting of a living room, bedroom, hallway,fully equipped kitchen, bathroom with WCs
balcony and cellar,…………………. The apartment is situated on ….. aboveground floor
on the address: ..................... (referred hereinafter the "Apartment").

2.2 The Lessor declares that he is the sole and unrestricted owner of the property
specified in Section 2.1 herein which is registered on the ownership folio no.: ………, with
the Cadastral Register for the ……………….., cadastral area………….. (see appendix no.
1 of this lease contract). The Lessor declares to have the full right to rent out the

                                Purpose of the Agreement

3.1 The Lessor shall hereby lease the apartment as specified in 2.1 herein for living of
employee of the Lessee ……………….., his family and temporary visitors (referred
hereinafter the Occupant).

3.2 The Lessee shall use the apartment as specified in 2.1 herein only for purposes as
specified in herein.


                                        Lease Period

4.1 The Lessor shall lease the apartment as specified in 2.1 herein to the Lessee starting
from ……….. Both parties shall set down an acceptance protocol, specifying in particular
apartment furniture and fittings to be used by the Lessee.

4.2 This agreement shall be concluded for a specified period of time from,       ……… to
.......... (referred hereinafter the "Period of Lease).
4.3 The parties herein can extend the Period of Lease as specified in 4.2 herein only
upon an agreement in writing. The Lessee has right to extend Period of Lease at the
same conditions for another year or less.
The Lessee must notify the Lessor on possible interest in extension of this Agreement two
months prior to elapsing the Period of Lease in writing.


                                   Lease Termination

5.1 The Lease shall be terminated after elapsing of the period as specified in 4.2 herein
or prior to elapsing based on an agreement or notice in writing.

5.2 The Lessor can terminate the lease. The Lessee may terminate the lease in writing
without stating a reason. The notice period is three-month and its end must correspond
with the end of the calendar month.

5.3 The Lessee shall vacate the apartment to the day of lease termination (i.e. the last
day of notice period, the day specified in agreement of both parties or the last day of the
agreed period of Lease as specified in 4.2 herein) and hand over the vacant apartment
incl. furniture and internal fittings as specified in 4.1 herein in the same condition,
considering however usual wear and tear. The parties shall set down an acceptance
protocol specifying in particular possible damages caused by the Lessee.

5.4 In case of Lessee's failure to vacant the apartment or to hand over it in condition as
specified in 4.1 herein on the day of lease termination, he shall pay a penalty amounting
CZK ………….. (in words: …………… Czech crowns) for each day of unauthorized use of
the apartment, regardless this was not caused by him and without prejudice of any
possible compensation of losses incurred.

5.5 The parties hereby agree that the Lessee upon the reassignement or relocation of the
Lessee´s or Occupant´s working and/or business assignment in the Czech Republic in
any manner, shall have the right to terminate this lease agreement before the expiry of
the Term by giving 3 month written termination notice to the Lessor. The termination
notice period shall commence on the first day of the calendar month following the month
in which the notice was delivered to the Lessor.


6.1 The Lessee shall pay monthly rent amounting of ………….. (referred hereinafter the
"Rental") starting from the date as specified in 4.1 herein.

6.2 The Lessee is obliged to pay the rent in amount of ………… within 10 days from
signing of this agreement to the Lessor´s account, number ………… maintained by …...
The Lessor is obliged upon signing of this agreement to send the invoices for the rent for
the respective year to the Lessee. Following payments of rent will be paid monthly to
Lessor, in advance by the last day of previous month.
6.3 The Lessee is obliged to pay a security in amount of ………… within 10 days from
signing of this agreement to the Lessor. This security shall be paid by the Lessee to the
Lessor´s bank account set forth in 6.2. The security shall be returned to the Lessee at
latest within 6 weeks after the lease terminates. The Lessor shall be entitled to make the
relevant deductions from the security, covering in particular the penalty as specified in
5.4 herein and due payments for rent and services.

6.4 The monthly rent does not include the advance payments for gas, water, garbage
removal, cleaning and lighting of the common areas in the house in amount of …………
per month. These advance payments are payable for the same periods and in the same
dates as the rent to the Lessor´s bank account number...................maintained by ...........
The Lessor will provide the Lessee with the render of the account once a year. The Lessor
is obliged to submit the documentation regarding the render of the account in writing. In
case the real consumption of services exceeds the amounts of the advance payments the
Lessee is obliged to pay the difference to the Lessor. In the opposite case the Lessor will
pay the difference to the Lessee. The respective payments for differences are due within
10 days from the receipt of the respective render of the account.

6.5. The monthly rent does not include the advance payments for electricity in the
apartment. Bills for electricity will be paid separately on the basis of billing send by PRE
(distributor of electricity in Prague).

                                  Obligations of the Lessor

7.1 The Lessor shall hand over the apartment to the Lessee in the conditions capable for
proper use..

7.2 The Lessor will maintain the leased premises in good condition and do the necessary
repairs of all utilities. The Lessor will bear all expenses in connection with the repairs or
replacement /according the need/ of the major appliances such as heating, plumbing,
electricity, except repairs necessary due to misuse or damage caused by the Lessee.

7.3 The insurance for the apartment incl. furniture and internal fittings shall be paid by
the Lessor. The insurance of own property shall be borne by the Lessee.

                                  Obligations of the Lessee

8.1 The Lessee shall use the apartment in appropriate manner in accordance with
section 3.1 of this agreement, to use it including the furniture and equipment and to
comply with safety provisions, fire-protection provisions and other provisions of the
current law. The Lessee shall not disturb other lessees of other apartments in the

8.2 The Lessee shall not be entitled to allow use of the apartment by third person, to
make construction modifications without prior written consent of the Lessor or remove
furniture and internal fittings as specified in 4.1 herein.
8.3 The Lessee shall maintain the apartment in good condition. He shall bear costs for
minor repairs (as specified in § 687 of the Civil Code) as a part of common maintenance.
The need of larger repairs shall be notified to the Lessor without undue delay, in case of
failure to do so the Lessee shall be liable for damages so incurred. The Lessee shall be
liable for furniture which was handed over to him.

8.4 The Lessee shall allow Lessor’s inspection of the apartment twice-a-year to check a
state of the apartment and state of interior equipment in the apartment after prior
notification by the Lessor made 48 hours prior such inspection at latest.

8.5 The Lessee shall be obliged to allow the Lessor an access to the apartment under
this agreement one month before the termination of the lease for the demonstration of the
apartment to the potential lessees. There must be an agreement on timing of this
demonstration concluded between the Lessor and the Lessee at least 48 hours in

                                    Final Provisions

9.1 The rights and obligations not specified herein shall be governed by Czech law, in
particular Civil Code, as amended.

9.2 The disputes shall be settled in compliance with Czech law.

9.3 If any provision of the Agreement becomes invalid, the remaining provisions shall not
be affected thereby. Invalid provisions shall be replaced by generally binding provisions,
the character and purpose of which shall correspond with the purpose of this agreement.

9.4 This agreement can be amended only by another agreement of the parties executed
in writing.

9.5 This agreement is executed in Czech and English languages. In any dispute, the
Czech version shall prevail. Each party shall receive one copy of both language versions.

9.6. This Lease Agreement becomes valid on the day of its signing by both parties and
becomes effective on the day of payment of the first agreed amount of rent and security.

9.7 The parties declare to have read and considered this agreement, declaring their true
and free will, the agreement being not concluded under discriminating condition in
whiteness whereof the parties have caused it.

Prague …………….

     ___________________________                       ________________________
           Lessor                                                Lessee

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