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					INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITY – Film and Television

Please read the Film & Television Internship with a Company guidelines before you apply for this position.

To apply for this placement, complete and submit an Internship with a Company application form to
Film Victoria by close of business Friday 17th September 2010.

Guidelines and application forms can be found here

Host Company information
Name:                              Ghost Pictures
Location:                          St Kilda

Principle activity of company:     Ghost Pictures produces theatrical feature films, feature documentaries, TV
                                   documentaries and Comedy Series. Ghost Pictures is integrated in the
                                   development of its projects, utilising both in-house and freelance writers and
                                   directors, and maintains an active global market presence. Ghost is also well
                                   equipped with the latest film-making resources, including a Hi-Definition Camera
                                   and two Hi-Definition edit suites and with its extensive production experience,
                                   Ghost Pictures successfully runs lean and finely tuned productions, dedicated to
                                   the pursuit of high creativity matched to economical and efficient budgets.

Recent/Current projects:           Recent Projects
                                   We’re Livin’ On Dog Food (Feature Documentary) – Completed and released
                                   Bastardy (Feature Documentary) - Completed and released
                                   Ben Lee: Catch My Disease (Feature Documentary) – Post Production
                                   Current Projects
                                   Jump into the Fire (Feature Film) – Financing
                                   In Bob We Trust (Feature Documentary) – Production
                                   Rowland S. Howard: Autoluminescent (Feature Documentary) – Production

Internship information

Internship role                    Producer

Experience required                We require an individual who has had previous professional* experience in the
                                   production department in the film, television or other creative industries, such as
                                   literary or advertising in the fields of Producing, Production Managing or
                                   Production Coordinating and has a desire to further their skills and knowledge in

                          this area in the Film Industry. We want a person with an entrepreneurial spirit, a
                          keen aesthetic with the ability to think dynamically whilst delivering on the
                          details. It is expected that the successful applicant will have an understanding of
                          the demands of the film industry and a commitment to a career as a producer.
                             * Professional credits refer to paid work undertaken under a recognised industrial award.

Skills sought in intern   We are looking for a passionate and focussed Producer Intern with a strong
                          interest in the creative production of factual and non-factual projects. Most
                          importantly, they should be eager to learn and also have initiative to both
                          motivate and problem solve. They should have enough interpersonal skills and
                          understanding of the Producer and Director roles to offer support and assistance
                          as part of a functioning team working on various projects. They should be eager
                          to increase their experience and knowledge of development financing,
                          production, post-production and marketing of low-budget feature films, series
                          television and feature documentaries.
                          Specific skill requirements include:
                          Communication and writing skills: letter and report writing, submission
                          development and verbal communication skills;
                          Supportive as well as able to work as part of a team;
                          Organisational and time management skills and an aptitude for or knowledge of
                          how to manage/schedule multiple tasks and multiple projects;
                          The ability to think creatively;
                          Patience & flexibility;
                          A desire to learn;
                          Attention to detail;
                          Basic research experience;
                          Computer skills including Internet MS Word& Excel and media-based programs
                          such as Adobe Photo-Shop, Illustrator and Final Cut Pro would be of great
                          Any budgeting experience for Film or Television or similar creative industries
                          would be of value.
                          Please provide an electronic link or DVD of your showreel with your application
                          (if available).


Development opportunities and   The Producer Intern would be required to assist the Ghost Pictures Producers
intern responsibilities         and Directors in the Development and Production of slate projects as well as
                                Business Management. They would participate in :
                                - Writing applications, reportage, travel arrangements and co-ordination;
                                - Managing and reporting on the status and development of projects;
                                - Working closely on the preparation of application materials;
                                - Coordinating production meetings, scheduling, budgets and shoots.
                                Small businesses often require all members of the company to participate in
                                general office management and organisation. These duties can range from
                                some basic, hands on filing, photocopying and buying office supplies to being
                                involved in bigger picture issues such as planning and hands-on production work
                                as the production cycle fluctuates. Interns will be required to take on many of
                                these office management tasks along with fellow company employees.
                                We would expect that the internship will provide the successful applicant with an
                                active production involvement on our Feature Documentaries and other projects.
                                The successful intern will have access to a vast amount of knowledge and
                                combined experience at Ghost Pictures and also the relationships that Ghost
                                Pictures has with our production partners and industry affiliates.

Proposed commencement date
October 2010

28 weeks full-time


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