Extension Agreement by doriann


									                                         License Agreement Extension

        Licensee Institution Name

              New License Period                    Jan 1, 2009                   to                 December 31, 2009

                       License Size                                                    Check if this is a modification to the original
                                                                                       License Size.

               Annual License Fee


GLACIER Online Tax Compliance is an online nonresident alien tax compliance system created by Arctic International LLC
(“Arctic”). Arctic is pleased to offer Licensee the option to extend the License Period as set forth in subsection “a” of section “Term
and Termination:” of the originally signed and accepted GLACIER License Agreement and any subsequent License Agreement
Extensions. Licensee may choose to increase or decrease the License Size and pay the current applicable Annual License Fee;
there is no administrative fee to make a change in the License Size at the time of License Agreement Extension. However, if
Licensee wishes to increase the License Size after the commencement of the License Period, Arctic will invoice the Licensee for
the difference in License Fees, as well as a $500 Administrative Fee (for License Sizes increasing to Large, and XLarge) or $250
Administrative Fee (for License Sizes increasing to Small and Medium). Arctic reserves the right to raise its Annual License Fee
and applicable Set-up or Administrative Fees at any time effective for License Agreement Extensions or new License Agreements.
An invoice will be provided to the Licensee based on the License Size shown above. The Licensee will pay the Annual License Fee
prior to the last day of the current License Period; late payments will be assessed at our standard late fees. We reserve the right
not to offer a License extension to any institution for any reason.

All other terms and conditions set forth in the original License Agreement, License Agreement Extensions, and any
Addenda remain unchanged.

     On behalf of the Licensee, I hereby accept the terms and conditions of the License Agreement Extension herein.

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            Title                                                                        Date

    Accepted by Arctic:                                                                 Date

                        If you have any questions, please contact Arctic International LLC at 202.223.4583.

     We prefer that you return this signed document electronically to info@arcticintl.com;
Alternatively via fax: 202.223.4587; mail: Arctic International LLC, 1730 Rhode Island Ave. NW, Suite 210, Washington, DC 20036

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