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IT Marketing: Direct Mail Tips

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IT marketing can include direct marketing materials. To get a good
response, address the readers’ problems and needs instead of yours in
your IT marketing.

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Regardless of whether you're doing a letter, a flyer mailer, a big
oversized postcard, or a standard-sized postcard, make sure that your
headline hits them right between the eyes. Your message must do the same
thing. In this article, you'll learn that you have to know what's causing
your potential clients pain. You have to know what their deepest desires
are. And you can only address these if you are targeting your mailing.

IT Marketing: Keep it Benefits-Focused

If you can talk to their niche, and give it a strong benefits focus, you
will be more successful in this IT marketing effort. So you can say,
“Learn how our computer consulting company saves dental offices $10,000 a
year in saved expenses.” And of course, if you're mailing this to other
dental office managers, they're going to be extremely interested in
hearing the rest of your story. To do that, they're going to have to
take some kind of action because you won't be able to tell the whole
thing in your postcard.

Maybe they're going to request a free tape, a free report, a free
consultation, a free needs analysis, etc., but the key thing is you have
to know their points of pain so that they will want to hear the rest of
the story. Then you'll deliver them the rest of the story.

IT Marketing: Focus on Your Potential Customers

Make sure that all direct mail is very benefits-specific. When I look at
advertising, I often see something I call “feature-itis.” All that is
talked about is the "me, me, me." You need to talk about them! Solve
their problems; don't present how terrific you are. They don't care if
you're certified in all these platforms or are part of all these vendor
partners or know all these products or are an authorized dealer for all
these companies.

They care about their problem, what you can do for them. So make sure
that your advertisement is very benefit-specific. If you need to, get a
disinterested, objective, third-party to look at it and give you
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