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Consignment Contract - PDF


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									                                          STATE OF DELAWARE

                                     DIVISION OF MOTOR VEHICLES

                                DEALER CONSIGNMENT VEHICLE CONTRACT


Delaware Law Title 21, Section 6306, requires any motor vehicle dealer offering a vehicle for sale on consignment to have, in
their possession, a consignment contract for the vehicle and to notify a prospective customer that the vehicle is being sold on
consignment. The contract must be executed and signed by the dealer and the consignor. This contract may be used by
dealers to comply with their obligation under the law.
This is certification that:

                                           Name(s) of Titled Owner(s)

                 Street                                        City                            State                    Zip

give permission to
                                  Name of Dealer                                               Dealer No.

Dealer Address
                          Street                               City                            State                    Zip
to sell the following vehicle for me/us:

          Make & Year             Model                        Body Style                      Odometer Reading at Time
                                                                                               of Receipt of Vehicle

                                                                                          Vehicle Insured YES           NO
          Title or Tag Number              Vehicle Identification Number

This contract is valid for the following period:

to                                                                    . The owner(s) of the vehicle is/are to receive the

following net amount or percentage of the sales amount if the vehicle is sold:                                                .
                                                                                      Amount or Percentage of Selling Price

The vehicle currently has the following unsatisfied lien (if none, so state:)


The certificate of title to the vehicle is currently held by
                                                                      Name of Individual or Company

at the following address:                                                                                                     .

Signature of Titled Owner                                                                      Date

Signature of Titled Owner                                                                      Date

Signature of Authorized Dealer Personnel                                    Date
                ***WARNING*** Dealer license plates shall not be used on a consignment vehicle.
MV560 (Revised 3/99)

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