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                                                                                                                 August 2010
  Pet H e a l t h I n s u r a n c e : W i l l Yo u r P e t' s I l l n e s s M a k e Yo u B r o k e?
 From: Alina Hunter / CBS News
  (CBS/AP) California may be the first state in the nation to         websites so consumers can see exactly what is covered and
  shine a light on the pet health insurance industry.                 what is not. They could then compare options, just as if they
                                                                      were buying insurance for themselves in a post-health
  As many dog and cat owners know, vet bills can be
                                                                      reform world.
  crippling. Yet only about one percent of Americans have
  health insurance for their animals.                                 Insurers would also have to disclose whether they will
                                                                      reduce coverage or increase premiums based on claims filed
  Even those with health insurance may be shocked to find
                                                                      in the preceding policy period.
  themselves on the edge of financial ruin if their pet is terribly
  ill or hurt.                                                        "A number of pet owners have complained to me that they
                                                                      bought a policy, and they weren't told about pre-existing
  California's Democratic state Assemblyman Dave Jones says
                                                                      conditions," said Jones, who has two cats, Dragon and
  pet owners who have shelled out premiums have been
                                                                      Blanca. He said others have attempted to buy policies but
  frustrated by the largely unregulated industry.
                                                                      were told that because of pre-existing conditions in their pet,
  Some of the same practices being corrected by the recently          they couldn't get pet insurance.
  enacted federal health care overhaul are used by pet insur-
                                                                      According to pet insurance companies and animal advocacy
  ance companies, he says, including denying coverage based
                                                                      groups, Jones' effort is the first of its kind in the nation. The
  on pre-existing conditions.
                                                                      bill passed the state Assembly and a Senate insurance
  To address this problem, Jones has introduced a bill that           committee. It currently awaits hearing before the Senate
  would make pet insurers post detailed information on their          Appropriations Committee.

 Antal’s Pet Keepsakes                             Tennessee Veterinarian Struck,
                                                   Kathyrn Gilpatrick, DVM, died April 16                 Hydrant Happenings
                                                   after she was struck by a hit-and-run
                                                   driver while she was assisting two of her
                                                   neighbor’s injured dogs in Fountain City, CANA Convention
                                                   Teen. Dr. Gilpatrick, who practiced at the Aug. 4-7, 2010
                                                   Cat Clinic in Knoxville, Tenn., was 37.    Honolulu, HI
                                                   News reports indicated that police began
                                                   blocking traffic as Gilpatrick assisted the   Pet Fashion Week
                                                   dogs, which had been stuck by another         Aug. 21-22, 2010
                                                   vehicle. An Isuzu Amigo SUV struck her        New York, NY
                                                   before they could shut down the lane.         401-331-5073
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used as a keepsake for your favorite               One of the dogs died at the scene while       Cremation and Funeral needs.
                                                   the other, a 4-month-old black Labrador,
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                                                   From: Veterinary Practice News

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