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					 Tuesday 5th February                                                         Wednesday 6th February
 2.15pm - 3.15pm, Lecture Theatre, Belfast campus                             5.15pm, MB127, Magee campus

PAINTING NOW LECTURE SERIES                                                   INCORE DOCUMENTARY
Tjibbe Hooghiemstra
                                                                              Long Night’s
Tjibbe Hooghiemstra is a Dutch artist. He was artist-in-residence at both
Annaghmakerrig and the Cill Rialaig Project in Ireland and much of his work   Journey into
illustrates his close scrutiny of the Irish landscape.
He has recently exhibited at Galerie Espace,                                  This documentary takes you
Amsterdam; DNA Gallery, Provincetown; and                                     inside post-apartheid South Africa
Scope, Los Angeles. His work is included in                                   to give you an intimate look at a
collections at the Tate Gallery, the Stedelijk                                country’s attempt to heal itself
Museum and the National Collection of                                         through four specific stories as
Contemporary Drawing.                                                         seen through the eyes of the Truth
                                                                              and Reconciliation Commission
Free Admission. Contact Tim Kerr,                                             (94 mins.). This screening will be
Tel: (028) 9026 7286 or email:                            followed by a discussion chaired
                                                                              by INCORE Research Coordinator,
                                                                              Dr Brandon Hamber.

 Wednesday 6th February                                                       Free Admission.
 1.30pm - 2.30 pm, Lecture Theatre, Belfast campus                            Contact Bronagh Corr-McNicholl,
                                                                              Tel: (028) 7137 5658 or
                                                                              email: m.corr-
Illustrated talk by
Irma Optimist (Helsinki)
Irma Optimist is a performance artist and senior lecturer of mathematics at
Turku School of Economics and Business Administration, Finland. In her
performances, Optimist combines a feminist point of departure with abstract
mathematics and an absurd sense of humour.

She describes her performance as the female optimistic lifestyle and the
opposite of the static idea of art. Her optimistic mathematics “returns the
symbols of food, love and sexuality”.
                                                                              Matthew Goniwe (rt) and Fort
“Her performances proceed through minor catastrophes to a resolution which    Calata (2nd from right) two
                                                  can be either static        members of the Cradock 4.
                                                  harmony or total            Cradock, South Africa 1984.
                                                  chaos.... unmissable”.      Photo: Colin Urguhart.

                                                     Free Admission.
                                                     Contact Suzanna Chan,
                                                     Tel: (028) 9026 7307
                                                     or email:                Short Courses
                                                Interested in short courses
                                                                              at the University? Check out
                                                                              more information
                                      Thursday 7th February
                                      1.00pm - 2.00pm, Mezzanine Level, Jordanstown campus

                                     LUNCHTIME CONCERT

                                     Cutaways write bubbly, upbeat,
                                     infectious songs that are handmade for
                                     the radio and catchier than the common
                                     cold. With their grade A indie-pop
Wednesday 6th February               sensibility, this band is capable of packing more creativity and sizzling
                                     excitement into a few minutes than most acts fit into a six-minute epic.
6.30pm, Waterfront Hall, Belfast
                                     Free Admission. Contact Tim Kerr, Tel: (028) 9026 7286
                                     or email:
University of
                                      Friday 8th February - Saturday 1st March
Ulster Real
                                      Monday - Friday 10.00am - 5.30pm and Saturday 12.00pm - 4.00pm,
Estate Initiative                     Belfast Print Workshop, Cotton Court, Waring Street, Belfast
with Guest                           EXHIBITION
Speaker Daniel                       UU@BPW 3rd Annual Print Show
                                     This is an exciting opportunity to sample the skills and high quality work of
The launch of the University of      current printmaking students at the University of Ulster. This is the 3rd
Ulster Real Estate Initiative with   Annual Student Print Show and will feature a wide range of fine art prints
guest speaker Daniel Libeskind,      including etchings, screenprints, collagraphs, photo intaglio and monoprints,
world renowned architect,            created by Northern Ireland’s newest talent.
mastermind behind the vision for
the World Trade Center in New        All work will be for sale at highly affordable prices.
York, and creator of the Imperial
War Museum North, Manchester.        Free Admission. Contact Anna Burns, Tel: (028) 9023 0323
                                     or email:
The University of Ulster Real
Estate Initiative is a partnership
between sector leaders and Ulster
to support world-class research in
disciplines related to the real
estate sector and to provide a
                                                                                                                     “Man-Happenin”, mono print by Gemma Daly.

forum for stakeholders to drive
forward positive growth in the

Admission is free but places are
limited. Booking essential:
To reserve a place please
contact: M.R.Thompson,
or telephone automated booking
line (028) 9036 8378.
 Friday 8th February – Saturday           Monday 11th February
 9th February                             1.15pm – 2.00pm, the Octagon, Coleraine campus
 MI022, Aberfoyle House,
 Magee campus
                                         Julie Follis (Singer)
 CONFERENCE                              Linley Hamilton (Trumpet)
 Exploring                               Joel Byrne-McCullough (Guitar)
 Intangible                                                                     set. Her first CD, Three Days in Paris,
                                                                                produced with the support of the
 Cultural                                                                       Arts Council of Northern Ireland,
 Heritage                                                                       is due to be released in March.
                                                                                Julie will be performing with
 (Sponsored by the Arts and                                                     Linley Hamilton on trumpet and
 Humanities Research Council)                                                   Joel Byrne-McCullough on guitar.
 The Academy for Irish Cultural                                                 Admission £3/Free admission
 Heritages is hosting a conference                                              for University of Ulster students.
 on the theme of Intangible
 Cultural Heritage. The                                                         Contact Janet Mackle,
 conference will see over 20                                                    Tel: (028) 7032 4683 or
 postgraduate students present                                                  email:
 the results of their research as well
 as participate in student training.
 Plenary speakers at the event
 include Prof Kristin Kuutma,                                                    Tuesday 12th February
 University of Tartu, Estonia,           Julie Follis was educated at            1.15pm - 2.00pm, the Great Hall,
 Dr Linda Ballard from the Ulster        Dominican College, Portstewart          Magee campus
 Folk and Transport Museum               before leaving to travel. Her career
 and Professor Joan Beal,                as a young singer began in Paris.       LUNCHTIME CONCERT
 University of Sheffield.                Performances in America, and
 Free Admission. Contact Philip
                                         residencies in Paris, Chicago and       Andrew
                                         Cologne followed. The songs of
 McDermott, email:                       Peggy Lee, Billie Holiday and Ella      Carlisle                Fitzgerald form the backbone of her     (bagpipes)

 Saturday 9th February – Thursday 6th March                                      Andrew Carlisle will present a
                                                                                 solo performance on the Great
 Monday - Friday 10.00am - 7.00pm, Saturday 10.00am - 4.00pm,
                                                                                 Highland Bagpipes. Andrew
 Gallery, Belfast campus
                                                                                 is currently doing a PhD in
                                                                                 Performance in the University of
                                                                                 Ulster; he graduated last year
FontShop International                                                           with a first class honours degree
                                                                                 and has played with artists such
exhibition: FiFFteen                                                             as The Chieftains and Phil
In 1990, Neville Brody and Erik Spiekermann founded FontFont, a type library
created “by designers for designers”. It quickly became a haven for type
                                                                                 Admission: £3/Free admission
connoisseurs and a digital playground for creative wizards worldwide.
                                                                                 for University of Ulster students.
FSI is celebrating this 15-year anniversary with an exhibition documenting       Contact Bronagh Corr-McNicholl,
FontFont’s history and its extraordinary impact on design.                       Tel: (028) 7137 5658 or
Free Admission. Contact Tim Kerr, Tel: (028) 9026 7286 or              
                                     Wednesday 13th February
                                     6.30pm, Lecture Theatre, Belfast campus

                                    INAUGURAL PROFESSORIAL LECTURE

                                    Blind Spot: Video, Location
                                    and Intervention
                                    Willie Doherty, Professor of Video Art

Tuesday 12th February               The artist will present a series of recent
2.15pm - 3.15pm, Lecture            video works and use them to frame
Theatre, Belfast campus             questions that are central to the process
                                    of making art in a context of increasing
PAINTING NOW SERIES                 global conflict and uncertainty.

Illustrated                         An analysis of the artist’s video installations will reveal how he rejects
                                    conventional script-led production in favour of an approach that prioritises
talk by                             location and intervention. The videos are shot in locations that are marginal
Stephen                             and on the periphery of our perception or whose status is unresolved or
                                    contested. The lecture will propose that uncertainty and speculation are key
Farthing                            elements in the creative process.

Stephen Farthing was elected        Admission is free but places are limited. Booking essential. To reserve a place
Royal Academician in 1998 and       please contact: Mrs Margaret Thompson, email:
in 2000 was made an Emeritus
Fellow of St Edmund Hall,
Oxford. His book An Intelligent      Thursday 14th February
Person’s Guide to Modern Art was     1.00pm - 2.00pm, Students’ Union, York Street, Belfast
published by Duckworth in
2000. He was Executive Director                                                        LUNCHTIME CONCERT
of the New York Academy of Art
from September 2000 until                                                              Eoghan
August 2004 when he was
appointed Rootstein Hopkins
Research Chair of Drawing at the
                                                                                       Challenging the cliché of
University of Arts in London.
                                                                                       a man with a guitar and
He now lives and works in New
                                                                                       doing something different –
York and London.
                                                                                       that’s Eoghan Colgan.
                                                                                       Originally from Northern
Free Admission. Contact Tim Kerr,
                                                                                       Ireland but now living in
Tel: (028) 9026 7286 or
                                                                                       Glasgow, Eoghan is one of
                                                                                       the best kept secrets in
                                                                                       British and Irish music.

                                                                                       His natural stage presence
                                                                                       is infectious and draws his
                                                                                       audience into his intriguing
Short Courses
Interested in short courses                                                            Free Admission. Contact Tim
at the University? Check out                                                           Kerr, Tel: (028) 9026 7286 for                                                            or email:
more information
The University of Ulster and Bank of Ireland have teamed up to present a
series of exciting and engaging activities aimed at young people aged
15-19 who are interested in the Performing Arts and/or Digital
Technology and New Media. The YouDo series was launched in October
2007 and this year’s programme will continue until July 2008.
To get involved or for more information visit or

YouDo highlights include:

                                                        his oblique approach to social documentary, and for
   MAGNUM PHOTOGRAPHERS                                 innovative imagery. In 1994 he became a member
                                                        of Magnum. In recent years he has developed an
11th February                                           interest in film-making and has started to use his
1.15pm - 2.15pm, Lecture Theatre, Belfast campus        photography in different contexts, such as fashion
Donovan Wylie                                           and advertising.
Donovan Wylie became a full member of Magnum
in 1998. In 2001 he won a BAFTA for his film
The Train, and he has had many solo exhibitions                DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY
nationally and internationally. Much of his work
stems from the political and social landscape of
Northern Ireland.                                       13th/20th/27th February, 5th March
                                                        9.30am-12.30pm, Photography Lab, Belfast campus
6th March                                               Workshops
1.15pm - 2.15pm, Lecture Theatre, Belfast campus
                                                        These half-day workshops are aimed at students
Mark Power                                              studying Art/Photography ‘A‘-level or equivalent.
As a child Mark Power discovered his father’s home-     They will provide an opportunity to explore the
made enlarger in the family attic, a contraption        impact of photography’s powerful new digital tools
consisting of an upturned flowerpot, a domestic         on photographic portraiture.
light bulb and a simple camera lens. This sparked his
love of photography. Mark’s work has been seen in       26th – 28th March
numerous solo and group exhibitions across the world.   10.00am - 5.00pm, Photography Lab, Belfast campus
                                                        Easter Course in Photography
17th April
                                                        This short course will introduce the fundamental
1.15pm - 2.15pm, Lecture Theatre, Belfast campus
                                                        principles of digital photography by exploring the
Martin Parr                                             relationship between analogue and digital
In the 1980s Martin’s work mirrored the lifestyle of    processes. Working in conventional darkrooms you
ordinary British people during the era of Margaret      will familiarise yourself with the principles of
Thatcher. He earned an international reputation for     photographic printing before proceeding to apply
                                                        these skills to digital output.

in association with:
                 DIGITAL MEDIA                                                        THEATRE
13th February, 20th February                                   9th April
4.15pm - 6.15pm, Belfast campus                                10.00am - 3.15pm, Belfast campus

MySpace – Online Community                                     Drama AS Study Day
Building                                                       Sessions will combine tutor-led material and practical
These workshops will show participants how to build            exploration, using specific textual examples from the
an online presence using the MySpace simple and                AS syllabuses.
easy-to-use tools.
                                                               5th May - 9th May
21st February
1.15pm - 2.15pm, Lecture Theatre, Belfast campus
                                                               Dance Project
                                                               Two schools (one in Belfast, one in Derry) will have the
Lionel Dean                                                    opportunity to participate in a dance project. The
Lionel worked as an automotive designer, for Pininfarnia in    workshops will happen at each of the school bases
Italy, before launching his own consultancy business. In the   simultaneously with one dance artist working in the
mid-nineties his work diversified into interior products. In   Belfast school and the other in the Derry school. The
2002 he was appointed Designer-in-Residence at Huddersfield    The workshops will culminate in one final performance
University where he began working on FutureFactories,          involving both schools.
a successful digital manufacturing (Rapid Prototyping)
concept for the mass individualisation of products.            30th June – 9th July
                                                               Foyle Arts Building, Magee campus
27th February - Digital Rendering Demonstration & Workshop
5th March - Digital Rendering Demonstration & Workshop
                                                               Theatre Moves
13th March - 3D Modelling, Rendering and Animation             A Summer School for Young People aged 14-19 years.
9.30am - 3.30pm, MF116, Magee campus                           Taught by two professional practitioners, a dancer and
                                                               an actor, the Theatre Moves Summer School will work
3D Design Digital Workshops                                    with young people to create a devised performance,
Participants will have the opportunity to learn and develop    using physical theatre techniques.
new skills for presentation techniques applicable to both
Art & Design and Design Technology.                             Digital Media Competition
5th March, 12th March                                           Win an all expenses paid 3-day residential digital media
                                                                experience at the University of Ulster in Coleraine.
4.15pm - 6.15pm, Belfast campus
                                                                This competition is for Year 13 and 14 students
Blogger - Blogging in Next                                      throughout Northern Ireland, in particular those
to no Time                                                      studying subjects related to the digital media industries.
Use Google’s Blogger to get a blog up and running in this       To participate in the competition, groups (with a maximum
easy-to-follow workshop.                                        of 4 members) are invited to design and create innovative
                                                                digital environments that explore the theme of personal
April (date to be confirmed)                                    history and identity. Work can be submitted in a variety of
Ernest Adams Games Workshop                                     formats, e.g. web, audio, animation.
Internationally renowned computing games expert, Ernest         The winning entrants will take part in 3-days of digital
Adams, delivers a computer gaming workshop for schools          media activities including creative digital image-making,
in the North West.                                              animation, web-based design, film and television
                                                                production and sound design.

                                                                Competition closing date – Friday 4th April 2008.

       For more information on YouDo events visit or email now
Thursday 14th - Saturday 16th
Bushtown Hotel, Coleraine

of Ulster
on Celtic
and the Power                        Saturday 16th - Sunday 17th February
of Words                             10.00am - 4.00pm, MQ304, Dance Studio, Foyle Arts Building,
                                     Magee campus
Organised by the Research
Institute for Irish and Celtic      WEEKEND SHORT COURSE
Studies, this conference is
dedicated to various cosmologies    Teaching Creative Dance
held by the Celtic peoples. Our
sources are mainly inscriptions
and texts in Celtic languages and
                                    This weekend course will offer an introduction to teaching creative dance
in Celtic Latin. Most numerous
                                    workshops. The course will look at methods of delivering creative dance work,
and important are texts in Irish:
                                    developing programmes of work and possible approaches for performance
they represent the oldest layer
                                    outcomes. It will also look at integrating dance into cross-curricular work and
of texts that give us narrative
                                    look at ideas suitable for all key stages. Tutor: Stevie Prickett
information on cosmology.
                                    Course Fees £53.00. Contact Bronagh Corr-McNicholl,
Conference fees:
                                    Tel: (028) 7137 5658 or email:
Day Guest (having morning
tea/coffee & lunch) £75 per
person, Day Guest (having
morning tea/coffee, lunch
& Dinner) £90 per person              Share Music Theatre Company
Residential Guest (all meals
included) £160 per person single      Share Music invites you to participate in the creation of an evening of
and £155 per person sharing.          drama, dance, music, myth and magic. A spring programme of
                                      workshops commencing on Saturday 16th February will run through
For further information               March & April culminating in an original production at the Millennium
contact Jacqueline Borsje             Forum at 7pm on 20th April.
                                      FAERY TALE …for one night only will revamp Red Riding Hood, taking a
                                      sympathetic view of the wolf & in transition become “the hour of the
                                      wolf”…an opera faery tale for adults & children alike.

                                      Contact: Frank Lyons, email: or Jaci Wilde,
Short Courses
Interested in short courses
at the University? Check out for
more information
Monday 18th February -                 Wednesday 20th February
Saturday 23rd February                 1.30pm – 2.30pm, Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast
Venues on Coleraine campus and
in Ballycastle, Ballymoney,           APPLIED ART MASTERCLASS
                                      Maria Hanson
Many Voices                           Maria Hanson’s career has spanned 15 years. Her current work crosses
                                      between contemporary studio jewellery and small-scale domestic and
Festival of                           ceremonial objects. Her work is highly regarded and through her many
Literature                            international exhibitions, pieces have been purchased for private collections
                                      throughout the world. She was recently awarded Freeman of the Goldsmith’s
The Many Voices Festival of           Company and became the City of London’s youngest Freeman. In 2000 she
Literature showcases great            was short-listed for the Jerwood Prize for Contemporary Jewellery.
writing in all genres through a
programme of readings, talks and      Admission is free but space is limited. To reserve a place please contact
workshops. In collaboration with      the Ormeau Baths Gallery, Tel: (028) 9032 1402
local arts committees and writing
groups, events take place in
Ballycastle, Ballymoney, and
Flowerfield Arts Centre,
Portstewart, as well as in the
University, so that communities        Wednesday 20th February
throughout the Causeway Coast          1.30pm - 2.30pm, Lecture Theatre, Belfast campus
area and beyond can come
the best in literature from leading
contemporary writers and              Illustrated talk by Klub Zwei
emerging talent and develop their
own practical writing skills.
                                      Klub Zwei is an internationally renowned collaboration between Simone
Featured in 2008 are Sir Kenneth      Bader and Jo Schmeiser, founded in 1992. It works at the intersection of art,
Bloomfield, reading from his          film and new media, critically addressing anti-Semitism, racism and migration
timely new book Tragedy of            – looking at how these are portrayed in the media as well as the public
Errors: The Government and            domain.
Misgovernment of Northern
Ireland, Christopher Fitz-Simon,      Klub Zwei will discuss works including its recent film and book project
reading from his memoir Eleven        Things. Places. Years. This examines the impact of the Shoah on subsequent
Houses, novelists Martina Devlin,     generations and the ongoing presence of loss. It is based on a series of
Carlo Gébler, Karen Gillece and       interviews with Jewish immigrant women in London, many of them refugees
Eoin McNamee, playwright Martin       from Nazi Austria.
Lynch, poets Ruth Carr, Paul
Davies, Ted Deppe, Kathleen           Free admission. For more information contact Suzanna Chan
McCracken and Robert Welch, 
and storytellers John and Noreen

Admission £5/conc.
                                                                        Rag Week
& students £3
Contact Janet Mackle,                                                   Look out for Rag Week in February,
Tel: (028) 7032 4683                                                    students are trying to raise as much
                                                Photography Sarah Lee

or email:                                                               money as possible for local charities by                                                   doing a cycle on exercise bikes from
                                                                        Malan Head to Mizen Head, they are
                                                                        cycling a total of 444 miles.
  Thursday 21st February
  9.45am - 4.00pm, MI022, Aberfoyle House, Magee campus

Symposium: Calling Northern
Ireland Home; the Experience
of Africans

                                                                                 Tuesday 26th February
                                                                                 1.15pm – 2.00pm, Foyle Arts
                                                                                 Building, Magee campus

                                                                                 LUNCHTIME CONCERT

                                                                                 David Lyttle
                                                                                 23-year-old drummer David Lyttle
                                                                                 is widely regarded as one of
                                                                                 Ireland’s leading jazz performers.
                                                                                 He has worked professionally
                                                                                 with world-renowned musicians
                                                                                 such as US players Dave Allen,
                                                                                 Jamie Baum, Dave Liebman, Jean
This symposium will outline results of the research project on Africans in the   Toussaint, and Irish artists
North-West. The audience will include representatives of a wide variety of       Michael Buckley, Ronan Guilfoyle
African organisations as well as policy makers in the local community.           and Louis Stewart. In October
                                                                                 2007 he released his debut
Admission is free but places are limited. To reserve a place please contact:     album True Story. Performing
Elly Odhiambo, Tel: (028) 71375195 or 07922317860 or                             original music by Lyttle, this
email:                                                   recital features the superb rising
                                                                                 star, Matthew Halpin, Irish tenor
                                                                                 saxophonist from Dublin.

                                                                                 “...his splendid debut CD True
                                                                                 Story shows evidence of a rapidly
                                                                                 maturing talent, who is already
                                                                                 highly accomplished both as a
                                                                                 musician and as a composer.”
 Thursday 21st February
                                                                                 - The Irish News (2007)
 1.00pm, Dundalk Institute                                             

 LUNCHTIME CONCERT                                                               Admission: £3/Free admission
                                                                                 for University of Ulster students.
 Liz Doherty and Fiddlesticks                                                    Contact Bronagh Corr-McNicholl,
                                                                                 Tel: (028) 7137 5658
 Dundalk Institute will host a traditional music showcase featuring Liz
                                                                                 or email:
 Doherty and the University of Ulster’s traditional fiddle band Fiddlesticks.
 For further information contact Liz Doherty, email:
 Wednesday 27th February                 Thursday 28th February
 7.00pm, the Great Hall, Magee           5.00pm - 7.00pm, Lecture Theatre, Belfast campus
                                         PANEL DISCUSSION
LECTURE                                  Sex and Censorship
Body text: some                          The subjects of sex and
                                         censorship are often fraught
shards of live                           with controversy. Together they
performance                              represent a potent mix. The
                                         legal regulation of sexual
Carole-Anne Upton, Professor             expression through laws on
of Drama                                 obscenity, indecency and
Performance in the theatre is by         pornography, has important
definition a live event: fleeting,       implications for morality, human rights and art.
ephemeral, in some ways
unrepeatable. The role of the            Does the law pay sufficient attention to the harm that certain imagery
translator in piecing together the       poses to its subjects, principally women? What is the appropriate role of
remains of a disembodied foreign         regulation in an increasingly sexualised society? The panel discussion will
text and (re)generating a live           provide an opportunity to explore these and related questions. There will
performance for a new audience is        be a post-panel screening of a series of short films which will provide an
complex and critical, but often          opportunity to discuss further a number of issues raised by the panel.
largely overlooked within the
collaborative process of theatre-        Free admission, but places must be reserved. For more information contact
making. See what happens when            Beverly Coulter, Tel: (028) 9036 6346 or email:
actors and directors start to play
with translation.
                                                                                  Friday 29th February
Admission is free but places are
                                         Short Courses                            7.00pm, Lecture Theatre MD 108,
limited. Booking essential:              Interested in short courses              Magee campus
To reserve a place please contact:       at the University? Check out
                                for              Saturday 1st March
Mrs Margaret Thompson,
email:               more information                         9.30am, Lecture Theatre MD 108,
                                                                                  Magee campus
 Thursday 28th February
 1.15pm - 2.15pm Students’ Union, York Street, Belfast                          Éigse Cholm
 Saccade                                                                        The theme of this year’s Éigse Cholm
                                                                                Cille at the Magee campus of the
 Saccade are a four piece independent rock band from Dublin, formed in          University of Ulster is Traidisiún na
 2005. They have recently released their debut EP Choose your own               hAmhránaíochta Gaeilge in Iarthar
 Adventure.                                                                     Uladh (The Irish Language Song
                                                                                Tradition of West Ulster). The Éigse
 The band came to public attention when they made it to the last eight          will open with a general talk in
 (out of 700) of the Brave New Stage competition. All the members sing          English on traditional singing in Irish
 and write and with their main influences cited as The Beatles, Nirvana,        by Dr. Tomás Ó Canainn. Lectures in
 Elbow, PJ Harvey and Nick Drake their debut performance at University          Irish will begin on Saturday 1 March.
 of Ulster promises to be a lunchtime event not to be missed.
                                                                                For further information about this
 Free Admission. Contact Tim Kerr, Tel: (028) 9026 7286 or                      event contact Dr. Peadar Mac
 email:                                                     Gabhann on (028) 7137 5334
                                                                                or Dr. Éamon Ó Ciardha on
                                                                                (028) 7137 5257.
 Monday 3rd March
 1.15pm – 2.00pm, the Octagon, Coleraine campus


Paul McIntyre (Piano) and
Paul McIntyre is currently                                                         Thursday 6th March
studying for a PhD in jazz                                                         5.30pm – 6.30pm, Recital room,
performance at the                                                                 Foyle Arts building, Magee campus
University of Ulster’s
School of Creative Arts,                                                          RUSH HOUR CONCERT
Magee campus. He also
received his first degree
                                                                                  Darragh Morgan
from the University of                                                            (violin) Mary
Ulster, along with an
L.T.C.L. in piano teaching                                                        Dullea (piano)
from Trinity College of                                                           UU Musicians-in-Residence at the
Music in London. Since                                                            Magee campus
graduating he has carved
out a very successful performing career. He has performed at numerous jazz        The final chance to hear Mary and
festivals nationally and internationally, and is a regular at both the Cork and   Darragh this semester. This Rush
Derry annual jazz festivals. He has accompanied and played alongside such         Hour concert will feature Darragh
world-renowned jazz singers and instrumentalists as Jacqui Dankworth,             and Mary and musicians from the
Norma Winstone, Gay McIntyre, Louis Stewart and Michael Nielsen.                  University of Ulster’s Music Dept in
                                                                                  performances of new works by staff
Admission: £3/Free admission for University of Ulster students.                   and students.
Contact Janet Mackle, Tel: (028) 7032 4683 or email:
                                                                                  Admission: £3/Free admission
                                                                                  for University of Ulster students.
                                                                                  Contact Bronagh Corr-McNicholl,
 Tuesday 4th March                                                                Tel: (028) 7137 5658 or email:
 1.15pm - 2.00pm, Recital Room, Foyle Arts building, Magee campus       

                                                                                   Wednesday 5th March
 Darragh Morgan (violin)                                                           9.30pm – late, Sandinos bar,
                                                                                   Water Street, Derry
 Mary Dullea (piano)
 UU Musicians-in-Residence at the Magee campus                                     EVENING CONCERT

 “The two soloists are agile, incisive and impassioned” (BBC Music
 Magazine 2006). Darragh Morgan and Mary Dullea, in their penultimate              Sandinos concert will feature
 recital as University of Ulster Musicians-in-Residence, pay homage to             YUUM – a New Media performance
 the great French composer Olivier Messiaen whose centenary is being               group in a performance featuring
 celebrated in 2008. Also on show is a rarity by violinist/composer George         cutting edge new work crossing
 Enescu which was written for the Paris Conservatoire’s sight reading              boundaries of music, dance, design
 examination. Cesar Franck’s beautiful Sonata completes this eclectic              and drama.
 programme. Visit for more information.
                                                                                   For further information contact
 Admission: £3/Free admission for University of Ulster students.                   Bronagh Corr-McNicholl,
 Contact Bronagh Corr-McNicholl, Tel: (028) 7137 5658                              Tel: (028) 71375658 or email:
 or email:                                 
 Wednesday 5th March                                                               Thursday 6th March
 1.30pm – 2.30pm, Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast                                    3.00pm - 5.00pm, Belfast
                                                                                   Exposed, 23 Donegall Street
APPLIED ART MASTERCLASS                                                            5.00pm - 7.00pm, Terry Enright
                                                                                   Foundation, 81 Donegall Street
Richard Slee
Richard Slee’s career as a studio ceramicist spans over thirty years. His
interest in the material qualities of ceramic is exploited through form, colour    Towards a
and print. His work is intrinsically about the domestic interior. There are
references in his work to the decorative, the ornamental and the symbolic          Better Future:
both from the past and contemporary culture. He was awarded the Jerwood
Applied Arts Prize for Ceramics 2001 for ‘the most significant contribution to     Working with,
contemporary ceramics...over the past five years’                                  Working for
Places are free but space is limited. To reserve a place please contact Ormeau
                                                                                   These workshops will introduce
Baths Gallery, Tel: (028) 9032 1402
                                                                                   collaborations with students
                                                                                   of the University of Ulster’s MA
Wednesday 5th March                                                                Art in Public.
5.15pm, MB127, Magee campus
                                                                                   Collaborations with Belfast
                                                                                   Exposed, the Sailortown
                                                                                   community, the Greater
No More Tears                                                                      Shankill Alternatives, the Terry
                                                                                   Enright Foundation and a
Sister (2005)                                                                      cross-community youth group will
                                                                                   focus on depicting, negotiating
Celebrating International Women’s                                                  and challenging the structures
Day (March 8th) the INCORE                                                         within which we work.
Documentary Festival presents a
story of love, truth and betrayal.                                                 Admission is free but places
Set during the violent ethnic              Thursday 6th March                      are limited. To reserve a place
conflict that has enveloped                1.00pm -2.00pm, Mezzanine               please contact: Suzanne Bosch,
Sri Lanka over decades, this               Level, Jordanstown campus               Tel: 028 9026 7321 or
documentary recreates the                                                          email:
courageous and vibrant life of           LUNCHTIME CONCERT
renowned human rights activist                                                    6th - 7th March & 3rd - 4th April
Dr Rajani Thiranagama (80 mins.).        Laura                                    10.00am - 4.30pm, Ceramics
                                                                                  Studio, Belfast campus
This screening will be followed by       Stevenson
a discussion chaired by INCORE                                                    CERAMICS COURSES FOR TEACHERS
Director, Professor Gillian Robinson.    Following a three-year period of
                                         playing venues around Belfast, local     Handbuilding
Free Admission.                          singer/songwriter Laura Stevenson is
Contact Bronagh Corr-McNicholl,          finally receiving recognition across
                                                                                  and Throwing
Tel: (028) 7137 5658 or email:           the NI music scene.                      These courses are designed for                                                     teachers to facilitate secondary level
                                         At the centre of the music is her        Art. They will offer the opportunity to
                                         voice – fragile, ethereal, haunting –    develop new skills in both Throwing
                                         providing an apt vehicle for songs       and Handbuilding, relevant to
                                         which betray a rare kind of honesty.     teaching. Full facilities and all
                                         Her songs are carefully framed by        materials will be made available.
                                         her trademark cascading piano lines.
                                                                                  Fees £80. Numbers are limited. To
                                         Free Admission. Contact Tim Kerr,        reserve a place please contact Kelly
                                         Tel: (028) 9026 7286 or                  Gordon: Tel: (028) 9026 7285 or
                                    Friday 7th March
                                    6.30pm, Lecture Theatre, Belfast campus

                                   PLAY THE LANDSCAPE LECTURE SERIES

                                   Martha Schwartz
                                   Martha Schwartz is a landscape architect and artist with a major interest in
                                   urban projects and the exploration of new design expression in the landscape.

                                   Her background is in both fine arts and landscape architecture. As principal of
                                   Martha Schwartz Partners in Cambridge, Massachusetts and London, UK, her
                                   goal is to find opportunities where landscape design solutions can be raised
Thursday 6th March                 to a level of fine art. She has over 25 years of experience as a landscape
                                   architect and artist on a wide variety of projects with an array of world-
6.30pm, Lecture Theatre, York
                                   renowned architects.
Street, Belfast
                                   Free Admission. Contact Emily Hadden, email:
Talk by Alan                        Friday 7th March -
                                    Monday 10th March
                                    Woodvale Park, Bowling
RDI AGI HonFRCA                     Club-House

Alan Kitching is one of the        WORKSHOP
world’s foremost practitioners
of letterpress typographic
                                   Woodvale HUB
                                                                             Tuesday 11th March
design and printmaking.            This series of workshops/events           7.00pm - 9.00pm, Foyer,
He is renowned for his             involving local communities, local        York Street, Belfast
expressive use of wood and         authorities, agencies, and students
metal letterforms in creating      will present the work of University
                                   of Ulster architecture students and       Master of Fine
visuals for commissions and
limited edition prints. He lives
                                   act as a forum to collect experience,     Art: Secret
                                   knowledge and ideas to improve the
and works with designer, writer    quality of Woodvale Park as a shared      Postcard Draw
and partner Celia Stothard at      public space.
The Typography Workshop in
                                                                             and Art
Kennington, south London.          These ideas and design proposals for      Exhibition
                                   a Hybrid Use Building for the park
Alan has had solo shows in         will be published in April in a Yellow    A one-off opportunity to buy
                                   Press newspaper as an example of          postcard size original works of art
London and Barcelona, and
                                   citizen-lead urban regeneration.          created by international and local
contributed to various group
                                                                             artists, personalities and students.
exhibitions including the          Free Admission. Contact Tim Kerr,         Works donated by Willie Doherty,
Pompidou Centre Paris, the         Tel: (028) 9026 7286 or                   Rita Duffy and others.
British Library and the            email:
Barbican Art Gallery London.                                                 Also, exhibition and sale of works
                                                                             by final year Masters of Fine Art
Free Admission.
Contact Tim Kerr,                                                            Free Admission. Contact Tim Kerr,
Tel: (028) 9026 7286 or                                                      Tel: (028) 9026 7286 or
email:                                                   email:
Friday March 7th –                        Tuesday 11th March
Sunday March 9th                          1.15pm – 2.00pm, Recital room, Foyle Arts building, Magee campus
Tullyarvan Mill, Buncrana
                                          LUNCHTIME CONCERT
PERFORMANCES                              MMus Performers
Fiddlesticks                              This concert will be presented by students on the MMus (Performance)
                                          course at the Centre for the Creative and Performing Arts at Magee. Still
Workshops                                 only in its third year, the MMus already boasts some of Northern Ireland’s
(violin)                                  most promising musicians among its alumni. This is your chance to see the
                                          stars of the future!
The University of Ulster’s
traditional fiddle band,                  Admission: £3/Free admission for University of Ulster students. Contact
Fiddlesticks, led by Liz Doherty          Bronagh Corr-McNicholl, Tel: (028) 7137 5658 or
embark on their first residential         email:
weekend at the Tullyarvan Mill,
Buncrana. Over 3 days the
students will attend a series of          Wednesday 12th March -
workshops on aspects of fiddle            Friday 11th April
playing, accompaniment and                10am - 7.00pm, Gallery,
dance given by internationally            Belfast campus
acclaimed artists including Pete
Cooper from London.                      Creative
Saturday 8th March
9.30pm, Drift Inn, Buncrana              Body Project
Traditional session
Sunday 9th March
2.30pm - 4.30pm, Tullyarvan                                                         Tuesday 1st April
Mill, Buncrana
                                                                                    1.15pm, Foyle Arts building,
An open fiddle workshop                  “An artistic exploration of the            Magee campus
(intermediate to advanced level)         physical and mental challenges that
with Liz Doherty. Admission              we experience through our bodies”         LUNCHTIME CONCERT
£10/€12. For advance bookings
contact Bronagh Corr-McNicholl,          Through the Body Project, Creative        Mark McKnight
Tel: (028) 7137 5658 or email:           Exchange artists have produced a                                                      (guitar) and
                                         series of collaborative artworks
Sunday 9th March                         alongside other selected                  Friends
5.00pm – 6.00pm, Tullyarvan              artists/groups who have a perceived
Mill, Buncrana                           mental, sensory or physical disability.   Performing with many of Ireland’s
Recital featuring the University of                                                top jazz musicians, guitarist Mark
Ulster’s Fiddlesticks and guest          Free Admission. Contact Tim Kerr,         McKnight is much in demand.
tutors (Free Admission).                 Tel: (028) 9026 7286 or email:            Recent credits include
                                                      performances at the Glasgow and
Sunday March 30th                                                                  Galway Jazz Festivals and with the
The University of Ulster’s traditional                                             RTE Concert Orchestra. Mark has
fiddle band, Fiddlesticks, will                                                    just released his first album,
feature as guests of Liz Doherty                                                   ‘Conversations’, a collection of
and band at the Ar Ais Arís                                                        duo recordings with renowned
Traditional Arts Festival, Buncrana;                                               trumpeter Linley Hamilton. He is
Inishowen Gateway Hotel                                                            now embarking upon a PhD in
(see                                                      Performance in the University’s
for details)                                                                       School of Creative Arts.
              Spring Lunchtime Concerts
Thursday 7th February                                  Tuesday 1st April
1.00pm-2.00pm, Mezzanine Level, Jordanstown            1.15pm-2.00pm, Recital Room Foyle Arts Building,
campus                                                 Magee campus
Cutaways                                               Mark McKnight and Friends
Free Admission
                                                       Monday 7th April
Monday 11th February                                   1.15pm-2.00pm, the Octagon, Coleraine campus
1.15pm-2.00pm, the Octagon, Coleraine campus           Liz Doherty and Fiddlesticks
Julie Follis (Singer)
Linley Hamilton (Trumpet)                              Tuesday 8th April
Joel Byrne-McCullough (Guitar)                         1.15pm-2.00pm, Recital Room Foyle Arts Building,
                                                       Magee campus
Tuesday 12th February                                  Paul McIntyre and Friends
1.15pm-2.00pm, the Great Hall, Magee campus
Andrew Carlisle, (Bagpipes)                            Monday 14th April
                                                       1.15pm-2.00pm, the Octagon, Coleraine campus
Thursday 14th February                                 Jazz Big Band
1.15pm-2.15pm, Students’ Union, York Street, Belfast
Eoghan Colgan                                          Tuesday 15th April
Free Admission                                         1.15pm-2.00pm, the Students’ Union, Magee campus
                                                       Jazz Big Band
Tuesday 26th February
1.15pm-2.00pm, Recital Room Foyle Arts Building,       Tuesday 22nd April
Magee campus                                           1.15pm-2.00pm, Recital Room Foyle Arts Building,
David Lyttle and Friends                               Magee campus
                                                       BMus Performance
Thursday 28th February
1.15pm-2.15pm Students’ Union, York Street, Belfast    Monday 28th April
Saccade                                                1.15pm-2.00pm, the Octagon, Coleraine campus
Free Admission                                         David Lyttle and Friends

Monday 3rd March                                       Tuesday 29th April
1.15pm-2.00pm, the Octagon, Coleraine campus           1.15pm-2.00pm, Recital Room Foyle Arts Building,
Paul McIntyre and Friends                              Magee campus
                                                       Composers Concert
Tuesday 4th March
1.15pm-2.00pm, Recital Room Foyle Arts Building,
Magee campus                                           Admission (unless otherwise indicated):
Darragh Morgan and Mary Dullea                         £3/Free admission for University of Ulster students

Thursday 6th March                                     Magee campus: Contact Bronagh Corr-McNicholl,
1.00pm-2.00pm, Mezzanine Level, Jordanstown            Tel: (028) 7137 5658 or
Campus                                                 email:
Laura Stevenson
Free Admission                                         Coleraine campus: Contact Janet Mackle,
                                                       Tel: (028) 7032 4683 or email:
Tuesday 11th March                           
1.15pm-2.00pm, Recital Room Foyle Arts Building,
Magee campus                                           Belfast campus: Contact Tim Kerr,
MMus Performance                                       Tel: (028) 9026 7286 or email:

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