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									                       Retail Catalogue
                         (exc GST / exc Freight)

Hello and welcome to The Green Mile...

We are a new Wholesale Distribution business based in Lennox Head, NSW
Australia. We specialise in a range of earth friendly and sustainable products
from within the region and beyond (please visit our home page for further
information on the business).

Delivery details and our Terms & Conditions are set-out at the end of this
document (see below). For further information on Products, Prices, etc please
see each respective category (don't forget to also use the scroll buttons for
information that may not fit onto your computer screen).

Wholesale Prices are available to businesses that can provide an ABN and
purchase over $250.00 inc GST worth of stock (initial order only).

Retail Customers should contact the office via Phone or Email with any queries or
to place an order.

We hope you like the brands we represent and look forward to hearing from you
if you think they would fit well into your business.



Chris Bird

Sales Manager

0411 223 730

PS. If you have any queries please notify us ASAP!

                                                                                                  Retail Catalogue

                                          TERMS & CONDITIONS
Name:          The Green Mile
ABN:           55 924 692 956
Contact:       Chris Bird
Mobile:        0411 223 730
Business: 59 North Creek Rd Lennox Head NSW 2478 AUSTRALIA
Postal:      PO Box 274 Lennox Head NSW 2478 AUSTRALIA
<$250 per order:         At our discretion
Orders delivered:        Within 48-hours
Special Deliveries:      Available on request (please phone)
We accept:       Cash, Cheque or EFT (prefer EFT)
Bank:            Southern Cross Credit Union (SCCU)
Branch:          Lennox Head NSW Australia
Name:            The Green Mile
EFT:             BSB: 802185 ACC: 136346
Banking fee: $15 fee for dishonoured cheques
COD:                COD or within 7-days
Account:            30-days from delivery day
*NB: Failure to settle within terms results in stop credit, stop delivery or legal action if necessary to secure payment!
DELIVERIES... All Regions
Free Delivery: For orders over $250.00
Delivery Fee:       $5.50 for orders under $250.00
Delivery Fee:       $11.00 for orders under $125.00
Any faulty or damaged stock received within 14-days will be replaced at no charge. Any orders received incorrectly
through the fault of The Green Mile, will be replaced at no additional charge to the customer or a full refund of the
initial charge. In some circumstances, we may elect that a replacement product or repair is sufficient remedy instead
of a credit note. This election will be at our sole discretion, but will only occur after consultation with you and in
accordance with relevant warranties, other contracts and statutes.
We offer a return policy on products that are classified as following:
• Damaged in transit:
    o If damaged do not accept delivery from the courier and notify our Customer Service Staff
    o If you have already accepted delivery, and then notice that the product appears to have been damaged in
    transit, you should notify our Customer Service staff immediately.
• Incorrect product - this is in case we shipped the wrong product:
    o In the advent that the product shipped is not what was ordered, please notify Customer Service Staff, so a
    replacement can be sent immediately.
• Unopened product:
    o All other products ordered incorrectly by the customer, can be refunded if informed within 7-days of dispatch
    and unopened on return. Postage/freight costs will be incurred by the customer.
• Faulty product:
    o In the event that the product you have received is faulty on receipt or develops a fault, you may be able to
    return it.
    o If the manufacturer directs you to return the product to the manufacturer, agent or a third party, then you
    should arrange for the product to be returned as directed and otherwise in accordance with the manufacturers
    returns policy. The manufacturer will then organize any refund, repair or replacement payable under the policy.
We want to ensure that all of our customers can shop with complete confidence online. We have taken every
possible measure to give absolute security to our customers in their dealings with us.
Whilst we do our best not to offer for sale any items which are out of stock, sudden fluctuations in demand mean
that that this unfortunately cannot be guaranteed.

                                                                                         Retail Catalogue

Bokashi Man...
Small and compact enough to keep in your kitchen, the Bokashi Man compost system takes all the
waste you can’t put in a worm farm or are troublesome to compost. Meat, fish, citrus, onion, dairy
products, etc even bones! (Bones still have a lot of nutrient in them; after you bury the Bokashi
compost, the bones will eventually surface, just pick them out then, easy). The Bokashi Man
system ferments your kitchen waste using Effective Micro-organisms (EM). Fermentation prevents
the waste from rotting and putrefying. Because there is no putrefaction there are no foul odours or
                                                                                                 RRP inc GST
 SKU     CODE                         PRODUCT NAME                           SIZE   WP exc GST
                                                                                                   @ 60%
1      BM001      Bokashi                                                    2kg    $    10.00   $    18.00
                  1 x Carton contains 10 x Bokashi (2kg)
2      BM002      Bokashi Bucket*                                            20L    $    50.00   $    85.00
                  Includes: 1 x Bucket + 1 x Bokashi (500g) Free-of-Charge

*Why two (2) buckets...
Ideally the Bokashi Food Waste Recycling System works best if you have a Two Bucket Kit – once
your first bucket is full, put it to one side (e.g. in the garage) and start your second bucket. Then
once your second bucket is full, empty the contents of the first bucket into a small hole or trench in
your garden and cover with a 20cm layer of soil (i.e. it needs to go into the soil to physically break
down into humus). Now wash that bucket and start the process over again!
   1) The longer you leave the contents to ferment the more Bokashi juice produced and the
        waste will break down in the soil much easier
   2) Discounts are available on Bulk Orders – please contact us for further information].

                                                                                                   Retail Catalogue

Clean Conscience...
Our passion for the environment drives everything we do. Clean Conscience is more than just
environmentally responsible cleaning products. It is about having a conscience when it comes to
protecting our planet. Created, made and bottled in Tasmania, Clean Conscience uses back-to-
basics ingredients that have stood the test of time as safe and powerful cleaning agents, including;
bi-carb soda, vinegar and essential oils. At Clean Conscience, your health and the environment
come first. What you see is what you get. Safe and natural ingredients bottled for your
                                                                                                         RRP inc GST
 SKU       CODE                           PRODUCT NAME                            SIZE     WP exc GST
                                                                                                           @ 70%
  1        CC001        Multi-Purpose - Spray KITCHEN/BATHROOM                   500ml    $      5.50    $    10.29
  2        CC002        Multi-Purpose - Refill                                   500ml    $      5.00    $      9.35
  3        CC004        Multi-Purpose (with tap)                                  10L     $     50.00    $    93.50
  4        CC005        Multi-Purpose (with tap)                                  15L     $     65.00    $ 121.55
  5        CC006        Multi-Purpose - Spray LEMON MYRTLE                       500ml    $      6.00    $    11.22
  6        CC007        Multi-Purpose - Refill                                   500ml    $      5.50    $    10.29
  7        CC009        Multi-Purpose (with tap)                                  10L     $     60.00    $ 112.20
  8        CC010        Multi-Purpose (with tap)                                  15L     $     70.00    $ 130.90
  9        CC011        Creamy Cleanser                                          500ml    $      6.00    $    11.22
  10       CC012        Window Cleaner - Spray                                   500ml    $      5.50    $    10.29
  11       CC013        Window Cleaner - Refill                                  500ml    $      5.00    $      9.35
  12       CC015        Window Cleaner (with tap)                                 10L     $     45.00    $    84.15
  13       CC016        Window Cleaner (with tap)                                 15L     $     50.00    $    93.50
  14       CC017        Laundry Soaker                                            1kg     $      9.00    $    16.83
  15       CC018        Laundry Soaker                                            10kg    $     70.00    $ 130.90
  16       CC019        Laundry Soaker                                            20kg    $    100.00    $ 187.00
  17       CC020        Laundry Powder*                                           1kg     $      9.50    $    17.77
  18       CC021        Laundry Powder                                            10kg    $     80.00    $ 149.60
  19       CC022        Laundry Powder                                            20kg    $    140.00    $ 261.80

*Based on above unit price of $9.50 exc GST per kg… (when used as per manufacturer’s directions)

    -   Front Loading Machine: 133 washes = 07 cents per wash

    -   Top Loading Machine: 65 washes = 15 cents per wash

These products are…

        Australian Made


        Grey water safe

        Palm Oil free

                                                                                           Retail Catalogue

Pure & Green Organics...
There are no shortage of companies labeling their products and/or themselves organic, natural and
even certified organic; it sells! Our company motto reads: Without Compromise, REAL Organic
Body Care. Australian Certified Organic (ACO) is the gold standard for real high-level cosmetics
certification; there is no higher standard in Australia. All our creams and lotions contain the potent
Australian Native Daisy “Old Man Weed” named by Aborigines who believe the plant is wise, like
their tribal elders. Native Daisy is traditionally used to protect the skin and used throughout our
range of products. Our NatureWorks™ BioPak bottles are made from renewable plant sugar
resources (PLA – short for Polylactic Acid), not the usual petrochemical plastics. PLA is compostable
and biodegradable in industrial composting conditions, but it will not degrade or disintegrate on
shelves.                                                                 NEW PRICING!!!
                                                                                                 RRP inc GST
 SKU    CODE                        PRODUCT NAME                            SIZE    WP exc GST
                                                                                                   @ 70%
  1     P004    Hydrate- organic deep moisture lotion - LAVENDER            100ml   $    21.36    $    39.95
  2     P032    Hydrate- organic deep moisture lotion - CITRUS              100ml   $    21.36    $    39.95
  3     P004    Sensitivity - organic moisture lotion - UNSCENTED           100ml   $    21.36    $    39.95
  4     P019    Hand and Nail - organic hand cream - LAVENDER               50ml    $    13.34    $    24.95
  5     P309    Hand and Nail - organic hand cream - CITRUS                 50ml    $    13.34    $    24.95
                Treat for Feet - organic foot refreshment cream -
 6       P020   PEPPERMINT                                                  50ml    $    13.34   $    24.95
 7      B321    Tone - organic toner with witch hazel & lemon tea tree      100ml   $    11.74   $    21.95
 8      B316    Exfoliate - Rosella flowers - LAVENDER                      100ml   $    13.34   $    24.95
 9      B315    Exfoliate - Coffee - CITRUS                                 100ml   $    13.34   $    24.95
 10     B314    Exfoliate - Sensitivity with walnut shells - UNSCENTED      100ml   $    13.34   $    24.95
 11     B317    Dream Clean - organic hair cleanser - LAVENDER & SAGE       250ml   $    14.44   $    27.00
 12     B318    Dream Clean - organic hair cleanser - CITRUS                250ml   $    14.44   $    27.00
 13     AT311   Teeth and Gums - Organic Toothpaste - MINT                  70ml    $     8.02   $    15.00
 14     BX005   Cleansing Moisture Bar - LAVENDER                            110g   $     5.32   $     9.95
 15     BX006   Cleansing Moisture Bar - LEMONGRASS                          110g   $     5.32   $     9.95
 16     BX001   Cleansing Moisture Bar - Sensitivity - UNSCENTED             110g   $     5.32   $     9.95
 17     B044    Fresh Air - air freshener with Blue Mallee & Eucalyptus     100ml   $     6.39   $    11.95
 18     G319    Bath Salts - scented salts with lavender buds - LAVENDER     350g   $     7.99   $    14.95
 19     G320    Bath Salts - scented salts with calendula petals - CITRUS    350g   $     7.99   $    14.95
 20     G012    Bath Salts - with shea butter - UNSCENTED                    350g   $     7.99   $    14.95
 21      P310   Rejuvenate - beautifying organic night cream                30ml    $    37.41   $    69.95


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