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A La Carte Menu - Starters


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Soup of the day                                                             £4.25
fresh soup of the day
Flat Mushrooms                                                              £4.75
topped with dolcelatte & parmesan cheeses, and grilled
Calamares                                                                   £5.25
squid rings in batter, deep fried served with tartare sauce
Sardines                                                                    £4.75
plain grilled or with olive oil & garlic
Scallops                                                                    £7.75
wrapped in bacon & sautéed with garlic, spring onions, butter & wine
Fresh Mussels                                                               £5.50
when in season – served as you like
Mediterrenean Prawns                                                        £7.50
cooked in butter, wine & garlic
Goat’s Cheese                                                               £6.25
Grilled goat’s cheese with fig chutney
Garlic Bread                                                                £3.75
with or without cheese topping

Paté                                                                        £4.75
fresh made chicken liver paté, served with toasted bread
Melon                                                                       £7.25
with parma ham
Avocado Cleopatra                                                           £6.95
avocado with prawns, white crab meat & seafood sauce
Avocado Tricolore                                                           £5.75
sliced avocado, fresh tomatoes & mozzarella cheese with basil & olive oil
Prawns or Crab Cocktail                                                     £5.25

A La
prawns or white crab meat with diced lettuce & seafood sauce
Smoked Salmon Coronets                                                      £7.50
smoked salmon filled with prawns, served with seafood sauce
Seafood Salad                                                               £7.75
fresh seafood in garlic, lemon & olive oil

Bruschetta                                                                  £4.25
Italian bread with chopped fresh tomatoes, olive oil, garlic & basil
                                                                                  Fish & Shellfish
Fish & Shellfish
Dover Sole                                                               £19.75
plain grilled served with potatoes
with meuniere(butter, lemon & wine) or garlic & fennel sauce
served with potatoes                                                     £21.75
Skate Wing                                                               £12.75
plain grilled or with burnt butter & caper sauce, served with potatoes
Seabass                                                                  £13.75
with almonds, garlic & herbs crust or prawns, pernod & cream sauce
served with potatoes
Cod Steak                                                                £10.95
cooked in batter, served with french fries & gherkins
Salmon Steak                                                             £10.95
with orange & Grand Marnier sauce, served with potatoes
Fresh Lobster                                                            £27.50
grilled with or without garlic or with thermidor sauce (Dijon mustard,
cream & cheese) served with potatoes
Scallops & Chicken Duet                                                  £12.95
scallops & chicken breast pieces with cream, wine & tarragon sauce,
served with potatoes
Seafood Medley                                                           £13.75
fresh mixed seafood, cooked in olive oil, garlic, onions & tomatoes,
served with potatoes
Monkfish                                                                 £13.75
cooked with peppercorns, brandy & cream or spicy piri piri sauce,
served with potatoes
Prawns Piri Piri                                                         £13.75
spicy mediterrenean prawns served with salad

A La
                                                                                       Poultry & Meat
Poultry & Meat
Chicken Melanzane                                                             £9.50
breast of chicken topped with aubergine, garlic & tomato sauce,
served with potatoes
Chicken Milanese                                                              £11.75
breaded breast of chicken shallow fried & served with spaghetti napolitana
Chicken Piri Piri                                                             £9.25
chicken breast with spicy sauce, served with rice
Duck a L’Orange                                                               £12.75
breast of duck with orange, cranberry & grand marnier sauce, served with potatoes
Veal Crema                                                                    £9.75
veal slices cooked in white wine, cream & mushroom sauce,
served with potatoes
Veal Romana                                                                   £10.75
veal slices with parma ham, sage & marsala wine served with potatoes
Veal Milanese                                                                 £12.75
veal slices breaded, shallow fried & served with spaghetti napolitana
Calves Liver                                                                  £10.75
grilled with or without bacon, served with potatoes
Lamb Noisettes                                                                £12.75
cooked with rosemary & sherry sauce served with potatoes
Rack of Lamb (for two persons)                                                £22.50
whole rack of lamb roasted in the oven with herbs and served with potatoes
Chateaubriand (for two persons)                                               £32.50
large piece of fillet steak cooked in the oven, sliced & served with potatoes
Beef Strogonoff                                                               £12.75
strips of beef cooked with paprika & brandy sauce, served with rice
Sirloin Steak                                                                 £12.75
plain grilled, served with potatoes and garni of mushrooms & tomato
Fillet Steak                                                                  £16.75
plain grilled, served with potatoes and garni of mushrooms & tomato
T-Bone Steak                                                                  £18.75
plain grilled, served with potatoes and garni of mushrooms & tomato

Steaks with sauce of your choice,                               £1.75 supplement

A La
choose from:
stilton, stilton, brandy & cream sauce
diane, mushrooms, onions, mustard, worcestershire & brandy sauce
au poivre, green peppercorns, brandy & cream sauce
o’porto, port wine, mushrooms & shallot sauce

                                                                                      Pasta, Risotto & Side Dishes
Starter £5.25                                                Main Course £9.25

Spaghetti / Penne / or Tagliatelle
served with a sauce of your choice from:
Bolognese meat sauce
Napolitana tomato, garlic & onion sauce
Arabiatta tomato, chillies & garlic sauce
Siciliana aubergines, olive oil, garlic, onions & tomatoes
Carbonara bacon, cream & egg sauce

Lasagne Al Forno layers of pasta & meat sauce with mozzarella cheese
Cannelloni Al Forno tube pasta filled with minced meat & spinach

Tortellini                                                                   £9.25
spinach & ricotta cheese parcels in a tomato & garlic sauce
Tagliatelle Di Mare                                                          £11.25
tagliatelle with seafood, herbs, white wine, tomato & garlic sauce

Risotto Caponata                                                             £9.25
rice with courgettes, aubergines, onions, tomatoes & garlic with olive oil
Risotto Pollo                                                                £10.25
rice with chicken pieces, spring onions, fresh ginger,
garlic and a touch of cream
Risotto Di Mare                                                              £11.25
rice with seafood, white wine, herbs & tomato sauce

Margherita                                                                   £7.75
mozzarella cheese & tomatoes

Side Dishes
Portion of chef’s mixed fresh vegetables                                     £2.95
Other Vegetables due to availability                                  from   £2.00

Fresh Asparagus                                                              £4.75

A La
Avocado Salad

Mixed Salad

Tomato & Onion Salad



Rice or Potatoes                                                      from   £2.00

                                   Prices are inclusive of VAT.
                        A service charge of 10% will be added to the bill
                                            Thank You

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