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									Nutritional Therapist
@ Breeze
    Anna Homewood is a trained Nutritional
       Therapist, with an interactive and
    comprehensive approach to helping her
 clients achieve lifestyle changes, which bring
about significant results. Her consultations are
  tailored to each individual’s health history,
symptoms, lifestyle, as well as preferred diet.
  Anna’s aim is to offer practical, achievable,
dietary advice that her clients can realistically
follow and incorporate within their daily lives.
  Anna trained as a Nutritional Therapist at the
    renowned Institute for Optimum Nutrition
 (ION) in London, graduating with a Diploma in
  Nutritional Therapy (Dip ION), and obtained a
 Foundation Degree in Nutritional Therapy from
 the University of Bedfordshire. She is a member
  of the British Association for Applied Nutrition
         and Nutritional Therapy (BANT).

Initial Consultation              (1-1hr 15 mins) £60
Follow Up                            (30-45 mins) £40
Initial & 1 Follow Up                             £90
Initial & 2 Follow Ups                          £115
 (Initial & 1 or 2 Follow Ups – Follow up consultations to be
        taken within 6 months of original consultation)
  Clients are welcome to a 10 minute phone
  call after the consultation if required and
            unlimited email support.
 * Recommend a friend and receive 15% off
            your next consultation *
 Anna will be offering treatments at Breeze on:
       Mondays between 7pm and 10pm
   For all bookings please call 0208 658 1990
         or email

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