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01256 769658 The Flower Preservation Studio


									Frequently Asked Questions
                                                                       The                                         The
                                                               Flower Preservation                         Flower Preservation
Can all flowers be preserved?                                      Studio Ltd
YES - by using our specialist preservation techniques
we are able to preserve any flower as long as it is
fresh.                                                               Unit 8, Rooks Farm,
                                                                          The Street,
Will my flowers still look like they did on the day of my                Rotherwick,
wedding?                                                                   Nr. Hook,
YES—the shape and form will stay the same. The
flowers take on an ―antiqued‖ look after preservation                    RG27 9BG.
and colours can deepen. Red flowers with a yellow
undertone tend to keep their colour particularly well                 Tel 01256 769658
but flowers with a blue undertone will darken in tone.
E.g. a ruby red rose will turn a very dark, almost claret
                                                                    0900 hrs – 1700 hrs
colour. True blue flowers will remain true and many
white flowers will turn a light shade of cream.                      Monday to Friday
                                                                    1000 hrs – 1300 hrs
I don’t live anywhere near you. Can you still                      Saturday and Sunday
 preserve my flowers?

YES – we offer a FREE and convenient nationwide
bouquet collection service to all of our clients that
live outside of our local collection area. Just call us
before midday to guarantee same day collection of
your flowers.

Do you accept orders after an event?

YES—we can accept flowers up to one week after
an event as long as they are still relatively fresh.                                                                Specialists
How long will my keepsake last?
                                                                                                             in the 3D preservation
                                                                                                           and framing of wedding
Like any other piece of art, it should be kept away
from direct sunlight , humid conditions and direct
                                                                                                              bouquets and other
heat sources. If you follow this advice your keepsake                                                      special occasion flowers.
will last for many years.
                                                            For a full colour information pack about our
Please call us on 01256 769658 if you have any               services please contact us at the above
further questions or would like more information.                         address or see us at
                                                               01256 769658
The Flower Preservation Studio                                    Price Options                                        Gallery
                                                       Picture                          Picture
- Specialists in the 3D preservation of wedding
                                                        Size in         Price          Typically
  bouquets and other special occasion flowers
                                                       Inches                          Contains
- Preserve and frame your wedding bouquet as a
  beautiful keepsake picture                                                         3-5 flowers,
                                                                        £160         Buttonhole
                                                                                     or Corsage

                                                        8 x 10                       Bridesmaids
                                                       10 x 10                           Posy

                                                                                     Brides Hand
                                                        9 x 12                        Tied Posy
                                                       12 x 12                          Without
                                                                                     Brides Hand
                                                                                      Tied Posy
                                                       12 x 14
                                                                                     With Stems
                                                       14 x 14          £385
                                                                                        or Small
                                                       10 x 20

                                                       11 x 22
                                                       16 x 16       £420 to £440
                                                       16 x 20

                                                                  OUR PRICES INCLUDE

                                                     Collection of flowers from anywhere in the UK

                                                   Complete preservation and display of flowers and
- Beautifully lined bespoke picture box frames
                                                    foliage in a custom-made box frame behind UV
  Hand crafted by our expert framer                             filtering conservation glass

- Only the highest quality conservation           A choice of conservation mount board available in a
  mount board and glass used in our pictures            wide range of complementary colours

- A wide selection of frames to choose from          A choice of frame from one of our four frame
                                                                     collections                                     Visit our gallery at
- FREE nationwide bouquet collection service                                                  
                                                             Delivery of finished keepsake
                                                                                                         to see lots more examples of our work
- Independent and family run business                                    VAT

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