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1.    Green Sea                                                   Glass £5.50
      Fruity, Sweet Drink                                         Jug   £28.00
      Vodka, Blue Curacao, Passion fruit and Sugar Syrup.

2.    Swimming Pool                                               Glass £5.50
      Fruity, Sweet Drink                                         Jug   £28.00
      Malibu, Bacardi, Vodka, Light Cream, Blue Curacao
      and Pineapple juice.

3.    Green Eye                                                   Glass £5.50
      Fruity, long Drink For Party                                Jug   £28.00
      Vodka, Blue Curacao, Orange Juice and Lime Cordial.

4.    Scarlet Pimpernel                                           Glass £5.50
      Fruity, Sweet Drink                                         Jug   £28.00
      Triple Sec, Pimms, Apple Juice, Cranberry Juice and Lime.

5.    P.S I Love You                                              Glass £7.00
      Creamy, Sweet Drink                                         Jug   £29.00
      Frangelico, Bailey’s, Tia Lusso, Amaretto and a Dash of Honey.

6.    Metropolitan                                                Glass £5.50
      Sour, Sweet Drink                                           Jug   £28.00
      Absolute Kurrant, Cointreau, Cranberry Juice and Lime.

7.    Marry Me                                                    Glass £7.00
      Creamy, Sweet Drink                                         Jug   £29.00
      Strawberry, Vodka, Creme De Fraise, Amaretto, Gomme
      Syrup, Milk and Cream.

8.    Tropical Champagne                                          Glass   £7.00
      Fruity Drink
      Passoa, Lemon Juice, Passion fruit Juice topped up with

9.    Long Island Iced Tea                                        Glass £7.00
      Fruity Drink                                                Jug   £29.00
      Vodka, Gin, Tequila, Light Rum, Cointreau, Lemon Juice
      and a dash of Coke.

10.   Sex on the Beach                                            Glass £5.50
      Fruity Drink                                                Jug   £28.00
      Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Orange and Cranberry Juice.

11.   Nuclear Waste                                               Glass £5.50
      Creamy, Sweet Drink                                         Jug   £28.00
      Vodka, Bailey’s, Blue Curacao and Coke.

12.   Non-Alcoholic                                               Glass £3.00
      Fruit Punch                                                 Jug   £10.00

13.   B52                                                         Glass   £5.50
      Kahlua, Bailey’s, Absinth.

14.   Slippery Nipple                                             Glass   £5.50
      Sambuca, Bailey’s and Monin.

15.   Between his Sheets
      Brandy, White Rum and Triple Sec are sure to get you
      half way there!
                                                                  Glass   £5.50
                                                                                  . . .W I N E S
     Champagne                                                                      Bottle                    Sherries      served in 50ml

1.   Leblanc Colombier Cuvee, Celeste Brut                                         £27.50    Fino                                           15% £3.50
                                                                                             Amontillado                                    17% £3.50
     A light silver coloured wine, predominantly Chardonnay with a slight
                                                                                             Cream                                          17% £3.50
     biscuity bouquet, and a clean, off dry palate of vanilla and lemon zest
     with appealing length.                                        Half Bottle -   £14.95

2.   Moet et Chandon, Brut, Imperial                                               £42.00
     The world famous, high quality Champagne. Pale yellow with a soft                                       Aperitifs      served in 50ml
     bouquet of citrus and Pinot. Fresh and elegantly dry on the palate.
                                                                                             Martini (Rosso and Extra Dry)                  15% £2.50

3.   Vintage Bollinger, Grande Anneé                                               £85.00
     From Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Only made in exceptional years
     and then aged for at least seven years. Nutty deep satisfying with
     wonderful flavours of dried fruits and yeasty baked bread.                                              Liqueurs        served in 25ml

                                                                                             All at £2.90
4.   Vintage Dom Perignon                                                      £110.00       Baileys 17%, Benedictine 40%, Drambuie 40%,
     Famous Champagne, Staggeringly full bodied with an intense and                          Tequila 38%, Creme de Menthe 24%, Sambuca 38%,
     intriguing nutty complexity on the nose and palate.                                     Tia Maria 17%, Amaretto 28%, Cointreau 40%,
                                                                                             Orange Liqueur d’Amour 30%

5.   Laurent Perrier, Rosé                                                         £65.00
     The definitive Rosé Champagne. Soft, strawberry aromas and a
     gentle mousse. The most ripe upfront fruit on the palate and a long,
     mouthwatering finish.                                                                                      Ports     served in 50ml

                                                                                             Creador Fine Tawny                           20% £3.90
                                                                                             1999 Kopke LBV                              20.5% £4.90

     sparkling Wines
6.   Brut Rosado, Roger Goulart, Cava, Spain                                       £16.50
     This delightful rose made of Garnacha and Monastrel is unique.
                                                                                                              Brandy       served in 25ml
     Brilliant pinkish colour, lively and fruity with very small bubbles,
     expressing raspberries with plenty of fruit on the palate.                              Martell Brandy                                 40% £3.10
     A refreshing, light finish.                                                             Logis XO, Cognac - Unfiltered                  40% £6.50

7.   Brut Reserva, Roger Goulart, Cava, Spain                                      £16.50
     A prestige Cava created by Roger Goulart with all the skill and style
     of French Champagne.
                                                                                                         Spirits and Spirit Mixers
                                                                                             A wide selection of spirits are available served in
8.   Blanquette de Limoux, Cuvee Prestige,                                         £19.50    25ml measures.
     Domaine Collin, 2001                                                                    Mixers charged at 60p
     The oldest Brut in the World. Created before Dom Perignon.
     Light gold colour with aromas of acacia, baked biscuits and a                           Archers                        21% £2.40
     stunningly fruity, crisp palate.                                                        Pimms                          25% £2.40
                                                                                             Malibu                         21% £2.40
                                                                                             Vodka                         37.5% £2.40
                                                                                             Campari                         25% £2.40
                                                                                             Bacardi Rum                   37.5% £2.40
     rare red sparkling                                                                      Captain Morgan Dark Rum         40% £2.40
                                                                                             Gin                           37.5% £2.40
                                                                                             Southern Comfort                35% £2.90
9.   Shiraz, Seppelt, Great Western, Australia, 1996                               £19.50    Bells Whisky                    40% £2.90
     A beautiful red sparkling showing in the glass, emerging into a                         Famous Grouse                   40% £2.90
     strawberry bouquet with plenty of fruit on the palate.                                  Jack Daniels Tenessee Whiskey   40% £2.90
                                                                                             Jamesons Irish Whiskey          40% £2.90
                                                                                             Black Label Scotch Whiskey      40% £2.90
                                                                                             Chivas Regal Whiskey            40% £2.90

                    Vintages may vary from year to year
                Champagne Cocktails                                 neW World Best Whites                                                         Bottle

    Made using Pure Fruit from Nuits St Georges
                    All at £4.90                               10. Gewurztraminer, Premium Tarapaca, Chile                                       £12.95
                                                                    A beautiful wine that is refined and sophisticated. Full throttle flavours
   Classic Kir Royale                    Cerise Royale              of Lychee fruits dominate the pronounced nose. In the mouth the big
   Creme de Cassis                       Cherry Creme               flavours of over-ripe pears and exotic mangoes turns a normal night
   Myrtille Royale                       Mure Royale                out into an occasion. Stunning stuff!
   Blueberry Creme                       Mulberry Creme
   Framboise Royale                      Fraise Royale
   Raspberry Creme                       Strawberry Creme
   Peche Royale                          Peach Creme           11. Pinot-Grigio Chardonnay, Promised Earth, Australia                            £14.90
                                                                    This wine is the expression of the New Trend, crispy and dry with
        Ask the staff for freshly made cocktails.                   aromatic, exotic bouquet, lingering fresh finish of mango and papaya.

                                                               12. Sauvignon, Te Kauwhata, Quarry Hill, New Zealand                              £16.90
                     Mineral Water                                  Magic in a bottle! Take as much as you can! Gold green colour, pure
                                                                    gooseberries leading onto a passion fruit palate. Clean and crisp.
                   Lynx Mineral Water
   A natural mineral water from Mount Pelpi to the north of
   Parma, from springs noted for their beneficial digestive
   properties since the 17th century.
                                                                    neW World Best reds
   Sparkling and Still
   75cl Bottle                                       £3.00     13. Syrah, Premium Vina Tarapaca, Chile                                           £12.95
   Glass                                             £1.00          A deep and brilliant red cherry colour, with purple notes. Intense and
                                                                    complex aromas of berries, white chocolate and cinnamon, typical
                                                                    from the variety. On the palate, is well balanced, soft and sweet tannins.

                                                               14. Shiraz-Viognier, Promised Earth, Australia                                    £15.50
     Bottle - £16.00     Half - £9.00    Quarter - £5.50            A gorgeous blend of flavour, bouquet of raspberries with a gentle
                                                                    touch of vanilla, medium body, soft on the finish.

        WKD / Smirnoff Ice 5% £3.50                            15. Cabernet Merlot, Quarry Road, New Zealand                                     £16.95
                                                                    Dark red with violet reflections, open nose of softly spice redcurrant
                                                                    with a lovely perfume. Sappy mulberries on the palate with a good
                                                                    compliment of oak.

           Soft Drinks and Fruit Juices
Please ask server for drinks Large £2.60 / Small £1.60

                                                                    exCiting spanish red
                                                               16. Rioja, Gran Reserva, Biurko Gorri, 1999                                       £29.90
                     Draught Beers                                  This Gran Reserva has spent 36 months in the Barrique. Medium
                                   Jug       Pint       Half        depth cherry colour, fine bouquet of havana cigar box, blackcurrant -
   Carlsberg 3.8%              £8.00      £3.20      £1.70          prunes, plenty of Garnacha flavour with a good structure.
   Carling Lager 3.8%          £8.00      £3.20      £1.70
   Carlsberg Export 5%         £8.00      £3.20      £1.70
   John Smith’s 4%             £8.00      £3.20      £1.70

                                                                    exCiting spanish White
               Bottled Beer and Cider                          17. Albarino, Torroxal, Galicia                                                   £19.95
                                                                    Straw yellow with golden glints. Bright, clean and intense nose of
   Guiness                                  4.2%     £3.20          tropical fruits and floral hints, very crispy retaining plenty fruit,
   Stella Artois                            5.2%     £3.20
                                                                    citron and kiwi.
   Tiger                                      5%     £3.20
   Budweiser                                  5%     £3.20
   Strongbow                                5.3%     £3.20
   Thai Beer                                  5%     £3.20
   Tsingtao Beer                              5%     £3.20
   Corona                                   4.6%     £3.20
   Singha                                     6%     £3.20

                                                                                   Vintages may vary from year to year
     entiCing FrenCh Whites                                                         Bottle        pad thai speCial import From Bordeaux                                     Bottle

18. Bourgogne Chardonnay La Montagne                                             £14.95           red
     Medal Winner Paris.
     A Glittering silver gold with gunflint and fresh picked lime on the                     26. La Tourelle du Fongrave, Merlot, Bordeaux                               £11.90
     nose and a direct impact of youthful fruit and freshness.                                    Violet red colour, lovely bouquet of damson and figs. Fresh taste
                                                                                                  of strawberries and cherry. Medium bodied.                        glass - £3.20

19. Pouilly Fumé, La Loge Aux Moines, Patrice Moreux                             £23.90
     Light golden green colour, overwhelming bouquet of gooseberries,                             White
     enticing gun flinty smokey taste, Full bodied with clean pure dry finish.
                                                                                             27. La Fleur de Fongrave, Bordeaux, Medium Sweet                            £13.50
                                                                                                  A new concept in Bordeaux. Late gathered super mature Semillon
20. Chablis, 1er Cru, Monte du Tonnerre Colombier                                £28.00           grapes. Light silvery colour with a touch of gold on the rim.
     A pale golden colour, with a delicate bouquet of pears and apples.                           Floral bouquet, taste of white peach mango with an enhanced,
     Generous and rich flowery flavours, long in the mouth.                                       refreshing sweet finish.

                                                                                             28. Semillon, Chateau Fongrave, Bordeaux, Dry                               £11.90
                                                                                                  This Semillon thrives in this region. Our wine shows clear colour, with
     entiCing FrenCh reds                                                                         subtle bouquet of white apricots, leaves the palate clean and
                                                                                                  crispy with plenty of fruit.                                       glass - £3.20
21. Château Latour Laguens, Bordeaux Superieur, 2003                             £18.95
     Ruby garnet colour, rich and well balanced with small red berry aromas.
     Supple and good body, drinking admirably.                                                    rose
                                                                                             29. Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé, Tarapaca, Chile                                £12.90
22. Fleurie, Château des Labourons, 2005                                         £18.95           This young and fruity Rosé Cabernet Sauvignon has strawberry
     A medal winner in Paris. An exciting wine, brilliant ruby red colour,                        and flower aromas, a medium dry Rosé with perfect balance.   glass - £3.50
     with a bouquet of violet and raspberry, good body with a lush, silky finish.

23. Chateauneuf du Pape, Tradition,                                              £29.00
    Domaine de Cristia, 2004                                                                      our latest arrival From italy
     ‘A Gold Medal Winner.’ Fine wine, deep red with a wonderful bouquet
     of truffles, liquorice, pepper and nutmeg on an expansive, rich and                     30. Julius Caesar, Frosted, Villa Rubini, Italy                             £14.95
     full palate.                                                                                 Strawberry colour followed by instant impact of raspberries with a
                                                                                                  soft, medium dry, firm flavour and plenty of little summer fruits.

     Favourite italian red
24. Valpolicella Classico Superiore “Le Bessole”,                                £14.95
     Situated on the slopes of the Hills of the municipality of Negrar. 70%
     Corvina grape. Black prune colour, intense fruity fragrance, rich and
     creamy red with good substance, leaving the palate very satisfied
     with a fuller mouth of blackcurrant fruit.

25. Barolo, Sottocastello, Riserva,                                              £29.95
    Lodovico Borgogno, 1999
     Brilliant deep red colour, displays aromas of plums, cherrries, full
     bodied and soft to the palate with a long lasting finish. Plenty of
     flavour for a Piemonte wine.

                   Vintages may vary from year to year
                                                                                                                Vintages may vary from year to year

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