'Former Maxxium director pours redundancy money into boutique gin

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					Spirited bid
,totarget top
end drinkers
'Former Maxxium director pours redundancy
money into boutique gin and vodka brands
Nathalie Thomas                      produced by William G!ant &           in them. It needs to be talked
BusinessCorrespondent                Sons.                                 about." He. hopes the vodka,
                                        Price said: "Gin has been          which is to be launched later
                                     talked about as the up and com-       this year, will strike a chord
 A FORMER director of Maxxi-         ing category for a while now but      with the increasing number of
'urn, the global drinks distribu-    its time is probably now. At the      Britons whowantto know what
 tion giant, has set up an artisan   top end, a lot of people are re-      exactly goes into their food
 spirits company in Fife using       discovering it:'                      products.
 his redundancy money.                  Price hopes that Radost,              Price has set up Park Place
    Martin Price, who was mar-       which means pleasure or joy in        Drinks with his wife Sue who
 keting director for Maxxium in      Czech, will be able to make its       previously     worked for the
 Germany until December 2008,                                              Edrington Group, maker of The
 is seeking to take advantage of
 Britons' growing interest in
                                     'Gin has been                         Famous Grouse and Highland
 boutique gin and vodka with
 his firm Park Place Drinks.
                                     talked about for                         So far th~ couple have
                                                                           ploughed £100,000 of their
    He hopes his premium gin,
 called SW4, and his high-end
                                     a while now... at                     own money into the firm but
                                                                           Price said the start-up is likely
 vodka, Radost, Will compete
 with the likes of Bombay Sap-
                                     the top end, a lot                    to need at least double that in-
                                                                           vestment to reach his goal of
.phire and Absolut vodka.
. The two spirits have been de-
                                     of people are                         100,000 bottles of gin by the
                                                                           end ofthe year.
.veloped in partnership       with   re-discovering it'                       As well as marketing and ,dis-
.Thames Distillers in south Lon-                                           tributing its own brand, Park
 don.                                mark in the already crowded           Place Drinks will also operate a
    Price said there is particular   premium vodka market by dis-          distribution business for other
.scope for growth in the UK          tinguishing itself as·a brand         brands.
 premium gin market, with the        which is free of unwanted in-            The firm is acting as the UK
 resurgence of specialist gin        gredients such as glycerin or         distributor    for Q Tonic, an
 bars and the increasing pop-        citric acid.                          i'uber tonic" from North Amer-
 ularity of high end brands such        He said: "I didn't realise until   ica which is made using quinine .
,as Bombay Sapphire            and   I came to make Radost that so         sourced from the slopes of the'
Hendrick's, the Scottish gin         many vodkas have these things         Peruvian Andes.                   Park Place Drinks is starting out with SW4 gin and Radost v~ka to compete with Bombay Sapphire and Absolut vodka Photograph:PhilWilkinson