PLAYBOYS by hjkuiw354


									                    OY S
            PL AY B

                    hen Chris Wirasinha and Oscar Martin met at ad agency Universal               Motorola just confirmed, Virgin Atlantic is about to fly the boys to London to shoot
                    McCann, they soon started to cook up all manner of creative ideas. They       future issues. No one is safe, it seems, as the boys are about to turn their cameras on
                    originally thought about producing a TV pilot for a lifestyle show, but       Follow. In a slick collaboration, Follow and Pedestrian will work together, styling
     knowing they would be at the mercy of fickle programmers and producers, they                  segments and dressing Buck in some serious international threads. Pedestrian will
     thought they’d go it alone. Pedestrian was the answer, fashion street press on a DVD,        also feature Follow’s editorial projects, parties and fashion shoots.
     flashy, fun and immediate.                                                                      The boys are serious about the project, planning to expand the brand and encompass
       “I guess we wanted to create something that doesn’t assume people are idiots,”             other creative possibilities, but the emphasis is still on having fun.
     says Chris. “Mass media always targets the lowest common denominator. We wanted              Chris, Oscar and Buck are on the streets most days filming for future issues,
     to do things a little differently.” Launched a few months ago, issue one was a boisterous,   interviewing their favourite bands, hot models and fashion celebs, crashing parties and
     lo-fi affair, a chance for Chris and Oscar to have fun and prove their worth. With a few      high-profile events.
     chance straight-ups on the street, presenter Buck Palmer flirted with Bondi bikini              So, it’s not all work, work, work. Issue one featured any number of particularly
     babes, interviewed local designers, explored misty-lens parties, and gave airtime to         attractive women, which begs the question – are the boys just in it for the ladies?
     the obligatory tanked up reveller. What the film lacked in technical know-how it made         “Well,” admits Chris, “It does make it a bit easier.”
     up with youthful exuberance.
       “The response has been phenomenal,” says Chris, citing a forum listing
                                                                                                  Photographed by Paul Scala
     5000 messages in response to their first issue. It seems that the big name advertisers        Styled by Caterina Scardino. The boys wear Gucci white shirts and black dinner suits.
     are quick to catch on too, although Chris and Oscar are a rather persuasive pair. With       Grooming by Lou lou.

     208      F O L L O W

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