How To Drive A Golf Ball

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					How To Drive A Golf Ball

The tee shot is the ego shot in golf. Learning how to drive a golf ball far is way up on the
list for most beginning golfers. The only problem is most amateur and beginner golfers drive
it way shorter than they want to, because their golf swing technique is not proper to
encourage longer golf drives.

Strengthen Your Golf Grip

One very effective way to quickly improve driving distance is to have a proper golf grip. The
preference is a strong one so you can rotate the clubface over through impact encouraging a
draw and more yards when it hits the ground.

Golf Ball Position Forward

To promote maximum launch angle you need an ascending blow on the golf ball. Positioning it
up in your stance, just inside your left heel will make it much easier to hit "up on the ball".

Spine Tilt

This is where beginner golfers screw up. Instead of a spine angle away from the target at
impact, many have either a vertical one, or even worse, one that is more towards the target,
encouraging a descending blow resulting in pop ups.

That's just a few simple golf tips to get you on the right track to hitting your golf drives
long and straight.

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