Wrestling 101 - Hints for a successful wrestling season by pptfiles


									                         Hints for a successful wrestling season
                 Especially for new members – written by a PWC parent

   1. Do not feed you child a large meal within 1 hour of practice – feed him a small
        meal/healthy snack to give him energy throughout the 2 hour practice.
   2. Designate a “wrestling bag” to keep wrestling shoes, head-gear, water bottle, and
        have them put their clothes, shoes and jackets in the bag during practice to keep
        all their personal items in one place.
   3. Arrive 10 minutes early to allow time to take off long pants, coats and put on
        wrestling shoes – wrestling shoes should not be worn outside and must be
        changed in the gym.
   4. Encourage you child to listen to the coaches, there is a lot to learn and it is
        difficult to hear instructions in the gym if they are talking.
   5. Parents are normally allowed to watch the first few weeks. If you leave you child,
        please arrive 10 minutes early to pick them up as practice end times vary by 5-10
        minutes before or after the hour.
   6. Make sure your child eats healthy and replenishes food and water – you may want
        to consider a good multi-vitamin supplement.
   7. Make sure you child showers after every practice and help them keep their nails
        clipped at least once a week.
   8. Practices are hard work, keep encouraging them and they should start to feel
   1. There is normally an option to attend a tournament each weekend throughout the
        months of December, January, and February. Please review the options and
        confirm your plans to attend by the sign-up deadline. There is normally a $15 fee
        for registration paid to the hosting club. Some of these tournaments are better for
        newer wrestlers, some of for experienced wrestlers but most are for both types.
   2. The day before the tournament: print off directions and pack a bag of supplies
        such as fruit, water bottles, snacks, and money for admissions ($3-5/adult) &
        concessions. If you pack a cooler, most tournaments do not allow coolers in the
        gym so you may need to leave this in your car. Some tournaments have
        stadium/bleacher seating so you can bring a blanket or cushions and some have
        open field house where you need to bring your own folding chairs. If you choose
        to bring electronic equipment such as games and i-pods, you will need to keep a
        good eye on them and limit their use to short breaks after the matches – these are
        great for siblings but can become distracting for the wrestlers. Make sure that you
        check finger nails and encourage a good night sleep. Pack the wrestling bag with
        the IKWF id cards, shoes, and headgear and locate singlet to be put on in the
        morning (or pack it and change at the tournament for weigh-ins).
   3. Confirm the sign-in/weigh-in requirements for the tournament – most occur on
        the day of the tournament between 6:30 – 8:00 but some occur the day before the
        tournament. It’s best to arrive early for weigh-ins and then eat breakfast after the
        wrestler weigh-in at either the cafeteria or leave and drive to a restaurant (or bring
        breakfast). Warm-ups start 1 hour prior to the meet so have breakfast complete
        and be ready for warm-ups by 8:00 (matches normally start around 9:00am).
   4.   We normally try to sit together as a team, so look for PWC club members
        (normally dressed in green) when you arrive to sit together. The wrestlers sit
        with their families during the tournament. Normally, the tournament occurs in
        one room but some of the bigger tournaments have two rooms – one for the
        younger boys and one for the older boys. Wrestlers will be called to the “bull
        pen” to be placed in brackets/groups for wrestling. They normally start at the
        youngest but listen to announcements as there is variety in this process also. The
        following are the age groups as of the wrestlers age at Dec 31st: Tots 5-6yrs,
        bantam 7-8yrs, Intermediates 9-10yrs, novice 11-12 yrs, & seniors 13-14 yrs.
        Brackets are grouped based upon weight with some consideration given for
        experience level. Brackets are usually written on the wrestlers hand with a letter
        (A for lightest weight, through ZZ depending upon the number of brackets).
        Normally, the younger wrestlers (8 or under) are in 4 man brackets and wrestle
        two matches. Normally, the older wrestlers (9 and above) are in 8 man brackets
        and wrestle up to 3 matches (if they loose their first two, they do not wrestle a
        third time). Again, there is variety of rules for brackets and they do not always
        end up even so there could be “bye” matches or different size brackets. Brackets
        are usually posted around 9am on walls for parents/wrestlers to view. Ask a
        coach for help if you do not know if you son is done for the day.
   5.   Normally you can see the wrestling matches from your seat. If you need to move,
        please be aware that there are rules on how close you can stand near the mats.
        Usually there are ropes up – do not cross the ropes. Please remember to keep you
        comments positive – the coaches will be given your son instructions during the
        match and your son will most likely not hear what you are yelling anyway.
   6.   Normally, metals and trophies are passed out when the matches are complete –
        this is another area with much variety. Normally, metals are given to all persons
        in the tots and bantam age 4 man brackets and the top 5 in the 8 man brackets.
        Sometimes, trophies are given to the 1st place winners. Normally, metals/trophy
        requirements are posted on the hosting school website. Take time to celebrate
        their wins and encourage them to “never give up” and keep working and they
        will become better wrestlers.
   7.   Tournament lengths vary based upon the type of facility (one or two rooms), the
        number of wrestlers, number of mats/referees, and the abilities of the hosting
        team. PWC works hard to register our team for the best tournaments in the area.
        Plan on tournaments lasting to around noon for tots and bantams and 2:00 for
        intermediates & 3:00 for novice/seniors.

I hope these hints help you to get started with wrestling. Enjoy the season.

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