The Fall Season Treasure Hunt by malj


									                                                    Nicole Groves

             The Fall Season Treasure Hunt

      We will be learning about the fall season and all of the
neat things that happen in this season like Halloween (BOO),
Thanksgiving (YUMMY), and so much more. You will conduct
an investigation to learn more about this great time of year.
You are going to use the links below to answer the given
questions. P.S. Have Fun!

                                                Here is a great
                                                picture of the
                                                leaves that have
                                                changed color in
                                                the fall season.

   Changing of the Leaves

1.Why do the leaves change color in the fall?

2. What are 3 factors that influence the “degree and
duration of fall colors”?

   Halloween

3.Who did Frankenstein take to the prom? (HA HA HA)
4.Write 3 of the most important safety issues for you when

5.What is the most popular trick-or-treat candy?

6. On what day is Halloween and who started Halloween?

   Thanksgiving

7. What color of clothes did many of the pilgrim children

8.Why did the first Americans observe in rituals and
ceremonies in what we know as Thanksgiving?

9.What was the name of the boat that sailed the pilgrims
over to this country?

10. Name 2 things that were eaten at the first Thanksgiving

After looking over all of this information can you briefly name
some of the special events that happen during the fall season?
Can you also think of at least 2 other events that happen in
this season that maybe differ form traditional beliefs or are
part of your family traditions?

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