Study Guide for Maps and Globes

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                                Maps & Globes
                                STUDY GUIDE

 map – a drawing that shows where places are located and what they look like
  from above
 map legend or map key – shapes and symbols that stand for objects on a map
 globe – a round model of the earth
 compass rose – shows the directions on a map (north, east, south, west)
 equator – imaginary line that runs east to west and divides the earth into the
  northern and southern hemispheres
 continent – a large body of land on the earth
 ocean – a large body of water on the earth

 Be able to label a compass rose correctly: North, South, East, & West.
  Remember to “Never Eat Sour Watermelon!”
 Be able to name the continents and oceans by shape and location. For example,
  there will be a map with all continents numbered. You must be able to tell me
  what number North America or Europe is.

 Be able to name all 7 continents and 4 oceans.
            7 continents               4 oceans
           North America            Atlantic Ocean
           South America            Pacific Ocean
               Europe               Indian Ocean
                Asia                Arctic Ocean

 Be able to label the following rivers on a map of the United States:
  1. James River (in Virginia)
  2. Mississippi River (west of Virginia)
  3. Rio Grande River (far western U.S.)
 Be able to label the following mountains & lakes on a map of the United States:
  1. Appalachian Mountains (in Virginia)
  2. Rocky Mountains (western U.S)
  3. Great Lakes (Northern U.S.)