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July/August 2010                                   Volume 10 #3


An Indoor Triathlon was held in the Stephens      In mid-August, we’ll be replacing almost all of
Fitness Center and Dillon Pool on April 28. A     our selectorized (weight-stacked) machines in
total of 7 fitness enthusiasts competed as 3-     the fitness center. The equipment served us
person teams with one participant swimming                      well for 10.5 years – one piece
roughly one-half mile, one cycling 7 miles and                  was nearly 18 years old – but it
one running 4 miles. (There were two 3-                         was time to be replaced.
person teams; one person competed solo.)
The event was won by JSS with a total time of                   Look for new versions of many
57:41. Team members were Julie Dickerson                        standard machines that are
‘10, Sam Dorison ‘11 and Sarah Van Cleve ‘12.                   needed for a comprehensive
                                                                workout such as the leg press
Here are the top individual male and female                     and leg extension. But you’ll also
performers in the event:                          have access to some selectorized pieces that
                                                  we’ve never had such as a seated calf
•   Swim: Julie Dickerson ‘10 (9:55) and Ivan     extension, seated dip and pectoral fly/posterior
    Camponogara ‘13 (11:37).                      deltoid (pictured).
•   Bike: Sam Dorison ‘11 (19:56) and
    Jonathan Choo ‘13 (22:28).                    You’ll sure to be wowed by the design and
•   Run: Sarah Van Cleve ‘12 (27:50) and          function of the new equipment.
    Olivia Guayasamin ‘13 (31:31).
                                                  KEEP IT CLEAN
                                                  Speaking of fitness equipment, we take great
There appears to be a fairly strong association   pride in its appearance. But we can’t do it
between a moderate consumption of alcohol         alone. As a way to encourage users to wipe
and heart attacks. However, the link has been                               down their cardio
less consistent with stroke. Most studies that                              equipment, we’ve
examined alcohol consumption and stroke                                     added     custom-
didn’t consider the role of dietary and other                               made stickers as
lifestyle differences among various types of                                reminders   (made
drinkers (such as wine drinkers, beer drinkers                              by Put Me Back, a
and so on).                                                                 New Jersey based
In one study, researchers followed 38,156 men
(aged 40-75) for 14 years. The men were           Besides keeping the equipment looking good,
enrolled in the Health Professionals Follow-up    wiping down sweat will lengthen its lifespan.
Study and included dentists, veterinarians,       Plus, it’s part of standard “gym etiquette”; hey,
optometrists,     pharmacists,      osteopathic   who wants to get on a piece of equipment
physicians and podiatrists.                       that’s drowning in sweat from the previous
                                                  user?     Most importantly, though, using the
The study found a correlation between an          disinfectant in the spray bottles that are
increased risk of stroke and consuming three      provided near all equipment is a great
drinks or more per day but not two drinks or      preventative measure against communicable
less per day. The lowest risk for stroke was in   diseases like the flu.
those who consumed a moderate amount of
alcohol (1-2 drinks) 3-4 days per week.           WE’RE ON FACEBOOK

Interestingly, the type of alcohol is a factor.   Gain free access to dozens of insightful fitness
This particular study suggested that red wine     and nutrition articles on our Blog and watch
was more protective against stroke than white     tutorial training videos that will teach you how
wine, beer and liquor.                            to perform many exercises. To join, just type
                                                  “Princeton University-Stephens Fitness Center”
Source: Annals of Internal Medicine               in the Facebook Search Box.

Picnic season is in full swing and that means      Beginning July 1, you can purchase punch
an increased possibility for some type of food     cards on-line for Group Fitness, Yoga/Pilates
sickness. With that in mind, here are some         and Spinning. To do this, visit our website at
tips for food safety during the summer   
                                                   For more information about Group and
•    Wash your hands with soap and water for       Instructional Fitness Programs, contact Brian
     at least 20 seconds before touching any       Monsen at 8-8549 or
     food or handling raw meat.
•    Rinse fresh fruits and vegetables under       SUMMER INTERN
     running water before packing them.
•    Organize your coolers with drinks in one      Morgan Nelsen, a senior health-fitness major
     and perishables in another.                   at Gustavus Adolphus College (St. Peter, MN),
•    Separate cooked food from raw.                is doing a summer internship with us. She
•    Cook burgers to 160 degrees F.                becomes the 30th intern that we’ve had in the
                                                   fitness center since we began hosting
Source: Consumer Reports                                          internships in 1995.

GO FIGURE                                                           In July, Morgan will split her
                                                                    time between the Stephens
The fastest time for running a 26.2-mile                            Fitness Center and Stadium
marathon is 2:03:59 (hours:minutes:seconds).                        Weight Room where she will
But here are some other records for running                         work with the Strength and
the marathon:                                                       Conditioning Staff.

The fastest time (hours:minutes) while . . .                       After she receives her degree,
                                                   Morgan plans to enter graduate school for
    pushing a stroller - 2:32                      either corporate fitness or physical therapy.
    dressed as a vegetable (carrot) - 3:34         She set a record among interns for the
    dressed as a fruit (orange) - 4:32             greatest distance between her school and
    dressed as an animal (ostrich) - 3:42          Princeton University: 1,237 miles!
    bouncing a basketball - 3:48
    wearing stilts - 8:25                          FITNESS STAFF NEWS
    juggling 3 beanbags - 2:50
    running backward - 3:43                        Matt Brzycki, Assistant Director of Campus
                                                   Recreation, Fitness, finished third in the 200
Source: Runner's World                             (29.89) and the 400 (1:04.33) in his age group
                                                   (50-54) at the 2010 Mid-Atlantic Open and
GO FIGURE AGAIN                                    Masters     Outdoor     Track     and     Field
                                                   Championships at Widener College in Chester,
Periodically, we look at usage statistics of our   PA.    His time in the 400 was below the
                cardio equipment, especially       qualifying standard of 1:06.20 for the 2011
                the bikes and treadmills.          Summer National Senior Games in Houston.

               In a recent check, we found out
               that our 20 treadmills had                         FITNESS STAFF
               clocked 237,657.84 miles which                       (258-3520)
               is roughly the distance between
                                                     Asst Director/Campus Rec Fitness: Matt Brzycki
               here and the moon!           In
                                                     Morning Manager: Colt Murphy, Ed.D.
               crunching the numbers for that        Evening Manager: Itai Boublil
time period, we calculated that the 20               Equipment Repair Specialist: Ross Re
treadmills got about 540.45 miles per day or         Fitness Supervisors and Personal Trainers:
27.02 miles per day per treadmill.                   Susan Crane, James DeVincenzi, Derek Grego
                                                     ‘12, Tyrell Hall ‘12, Dick Hueber ‘55, Dan
Or look at it this way: Each day, users of the       Kowalski ‘12, Joseph Mislan, David Ogden, John
                                                     Pesce, Ross Re, Sharon Rodgers, Ph.D. *08,
facility logged a little more than a 26.2-mile
                                                     Tina VanDerMeiren and Ernest Wang ‘12.
marathon on each of the 20 treadmills.