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                                Please contact your local recreation centre for more information.
           Administration of Medication                                                 NSF Cheques
           If a program participant requires medication to be administered or           HRM Charges an NSF Fee (non sufficient funds fee) on cheques
           stored by staff during the program, please complete the medication           that do not clear. You will be required to pay by cash, or debit/
           form available at your recreation centre. These forms are to be filled       credit card following notification of the NSF, plus the NSF Fee.
           out by a parent/guardian and family doctor and returned to the centre
           prior to the start of the program.                                     Payment Options
                                                                                  Payment plans are available by calling your local recreation centre.
           Age Policies                                                           If your financial circumstances make it difficult for you to pay the
           Program participants must meet the required age within one month       full fee for a program, call your local recreation centre/office and

           following the start of the program. Please note that some programs may ask to speak to the Community Recreation Coordinator. Various
           be exempt from this policy due to guidelines set by outside governing  options are available.
           agencies.                                                              Program Cancellation
                                                                                        You will receive a full refund or credit if the program for which
           55+ (Senior’s Discount)
                                                                                        you have registered is cancelled by HRM. HRM reserves the right
           Individuals who are 55 years of age and older who sign up for adult fee
                                                                                        to cancel any program or change class times and/or locations. Do
           programs are eligible to receive a 25% Senior’s Discount off the full
                                                                                        not wait until the last minute to register, as programs with low
           adult rate. Please Note: A few selected programs may be exempt from
                                                                                        registration may be cancelled.
           this discount.

           Course Requirements                                                          If Halifax Regional Municipality cancels, changes the date, location
           All participants must meet the course requirements stated in the             or content of the program, a refund or credit will be given auto-
           Recreation Catalogue. In the event the client does not meet course           matically and pro-rated if applicable.
           requirements, customers may call their local Community Recreation            Program Changes
           Centre and speak to a program supervisor for clarification and review.       Due to the advanced printing of the Recreation Catalougue: fees,
                                                                                        dates, times, and locations of programs are subject to change. For
           Inclusion                                                                    the most up to date information on recreation programs, visit
           All staff welcome and encourage your participation                           www.halifax.ca/recconnect
           HRM Community Recreation Services is committed to providing safe
           and accessible services and activities for all persons. Persons with         Pro-rating Program Fees
           special needs are welcome to attend any recreation activity compatible       Program fees may be pro-rated based on the number of classes
           with their interests, abilities and needs. We view inclusion as a            remaining. For evaluated or instructional programs, ie. swimming,
           partnership between HRM staff and families.                                  pro-rated classes will be allowed up to the third class.
           HRM recreation staff encourage everyone to get active:                       Program Satisfaction Guarantee
           - we meet family and individuals prior to the start of the program to        Halifax Regional Municipality is committed to the satisfaction of all
           identify appropriate program options and supports required to assist         participants in our recreation programs.
           the participant
           - we will make every effort to accommodate support requirements              If you have attended a program and are not satisfied, Community
           based on HRM resources and service demands                                   Recreation Services will provide a refund or credit, pro-rated from
           - we encourage parents and/or individuals to visit the programs              the date of notification.
           - we provide program orientation and training to staff                       Refund Policy
           You can help make the Inclusion experience a success by:                     Halifax Regional Municipality is committed to the satisfaction of all par-
           - contacting HRM a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the program start             ticipants in our recreation programs.
           date                                                                         If Halifax Regional Municipality cancels, changes the date, location or
           - assisting staff in identifying the recreational interests of you or your   content of the program, a refund or credit will be given automatically
           child                                                                        and pro-rated if applicable.
           - sharing relevant information that will promote a successful
           experience                                                                   If the customer is not satisfied with the program or has to withdraw
           - completing the participant information forms and review medical and        for any reason, Community Recreation Services will provide a refund or
           behavioural policies                                                         credit, pro-rated from the date of notification.
           - connecting with program staff at least two weeks prior to start of
                                                                                        Refunds must be processed by the Recreation Centre
                                                                                        responsible for the program. If fees were paid by credit card, a refund will
           - assist in the training of staff to meet the participant’s need/
                                                                                        appear on your credit card statement. If paid by cash, cheque or debit
           requirements when applicable and appropriate within HRM policies and
                                                                                        card, a refund cheque will be processed and mailed to the customer
                                                                                        within two to four weeks.
           - committing to open communication and problem solving with staff
           We see inclusion as a partnership between HRM staff and families.            Program prices include HST where applicable.
           We believe inclusive and accessible leisure services are essential to
           everyone’s quality of life.
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