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Life Settlements


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									 Life Settlements
                                                                                                       Debenture Offering

                                                                                                       • 10% Annual Return

                                                                                                       • $25,000 min. investment

                                                                                                       • RRSP/RRIF eligible

                                                                                                       • LIRA/LRIF eligible

                                                                           Investment Offering

What are Life Settlements?
Many senior citizens in the United        purchase these policies at a discount
States hold life insurance policies       to the face value and subsequently
that they no longer need or want.         become the owner and beneficiary of
Instead of letting the policy lapse or    the policy.
surrender it back to the life
                                          The Life Settlement industry first
insurance company for its cash
                                          emerged in Europe in the early 1900’s,
value, seniors are selling these
                                          but was only available for the
unwanted policies in the secondary
                                          extremely wealthy. In the early ‘90s this
market for substantially more
                                          industry expanded to the US with the
                                          growing number of AIDs patients
This secondary market for life            looking for alternative means to
insurance policies is called the Life     supplement the high cost of their
Settlements Market.         Investors     medication and health care.

Invest with Confidence
Investors can retire with confidence      economic upheavals, as well as
by investing in Life Settlement           interest   rate   fluctuations.       This
investments.                              investment is founded on contractual
                                          agreements      with    life    insurance
Life Settlement investments are a                                                                          Get Focused on
                                          companies that are Standard & Poors
unique asset class in that they are
                                          ‘A’ rated or better.                                            your 10% Solution
one of the few investments that
offer predictable returns. As well,       Now that is something you can truly                              and Watch your
Life Settlement policies get more         feel great about!
                                                                                                            Savings Grow.
valuable over time.
Life Settlement investments are not
affected by volatile changes in the
stock     market,    political and

  Focused Money Solutions Inc.   Head Office ● 800 - 6th Avenue SW , Suite 410 ● Calgary, Alberta, Canada ● T2P 3G3 ● Ph: (403) 229-4420
                                                       Life Settlements Debenture Offering
                                                       Focused Money has created a                        and LIRA/LRIF eligible and the
                                                       Debenture Offering for the                         interest   earned     on   the
                                                       purposes of acquiring Life                         debentures is placed directly
                                                       Settlement policies.                               into these accounts.
                                                       Debentures     are  a   debt                       Investors also have the option
                                                       instrument issued by Focused                       to purchase Warrants of the
                                                       Money that pay investors 10%                       common stock of Focused
                                                       per annum on their invested                        Money.
                                                                                                          Warrants give the holder the
                                                       The minimum investment is                          right to purchase common
                                                       $25,000    and    the  interest                    shares of Focused Money at a
                                                       payments are distributed to                        set price.
                                                       investors on a monthly basis.
                                                       Investors also have the option                     This is an excellent opportunity
                                                       to    reinvest   the   interest                    for investors to participate in
                                                       payments.                                          the growth of a Life Settlement
                                                       The Debenture Offering from
                                                       Focused Money is RRSP/RRIF

About Focused Money
Focused Money Solutions Inc. (FMSI) was
incorporated for the purposes of creating
unique investment opportunities for today’s

In 2006, FMSI created a Limited Partnership
offering of Life Settlements which successfully
acquired a $49 million dollar portfolio of policies.
When the offering reached its maximum, FMSI
conducted extensive research before rolling out
a new Life Settlement offering. The company
wanted to create a new offering of Life
Settlements that would not only provide
investors with predictable returns, but also allow
investors to participate in the growing Life
Settlement industry.

FMSI participates directly in the Life Settlement
industry by purchasing policies for the Offerings
as well as brokering policies for institutional
investors. FMSI sources and assembles quality
Life Settlement portfolios and market them to
financial institutions.

On August 12, 2009 FMSI successfully obtained
listing on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in
Germany. Trading commenced under the
symbol 1FS.F. Trading on the FSE will allow FMSI
to tap into the established European market
and enjoy favorable tax treatment.
                                                         DISCLOSURE:  The  investment  described  in  this  document  is  offered  by  way  of  Offering 
FMSI has grown over 76% per year since                   Memorandum and Subscription Agreement only.  The associated risks outlined in the Offering 
                                                         Get Focused on your Money!
inception and is expecting to continue this solid        Memorandum  and  all  potential  investors  are  encouraged  to  review  the  Offering 
growth trend in the future.                               Memorandum in conjunction with this document.  Rates of return are not guaranteed. 

                                                                                                         Visit us online: www.focusedmoney.ca

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