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Lydia Parista

Definition of Fever

 Fever also known as pyrexia, from the Greek pyretos meaning fire ,or a febrile response , from the latin word febris meaning fever.

 Fever arise effect " Make-Up of this body temperature because of circulating it a small molecule in our body is called PIROGEN IS THE HOT COUSE OF ESSENCE.

 Cause the happening of make-up of forming of pirogen, like infection, chafe, ferocity, allergic, teething, etc.

Fever way to overcome.
 drink juicyly, because fever can cause to dehydration.  Child compress with warm water.  Give medicinize or acetaminophen of paracetamol like tempra, panadol, or paracetol, tylenol, according to dose. Medicinize hot given, If temperature above 38.5C, or if/when child of uncomfortable. Better don't give fever drug if heat do not too high ( below/under 38.5oC

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