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       Nipping Problems in the Bud
                  For Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders

  Have you ever wondered how a small issue blew into something bigger?

How can you effectively manage inappropriate behaviour in the workplace?

                         How do you nip the problem in the bud?

Program Overview                                                 Benefits
Sometimes the boundary between appropriate and                   This workshop will provide you with the
inappropriate workplace behaviour can seem a bit blurred,        strategies and practical skills required to
hence it’s not always easy for managers to know what to,         identify and manage inappropriate
how to, or when to address behavioural-based workplace           behaviour in the workplace. You will learn
issues.                                                          strategies to identify and manage issues
                                                                 before they escalate into bigger problems.
This workshop emphasises the role the manager can and must
play in the early intervention of complaints that are reported   Program Details
to them or any inappropriate behaviour that they observe.
                                                                 Who should attend:
Key Objectives                                                   Managers, Supervisors and Team Leaders.
This 4 hour workshop will help you to:                           Date and time:
                                                                 16 June, 2011; 9am – 1pm.
      distinguish between appropriate / inappropriate
       behaviour and understand the differences between
       discrimination, harassment and bullying                   Venue:
                                                                 Level 14, 115 Grenfell Street.
      recognise the impact and implications of
       inappropriate behaviour in the workplace and              Presenters:
       learn strategies to manage them                           This workshop is presented by the Equal
                                                                 Opportunity Commission.
      understand your responsibility in managing
       workplace complaints and find out what resources          Enrolment:
       are available to support you                              This workshop is limited to 15 participants.
      learn how to manage potential issues before they          Please enrol using the course booking
       become a complaint                                        system.
      understand the legislative frameworks that inform
       management practices

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