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Fall 2010 Newsletter - Microchip MemberCard Debit Card rolled out


									                                      The Motor City

                                       Monitor Community Credit Union Members’ Newsletter
                                                                                                                Fall 2010
     Great acceptance! Faster transactions!
Microchip MemberCard Debit                                                                                   Excellent Rates
Card rolled out                                                                                             for our Members
            Most members who possess Motor City’s                 debit card. When shopping at                    Mortgages are at
             MemberCard debit card will soon receive a            a retail location with a chip-
              replacement card containing the latest in           reading terminal, you will insert               *3.65% - 3 year
                microchip technology, as well as a new Personal   your card into the terminal,                    *3.99% - 5 year
                 Identification Number (PIN.) The new PIN will    removing it when prompted at
                                                                                                                   *O.A.C. Limited Time Offer
                   be mailed to you separately.                   the end of the transaction. If
                                                                  you shop at a retailer that does
                        This new generation technology will       not have a chip-reading                  Put your Money Where
                          make a safe payment method even         terminal, your card will be                   Your Trust Is
                            more secure. Aside from the           swiped as it is now.
                                                                                                                   Check our website
                              enhanced security, chip cards
                                                                                                             for our most current deposit,
                                bring many benefits such as       When you receive your new
                                                                                                               mortgage and loan rates.
                                greater card acceptance           MemberCard, please sign your
                                worldwide.                        new card and cut up and                       
                                                                  destroy your old MemberCard.
                               You will still input a Personal
                               Identification Number (PIN)        Finally, if you want to change the PIN that has been assigned to
                               when you use your MemberCard       you, please visit your nearest MCCCU branch.

 Annual General Meeting 2010                                                                              M.A. GIC
                                                                                                 Motor Accelerated GIC
Board member and New Board Chair                                                                  3 Year Tiered M.A. GIC
Thanks to all members and guests                        Here is your newly elected                    Yr 1 – 1.25%* Yr 2 – 2.40%*
who attended our 6th AGM on                             Board of Directors:                           Yr 3 – 4.50%*
June 16 at the Ciociaro Club.                            Joe Graziano – President                     Effective Yield - 2.71%*
                                                         Charles Pope – Vice President
Meet your new Board Chair                                Wayne Lessard - Secretary                5 Year Tiered M.A. GIC
   – Joe Graziano                                        Margaret Galad
                                                                                                      Yr 1 – 1.25%* Yr 2 – 2.10%*
A St. Clair College professor of                         Marc Moore
Accounting and Finance, Joe                              Barb Nahnybida
                                                                                                      Yr 3 – 2.75%* Yr 4 – 4.50%*
Graziano has been a member of the                        Jim Angus                                    Yr 5 – 6.00%*
MCCCU Board for four years. His                          Arunas Januska                               Effective Yield - 3.31%*
experience in finance includes                           Andre Mailloux                           Both 3 Year and 5 Year GIC:
investments, credit issurance, and                       Don Fraser (New)                         • RRSP eligible
                                                                                                  • Offer compounding interest
                                                                                                                                     • Minimum - $500
                                                                                                                                       Youth Minimum - $100

financial management.                                                                             • 100% safe, secured, insured

                                                          Thank-you to all who attended.                                          * Rates subject to change.

Inside            2      • Finding the perfect home
                           for you
                         • Thank you letter from CYL
                           camper                      3
                                                              • Financial tips for parents
                                                                young adults
                                                              • Student scholarship
                                                                recipients                       4
                                                                                                               • We’ve been busy in the
                                                                                                                 community this summer!

                                                                                                               • Co-op Week celebration
                                                                                                                                                                * Rates subject to change.
                                                                                                                                                              Terms and conditions apply.

this Issue               • Member News - Kelly Hoppe
                                                              • MCCCU staff news
Finding the perfect home for you. The basics of smart home buying.
Things have changed. Where once you put all your faith in your                       • Upon leaving, rate each home on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10
realtor to search listings and find you the perfect home, now                          being highest.
much of the power is in your hands. Almost 80% of all home
searches today begin on the internet. With just a few mouse                          View top choices a second time.
clicks, home buyers can search hundreds of online listings, view                     After touring homes for a few days,       MCCCU
virtual tours and sort through aerial shots of neighborhoods. By                     you will probably instinctively know
the time you reach your realtor’s office, you are halfway to home                    which one or two homes you prefer.      Mortgage as low
ownership.                                                                           Ask to tour them again. You may
                                                                                     see them with different eyes and
                                                                                                                               as 3.65%!*
How long should it take to find the right home?                                      notice elements that were                  *Certain conditions apply.
                                                                                                                                   Limited time offer.
A motivated buyer will usually find a home within two weeks.                         overlooked the first time.
Studies show that most buyers view the home they will eventually
purchase within the first two days of looking.                                       At this point, your realtor
                                                                                     should call the listing agents to
How many homes will a buyer see?                                                     find out more about the sellers’
Although it’s physically possible to see 20-30 homes in day, you                     motivation and to double-
probably will not remember specific details due to brain overload.                   check that these homes
                                                                                     are still available.
Don’t rely solely on memory. Rate the homes you view.
• Bring a digital camera and begin each series of photos with a                      Looking for an excellent
  close-up of the house number.                                                      mortgage?
• Take copious notes of unusual features, colours and design                         Call MCCCU today
  elements.                                                                          and talk to a financial
• Pay attention to surroundings. Do bigger home tower over                           representative about
  you?                                                                               getting started.
• Do you like the location? Is it near a park or busy business?

“…leadership through words Ugandan credit union manager
and actions.”              learns much from MCCCU
                                                                                       Ruth Kaseregenyi, from Uganda, a general manager from the
The following is a thank you note received from Georgia                                Rushere Savings and Credit Co-operative (SACCO), visited
LaMarre. Motor City sponsored her to attend the Co-operative                           MCCCU in June. Part of the Canadian Co-operative
                                                                                       Association’s Women’s Mentoring Program, Ruth came here
Young Leaders camp (CYL). (Edited for space)                                           to develop skills in recruiting more women members to the
Motor City Community Credit Union:                                                     SACCO, to effectively supervise her five branches and their staff,
I am writing to thank you for sponsoring me to attend CYL camp. It                     and to effectively choose the right loan applicants.
was an unbelievable experience that allowed me to enhance my
leadership skills, meet new people, expand my perspectives and                         “This provides a great shared learning experience between the
increase my understanding of the co-op system.                                         credit unions in our program and the Canadian host credit
                                                                                       unions,” says Katherine Clark of the CCA Women’s Mentoring
I gained valuable perspectives. It was such a non-judgmental and                       Program.
open atmosphere. The facilitators were extremely supportive,
demonstrating leadership through words and actions.                                    Thanks Eve Sigfrid for co-ordinating this opportunity for us all.

                                                                                        Member News
Most of the activities focused on teamwork and problem solving. They
encouraged us to really think about leadership and how we could use
it. I now am much more informed about the co-op sector.

My week at CYL was filled with laughter, friendships, and fun and I                               MCCCU member Kelly Hoppe played the saxophone
am a different person and a better leader because of it. Thank you                                 during the American national anthem on CBC’s
                                             for sponsoring me and                                  Hockey Night in Canada on April 3. It was the
                                             helping me create these                                     last game of the regular season for the
                                             memories.                                                         Toronto Maple Leafs, playing Boston, at
                                                                                                                 the Air Canada Centre. Another member
                                                   With Gratitude                                                of Big Sugar, Gordie Johnson, played
                                                    Georgia LaMarre                                    O Canada on his double-necked electric guitar.

                                                          Interested in                MCCCU recently conducted a non-member survey at the
                                                          attending CYL camp?          University of Windsor and St. Clair College during Student
                                                          Contact your nearest         Orientation Week. We were interested to hear what non-members
                                                          MCCCU Branch                 thought about credit unions in general and MCCCU specifically.
                                                           Manager for details and     This is how MCCCU ensures that we communicate better with our
Georgia LaMarre with Drake Reid, Tec East Branch Manager. an application.              community. Look for more surveys during
                                                                                       Co-op Week.
Finanical tips for parents                                           This year, four students benefited from the Ron Bate scholarship

of young adults who have                                             of $500 each. Next year, MCCCU is expanding its commitment to
                                                                     students and will be rewarding six scholarships. Applications are
                                                                     available now online and in the branches.

left the nest                                                        The deserving students who received MCCCU Scholarships in 2010
Yesterday your child was in high school, today in college/
university. How do you prepare them for the many new                 Jocelyn Charlton, a graduate of Catholic Central high school, has
experiences they will have and the necessity for them to make        been accepted to the University of Windsor, majoring in
wise financial choices? Here are some tips for parents to help       Developmental Psychology. Jocelyn feels very passionate about
young adults prepare for what’s in store.                            children and hopes to make their lives easier.

* Explain how credit works. A credit card is not free money;         Laura Campanaro is a recent graduate of the University of
it’s a means of putting off paying for purchases until a later       Windsor in the social work program and has decided to go back to
date. Accompany them to Motor City Community Credit Union            the University to obtain her teaching degree. Her volunteer work is
for great rates on credit cards and consider urging them to use      quite extensive and includes Big Brothers Big Sisters and the Teen
a debit card instead.                                                Health Centre.

* Create a spending plan.                                            Michelle Souilliere is a student of the University of Windsor
Write down all college expenses                                      studying Visual Arts and plans to pursue her Master’s degree in the
such as tuition, books, room                                         same discipline. She volunteers in such programs as Save the City,
and board, toiletries,                                               Sing to the Street, Text in Transit and a
entertainment, and so forth.                                         seed bomb gardening workshop.
Determine which expenses
you’ll be paying and those                                           Wayne Bate is the son of Ron Bate for
for which your child will be                                         whom our bursary is named. Wayne is
paying.                                                              a graduate of St Clair College and will
                                                                     be attending Algonquin College in the
* Come to a no-bail-out                                              fall to pursue a career as an out-
agreement. If your child                                             door adventure/naturalist. Wayne
ends up charging more                                                is very active in the community,
than they can afford, or                                             volunteering his time with his
runs out of money before                                             school, his Church, the downtown
the end of the month, your                                           mission and Cubs/Scouts.
first reaction may be to send
money and bail them out.                                             Do students need a plan?
Don’t do it. If they need to                                         Living life is like taking a trip…planning ahead is
figure out a way to get out of                                       always a good idea. With planning, students
debt, such as working or                                             benefit from: reduced stress, goal focus,
staying home on weekends,                                            better choices, maximized resources, and
chances are good they won’t                                          excellent life skills. Visit any branch of MCCCU
make the same mistake                                                to get started today. Our financial service
twice.                                                               representatives will start you on the right track.

MCCCU staff are always busy
                                       Commercial Lending                                                        New Financial Services
                                       Manager Mike Powis                                                        Representative, Shawn
                                       (centre) receives the                                                     Knowles, went out of his
                                       Egidio Sovran “Spirit of                                                  way to “see what you see”
                                       Philanthropy” award from                                                  at the University of
                                       Gid Sovran and Loris Macor                                                Windsor Golf Tournament.
                                       at the Hotel-Dieu Grace                                                   Here, he is reaching for
                                       Hospital Annual Meeting.                                                  higher education with the
                                       We’re proud of you, Mike!                                                 help of Becky Langlois,
                                                                                                                 Danielle Bombardier and
                                                                                                                 Drake Reid.

Congratulations to Danielle Bombardier, Human Resource                Welcome to new staff members Patricia Bruner and
Manager, on her August 28 wedding.                                    Carol Francoeur.

Claudia Tatti, Financial Service Representative, at Tecumseh Road,    Congratulations to Kathryn Cuthbert for celebrating 40 years
and Carol Daley of Accounting are proud to be new grandmas.           in the credit union system and Pennie Delaney for celebrating
                                                                      25 years with MCCCU.
MCCCU is active in our Community
Commercial banking fundraiser/BBQ
raises money to help local resident

                                              The City Centre BBQ donated all             The Windsor Residence received a gift
                                              proceeds to In Honour of the Ones We        from Branch Management Sonia
                                              Love. CEO Charles Janisse (l) and Board     Lendhart and Sue Mancini. The mission
Becky Langlois and Steven Schincariol         member Wayne Lessard join Teresa            of the Residence is to provide single,
present a $4,700 cheque to Shawn              Sylvestre of IHOWL and member (r) to        low-income adults with safe, affordable,
McNeil to assist in his struggles with ALS.   raise money for this worthy cause.          permanent housing. They also provide
                                                                                          temporary accommodations for single
                                                                                          people who require emergency shelter
                                                                                          and are able to live independently.

                                                                                           Co-op Week October 18-22
                                                                                           Co-op week is
                                                                                           the opportunity
                                                                                           for Canadian
Here the Erie Street Commercial Lending                                                    and credit
team show off their new community van         CEO Charles Janisse visited St. William’s    union members
at the fundraising BBQ.                       School in Emeryville to show MCCCU’s         to celebrate
                                              continued sponsorship of the Callaway        the fact they
                                              Junior Golf Program.                         have collectively
                                                                                           helped to build
                                                                                           this country
                                                                                           and to
                                                                                           recognize their
                                                                                           at home and

                                                                                           Join us for Member Appreciation Celebrations
Tony Saad, Chief Operations Officer                                                        during Co-op Week. This years International
(far right), and the rest of the Tecumseh                                                  Credit Union Day will be celebrated Thursday,
Road East staff worked hard to raise                                                       October 21 at all branches. Enjoy free
funds for various charities at their annual                                                refreshments, snacks and giveaways.
summer BBQ.                                   MCCCU was the putt contest sponsor at
                                              the Local 44 Charlie Brooks Golf             Did you know… Canada’s 410 credit unions
MCCCU was proud to participate in the         Tournament. Pictured are members who         and caisses populaires are full-service
3rd Financial Family Feud                     participated,                                financial institutions serving 5 million
Walkathon on Sept 26. The $500                                                             members. Studies tell us that Windsorites
raised will go to W.E. Care for Kids.                                                      are looking for local financial institutions with
                                                                                           community values – and credit unions are it.

                                                                                           Whether it’s to open a new account, ask
                                                                                           about a loan, invest or save, stop in and visit
                                                                                           today. We see what you see.

    MEMBERLINE: 519-945-5511 or (800) 492-8492
    Tecumseh Road East Branch          Market Square Branch             Erie Street East Branch          City Centre Branch
    6701 Tecumseh Road East            1375 Walker Road,                Commercial Lending Centre        189 City Hall Square
    Windsor, ON N8T 1E8                Windsor, ON N8Y 2N9              895 Erie St. E.,                 Windsor, ON N9A 6W5
    Phone: (519) 944-7333              Phone: (519) 258-0021            Windsor, ON N9A 3Y7              Phone: (519) 252-0123
    Fax: (519) 944-9765                Fax: (519) 258-2289              Phone: (519) 977-6939            Fax: (519) 252-3543
                                                                        Fax: (519) 256-9040

               Contact us online at • Search for us at

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