Europe's first Nexar Centre of Excellence opens

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					Europe’s first Nexar Centre of Excellence opens
Premier EDA Solutions, in partnership with Altium, has opened Europe’s first Nexar Centre
of Excellence at The University of Hertfordshire’s School of Electronic, Communication and
Electrical Engineering. The initiative is the first step in Premier EDA Solutions’ strategic
programme to support education with a self-sustaining network of Nexar Centres of
Excellence in Universities and colleges across the UK and Ireland. By helping Universities
make affordable investment in cutting edge electronic design tools such as Nexar, Premier
EDA hopes to help raise standards throughout the industry and start to tackle the current
industry skills deficit.
Nexar Centres of Excellence enable the teaching of system-on-FPGA (Field-Programmable
Gate Array) development and testing. They give Universities the opportunity to modernise
their courses to exploit the potential of multi-level design capture and inter-tool
communications. The University of Hertfordshire’s laboratory has been kitted out with
almost £250,000 of Altium’s Protel and Nexar design software.

                                                                 A single box, hardware and
                                                                 software toolset with
                                                                 simple administration and
                                                                 floating licenses, Nexar is a
                                                                 valuable teaching resource.
                                                                 A consistent user interface
                                                                 means that no re-teaching
                                                                 is required across more
                                                                 than 10 different tools and
                                                                 with scaleable features (via
                                                                 customisation) which can
                                                                 be adapted to module
                                                                 requirements, the
                                                                 university can concentrate
                                                                 on teaching the subject
                                                                 rather than the tool. The
                                                                 solution features
                                                                 development capabilities
                                                                 and the ability to debug
                                                                 and verify the system-on-
                                                                 FPGA design using an
                                                                 innovative approach Altium
                                                                 call LiveDesign.