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Divide the class into groups of four to six students.       Union:
Within each group, assign a role to each student,           Review the text Edmonton’s Garment Workers’ Union
choosing (only one) from the following: Manufacturer;
Factory Worker in Canada; Factory Worker in the             en/labourforce/local120.html
Developing World; Garment Worker for another                Search the web for newspaper articles about the union’s
Company in Canada; Union; or Consumer.                      response to the closure
                                                            See UFCW and UNITE HERE
Manufacturer:                                      for the union’s perspective; at the
Review the text about The Levi’s Era                        time of the plant’s closure, the Edmonton workers were           part of UFCW and the Brantford plant was part of UNITE.
Search the web for newspaper articles and other infor-      Consumers
mation giving the company’s perspective on the closure.     Look at GWG catalogues from 1959, 1965, 1970 and
See Levi Strauss and Co. for            1981, and compare the images of GWG workers to those
information about its code for product sourcing.            of the models in GWG catalogues. Was GWG marketing
                                                            to its workforce? Why or why not?
GWG/Levi’s Factory Workers in Canada:                       Interview three different consumers (possibly your
Watch the interviews in the section entitled Labour         sibling, parent and grandparent) about what factors they
Force [link to Labour Force]                                consider when buying clothing. Do they think about
Identify some of the challenges these women faced           where the clothing is made?
when they came to Canada and what working for               Visit The Consumerist, one of many
GWG/Levi Strauss has meant to them.                         websites that provide information to help consumers
View the slide show that depicts the making of a            make informed purchasing decisions.
pair of jeans at the Edmonton plant in 2004.                Globalizaton & Clothes, UN Platform for Action Commit-
                                                            tee Manitoba
                                                            United Students Against Sweatshops (USAS) www.
                                                  , a network of students
Factory Workers in the Developing World
                                                            in North America who have been organizing for workers’
Search the web for information about garment                rights since 1998.
manufacturing in the developing world, for example:
No Sweat, Coop America
                                                            Ask students to: and Global Exchange provide information about            - record information and think about different
Levi Strauss’s outsourcing practices compared to those        perspectives on the issue;
of other garment manufacturing companies                    - evaluate information: consider the credibility
Stitch is an organization of Central     of sources, and distinguish between facts and
American and American women workers that exchange             opinions; and
strategies on how to fight for economic justice in the      - prepare to debate the closure of the plant from
workplace.                                                    the perspective of their character.

Garment Workers for another Company in Canada:
Interview someone who worked for a different garment
manufacturing company. Click here for sample questions
you could ask. [download pdf interview guidelines]

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