Debate Scoresheet by dfsdf224s


									                                                 Manitoba Speech and Debate Association
                                                     Debate Scoresheet
       Judge___________________________                   Room_______                Round______            Date___________


  Gov't/Aff Team_____________________________                                        Opp/Neg Team________________________

   __________                       _________                                             ___________                     ____________
     PM/1st Aff                      2nd Gov/2nd Aff             Categories                 L of Opp/1st Neg                  2nd Opp/2nd Neg

         _______                         _______                Argumentation (40)             _______                             _______

         _______                         _______                  Refutation (30)              _______                             _______

         _______                         _______                 Presentation (30)             _______                             _______

         _______                          _______                TOTALS (100)                  _______                             _______

                                                             TEAM TOTALS
                   ____________                                 (out of 200)                               ____________
                                 We will use the overall totals and not the sum of the categories
  Government/Affirmative                                        COMMENTS                         Opposition/Negative

Argumentation: Does the debater provide sufficient content and justification of his/her case, either with factual evidence or logic? Does he/she
                    recognize, understand and focus on the key arguments? Are his/her arguments easy to follow and well organized?
Refutation: How effectively and how thoroughly does the debater refute his/her opponent's case and defend his/her own sides argument?
Presentation: Is the delivery persuasive? Is he/she speaking or merely reading a speech? How effective is his/her eye contact, gestures
              etc.? Does the voice vary suitably, hold your attention and enhance the arguments?

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