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The driveway is the most vulnerable part of a property. Usually, most of a property is surrounded by a
fence or a wall, which makes a large part of its boundaries inaccessible. The drive way, though, is
often open – and that is a weakness in an otherwise impregnable perimeter. Driveway gates allow a
property owner to seal the whole boundary of his or her home whilst giving easy access for those
people who have genuine business there.

There are two basic types of driveway gates. On the one hand, we have driveway gates that don't
offer any clue as to who might be trying to enter one's property –gates without buzzers or intercoms.
These types of driveway gates are generally non-powered, because visitors need to get through them
to ring the door bell. They do, though, offer the security that a fully completed perimeter entails: if
driveway gates are installed, even if they can be opened by anyone, they complete the line that
demarcates the property as private.

The other form in which one will find driveway gates is the secure or advance-warning form.
Driveway gates that require a buzzer or intercom before a person is allowed in mean that a property
owner can keep their private space completely sealed from the outside world, only opening it when
they have identified the person or persons trying to get in. Driveway gates of this nature are usually
powered from inside the house. It wouldn't make sense, after all, to have driveway gates with an
intercom system that still required someone to come out and open them manually.

Driveway gates with access control ensure that a property is fully locked unless the owner of that
property wishes to have it open. That's the kind of security you can't beat. Go away on holiday and
these driveway gates make certain that there's no way for a person to enter the property without
attracting a good deal of attention.
Driveway gates, these days, are available in as many styles, sizes and shapes as one can imagine.
Automatic power systems and intercoms can even be fitted to existing driveway gates. Whatever the
need and whatever the choice of gate, driveway gates add security and a defined border to a home.
That's something very necessary in today's world.

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